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For upcoming artists, it’s hard to get press coverage on a serious channel.

Let’s help you get started.

One of our professional writers will do an extensive interview with you, the artist. This interview will be published on www.123art.net and be made available online for thousands of visitors and collectors to see.

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How does it work?

After we’ve added your portfolio, we will ask you to answer some questions online. We will email these to you and we need you to answer them in the best way possible. Don’t worry if your English isn’t perfect or if you are not the best writer; that’s where our editors are for. We will also need any high-resolution images you can provide of your work and/or yourself in the studio. After the first draft is complete, we will share the article with you and you have the opportunity to make 3-5 changes. After you accept the final version, we will schedule your article within 7 days.

Why do I have to pay?

Interviews are usually considered sponsored content on our website. We are a for-profit company and we feel that the people who write our articles are artists themselves (yes, writing is an art form), and they deserve fair compensation for their work. We do however recognize that it is hard for emerging artists to come up with the money for something like this, that’s why we are prepared to do this at cost price for a short period of time. It’s an investment in your career.

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Temporary Offer

For emerging artists
$ 125

  • 123ART Exclusive Interview
  • Promote 3 of your artworks to 60k Social Media Fans
  • Feature on our homepage
  • Newsletter to 50K art lovers
  • 1 Month promotion to our 60k Instagram fans
  • Artist of the week Announcement!

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With over 5 years experience in promoting aspiring artist and connecting them to the new markets, we bring you what you need and that is fresh exposure to your art! The world is filled with amazing artists. 123Art Magazine brings these to you with just one click. The best place to find new talent and explore their work.

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