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There are quite a lot of people who may either know me, or have worked with me, or just seen my work as a Commercial/ Advertising/Fashion  and Portrait Photographer, and you can review my main commercial website at any time after leaving this one.
Now, ever since  I started my life as a photographer, I also took the best advice I could ever receive from a photographer and mentor I respect so much when he said, “Never stop shooting personal work”.  Those words have since haunted me and helped shape my career. So I engaged since the very early stages of my self-teaching process to become a photographer into developing a series of images of personal projects. 
It was very easy for me to understand – intuitively- and without any logical thinking or planning, that I wanted to photograph the Nude and explore the feminine form as way to express my own emotions, feelings and ideas.
Now, this process started to manifest while I was finishing my studies to become a full-fledged Chemist. After 2 degrees in Chemistry and working as a chemist in weird fields, like researching the Biochemistry of Schizophrenia, then jumping to Crystal formation and microscopic interactions via Electrochemistry, and finally working in a commercial Analytical Chemistry Lab, something snapped in my head and I left everything behind and jumped almost overnight into Photography.
Strangely enough, what prompted me to go to college at a very young age (16) to study Chemistry was a motivation to better understand what the Alchemists were always discussing in the hermetic books: Transmutation, the processes to transform the mundane into something more refined, more pure and meaningful. Alchemy was always like a mix of science and philosophy, with profound spiritual meanings,  which caught my attention during my teen years as an avid reader, and of course, college did not remotely give me any answer to my questions!
So this is when my training as a Chemist, more curious about Alchemy than anything, and my inner development and growth as a  visual creator got entangled together and started to give shape to my personal work with the Nude.
Somehow, my own “transmutation” from being a chemist and becoming a visual creator, the equivalent of having lived two totally different lives in the same lifetime, is what keeps me exploring the subject in all of my personal work, always finding ways to bring secondary and tertiary readings and meanings to the images, a quest for meaningful personal values beyond the main appearance of the bodies in the images.
      The women in my images have become an integral part of each project.             
In addition to being the creator of the concepts and the Production and Post-Production of all the work, they know very well how much appreciation and respect for them I bring to the mix, to the point that I have kept working with some of them for year and years. My wife says I am more feminist than any woman she knows, so here goes my appreciation for all women. Girl Power!!

Tell us about yourself and your background.

Jorge: I started my work as a Fine Art and Commercial/Advertising Photographer in my country of origin, Venezuela, and ran a very successful career un7l the country started to collapse. I moved to the Unites States by the end of 2005, this is, some 16 years ago, Before starting my career as a Professional Photographer, Igraduated and worked as a Research Chemist.

How was your passion for photography born? Can we talk about your transition from being a Chemist to a photography?

Jorge: I feel my passion for photography started in a trip to Europe, specifically when I visited Florence, a city that just opened my eyes to the beauty of the Visual Arts, and since that moment, I started shooting images for personal projects. I became a photographer and leO behind my career and all those years of study and work as a Research Chemist almost overnight! That transition was in itself an incredible Transmutation! That said, I used my knowledge in Chemistry to set up a cool experimental Darkroom and learned several unusual techniques for processing both film and prints. Eventually, my work grabbed the aUen7on of commercial clients, and then I started my career as an Advertising Shooter, and kept working on my personal projects

Tell us more about how Alchemy inspires your work.

Jorge: Alchemists strongly believe in the ability to transform mundane elements into sublime ones and that process is called Transmutation. My rapid change from being an active researcher as a Chemist into a Photographer was definitely my first transmutation. I just leO my old life and career behind overnight! Even though I used my knowledge in Chemistry for different technical processes, my creative eye was fed from many visual arts and while studying my favorite artists, I came to realize that my work has always had a connection to the process of Transmutation, this is, I definitely feel my work deals with the transformation of the subjects in front of my camera into something else, on many occasions completely different from the original image. The connection between Science and Art is very deep and both are effected by each other in many subtle ways. Only a person who has studied both could ascertain what I am saying. The Alchemists arrived at amazing levels of spiritual and artistic maturity through the use of science, and artist have always needed and used the advancements of science to advance their artistic careers. It is an amazing synergy! I still read advanced
scientific publications and find inspiring words and processes that apply nicely to the Arts just the same.

The Nude and feminine have an important place in your work, why?

Jorge: While experimenting with different types of work and at the same time working commercially with models for Fashion and Advertising Campaigns, I realized I wanted to explore the female human figure, the endless feminine essence and the beauty of the human body through the female nude. A constant Transmutation, imperceptible, but always happening. You say the women in your images have become an integral part of each project.

Tell us more about that, and is there a message you are trying to send with each piece, or is it something else?

Jorge: The interaction with my models through my work becomes and intense collaboration with them and on many occasions, the input they provide is essential for the results. As I see it and feel it, the feminine element is multifaceted, so infinitely varied, that each woman expresses her own version of the feminine beauty through her body and that is the reason they become an integral part of each project. You can see how people react in my shows, and are always asking for the models, they want to meet them, want to know about them, which is why I try my best to have them aUending the gallery openings and interviews and presentations that I do about my work.

Photo by © Jorge Parra

Could you walk us through your process? How much planning do you do before you jump into creaIng an artwork? If you do, what are you trying to solve at each stage of it?

Jorge: For most cases, I visualize images that pop out in my head, sometimes during meditation, sometimes while reading a book or enjoying a fine conversation with a friend. Once the visuals are clearly defined in my head, I proceed to cast the model(s) that would fit the type of image, both because of their looks and because of the way they express themselves during conversation. I would not call that an interview, but I really like to understand how they feel about themselves, what relationship they carry with their own body, how connected are their feelings
with their bodily expression and how to manifest it visually. Once the model is chosen then I proceed with the production of the shoot, and in this stage, all the experience gained from doing small, medium and large productions for Advertising Campaigns come to my help. I put together whatever elements need to be in place, lighting is in most cases already visualized since the onset, so it is just a maUer of ge]ng to work. In short, once the images are in my head, the project is basically done. I just have to produce them, mix my visuals with the feedback from the models and have the images captured.

What would be your dream shoot?

Jorge: I am still looking for couple of female ballet dancers who would like to embark into exploring dance in the nude. It is a extremely difficult and challenging project, especially when I still don’t want any explicit views in any of my photos, but I feel all of my projects have been challenging, so once I have the talent to work with, I will figure out the details. Once again, the input from the dancers will be critical.

Photo by © Jorge Parra

What is the work you’ve done that you’re the most excited about?

Jorge: Each project has given me a different kind of excitement. What is most thrilling about all this is to I visualize a new set of images, something intangible in your mind, and then do the work and have the final prints done and on display. Each project has brought out something unique that I cherish so much!

Photo ©2005-2008 Jorge Parra. No usage rights of any kind granted without writen permission from Jorge Parra

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Jorge: At this moment I am taking a break from visual artits using the nude as their muse and I have turned towards other forms of visual arts, so I am studying very different ideas from genius like Hugh Ferris, Giorgio De Chirico, Rene MagriUe, and some “classics” like Michelangelo Caravaggio, whose control of light is just fascinating.

Photo by © Jorge Parra

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Jorge: Always!! Art is the essential part of humans that marks and defines the evolution of culture in time. As I said at the start, there is a deep connection between arts and science, both feed each other and the more you study both , the more correlatons you encounter, and one cannot live without the other, therefore, it is easy to see the huge role of the Arts in the advancement of all social, cultural and even economical trends in our societies.
In relation to my own work on the Nude, I feel it has a role in breaking the awful stereotypes, especially in the US about the nude. There is a lot of hypocrisy here in regards to how the nude is perceived and aUacked for fake moral values. People are not ready to deal with the FACT that the so-called Bibble Belt is, by far, the largest consumer of online Porn… We artist have to keep working on breaking those false double standards of morality, which in so many cases, pretend to classify most of our work on the nude as porn. By all means, please get a
good sex life and leave behind all those tabus and fake morality!

What are you currently working on, and what’s next for you?

Jorge: I am startng to place (drop) my collections and series of work in the NFT marketplace through different platforms.

I am – just as always- working on offering very Limited Edition Series of my work, as well as other collectable digital art series. I am having lots of fun while doing this, as I find myself into yet another process of Transmutation, moving swiOly into digital art forms in the Web 3.0, the decentralized world. It is interes7ng to realize that through the years, I have been working on different ideas which seemed to not have a real place in my porgolios, I would call them “seeds to new things to come”. Actually, some of those seeds are already several years old, but I could not find the thread, the concept that glued them together, right until now. The explosion of so many varied forms of digital art through the NFT marketplace has opened my eyes to new visual expressions that are emerging from those images, that are now part of an interesting series of work that keeps growing as these seeds keep evolving and maturing. I LOVE to see how many artsts are getng access to collectors without the intermediaton of galleries and museums. It is clear that the business side of the art has been divorced from
technology for so long, but now, with the advent of the decentralized WEB 3,0, with the Crypto Currencies, the Non
Fungible Tokens, the Smart Contracts, the Decentralized apps ( Dapps), the Decentralized Financing ( DeFi), the Decentralized Autonomus Organizations ( DAO’s), and soon enough, the Metaverse, the access to the market for both artsts and collectors has been amazingly transformed. I really feel the “standard” galleries and Museums will need to re-think their business strategies and catch up with the 7mes.

Soon you will find my NFT projects in platforms like Open Sea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundaton, Mintable, etc. You will be able to find me under my digital name: FineArtKrypto.

Photo ©2005-2008 Jorge Parra. No usage rights of any kind granted without writen permission from Jorge Parra

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