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My name is Ella Parry, I’m a graphics designer, children’s book illustrator, and the founder & creator of Little Curly® and Happy Kids Affirmation Cards, which is a project of positive affirmations to help and inspire today’s parents, family and teachers to empower children with mindful living, to help build a positive attitude and promote emotional well-being in kids around the world.

Meet Ella Parry

In Oct 2020, I launched my very first Kickstarter campaign to raise the capital to self publish for Happy Kids Affirmation Cards, The project was not only received a great response and was successfully funded but also be supported and endorsed by the Tennis legend Pat Cash (Wimbledon Men’s Single Champion) and Mike Pettitigres (Serial Entrepreneur, Success Coach, and bestselling author) Ella’s art has been featured in many media such as Cosmopolitan Magazine HK and Juno Magazine UK.

How did it all start with Little Curly?

Ella: Little Curly was born from within my heart as a reflection of myself, created to help me unlock and to reconnect to the roots of my childhood. In doing so, the power of positive emotions brought to life created an incredible space in my mind to help deal with emotional issues that were still lying dormant within and therefore helping me move forwards into my adult life in a positive and healthy way. Little Curly’s birth has given me that change needed to find refuge and comfort, which became my spiritual support and strength, that I can now pass on to others.

Happy Halloween

Who are some people involved with this, and do they have artistic backgrounds?

Ella: I have awesome, talented, and professional childhood friends who are involved in my projects.

Mia Chan is our sweet fantastic Marketing PR, she has many years of marketing and customer service experience. She joined the Little Curly team because she has the same vision, to help children around the world to live happy lives and spread joy and hope by using her marketing skills to enhance greater awareness of Little Curly to the masses.

Cooky Sit is my Product Development & E-commerce Manager, who is a professional graphics and children’s clothing designer with more than 20 years of experience. She is also a mother of 2 beautiful girls currently living in the Uk after leaving Hong Kong to embark on new adventures as a family.

Happy Earth Day

Define the mission of Little Curly.

Ella: The mission of Little Curly and (Happy Kids) is to spread the message that everyone is equal, regardless of their culture, race, or belief, and to inspire today’s parents, family and teachers to empower their children with mindful living, to build a positive attitude and promote emotional well-being in kids lives, so they can face life’s challenges with confidence, have a successful future and to live a life full of happiness and joy!

Happy Kids

What separates your platform from other similar platforms?

Ella: Little Curly and Happy Kids are original, unique, and charming illustrations characters that were created specifically for children, Happy Kids characters not only relate to children around the world, they are also taking children on a positive journey of self-confidence and self-appreciation through affirmations as well as raising awareness of the environment through our eco-friendly products that we have made.

Have a positive day

What is the message you are trying to give with your art?

Ella: The message I am trying to give with my art is all about HAPPINESS, LOVE, JOY, and POSITIVITY!

Everyone everywhere wants to be happier, it ranks up there on the top of most people’s lists of what they most want for their children. Happiness is not only a desirable emotional condition, it produces BETTER HUMAN BEINGS!

Through my art, vision, and statement, I hope to make a positive impact on the world and bring joy and happiness to everyone’s lives for now and forever!

I am a superhero

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Ella: When I launched my very first Kickstarter campaign in Oct 2020 to raise the capital to self publish our brand new Happy Kids Affirmation Cards project, I received a great response from people around the world and was successfully funded.  The most pleasant thing was knowing that Pat Cash (Wimbledon Men’s singles Champion) loves my work and endorses Happy Kids Affirmation Cards.  I also have a Serial Entrepreneur, Success Coach, and Bestselling Author – Mike Pettigrew, and Roxy Prince Published author and Musician behind the band Roxy5000. They love the Happy Kids Affirmation project and have given me huge support since the project has launched.

There are also a lot of positive responses to my work. People who have bought the affirmation cards often come back to my social media delighted with the positive impact that Little Curly and Happy Kids is having on their children and how it is forging a more enlightened pathway for them, praising my artwork and often complementing how unique Little Curly is through re-sharing and tagging. This of course is the entire reason I am doing this so when even just one person has been affected positively by Little curly, for me, it’s job done!

I am loved

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your platform?

Ella: There are a few ways for people to reach me, these are below.

You can visit me on my website: www.littlecurly.com,  be a follower on my Instagram @littlecurly10 and Facebook Page @Little Curly and Happy Kids.

I am relaxed and calm

What are some of the stories behind your work?

Ella: When I was a teen I fell into a kind of “depression” as a result of many unhappy and stressful situations all at once. At that time I didn’t know how to tell my parents my siblings or my friends about my feelings – I felt like an outsider (our family were a Cambodian Chinese immigrant family living in Hong Kong); I didn’t like my own appearance (I was a little girl who was born with naturally curly hair,  big brown eyes and dark skin which made me look very different to “normal Chinese kids” ); I had low self-esteem, lack of confidence…..etc and I didn’t even want to go outside to meet people.

I spent most of the time at home drawing, crafting, and watching lots of Japanese cartoons. I was inspired by the stories, the morals behind them, and the characters.  I wanted to be part of them and live in their “happy world”. I then started to draw every day and decided to create a little girl character. The character I created was a cheerful and optimistic little girl who loves every person and all things in the world. She was born with curly hair and was named “Little Curly”.

For many years throughout my life, Little Curly was kept deep within my heart.  One day I told my husband about these little characters I had kept within me and I felt so strongly that I should bring her back to my life and use her as a tool to express myself and also help others who have similar childhood experiences as mine.

So here we are – Little Curly, a little superhero, and her friends (Happy Kids) are here to spread love, happiness, hope, and kindness to children throughout the world and to help them to develop a positive attitude towards life and to be able to enjoy the magic of childhood and BE HAPPY!!

Life is fun

What are you currently working on?

Ella: I am currently working on a Happy Kids coloring and workbook, editing the illustrations of my children’s book- “The Amazing Adventures of Summer and Little Curly” that was written by my husband, plus a brand new series of affirmation short stories for children’s books.

I can reach for the stars

What’s next for you?

Ella: I have just completed a child psychology course which will give me more scope and mindful input into the Happy kids affirmations project. The next exciting thing for me is to release my children’s book- “The Amazing Adventures of Summer and Little Curly” and introducing new members of Happy Kids that are the characters of the book to everyone.

Keep an eye out for “The Amazing Adventures of Summer and Little Curly”


Thank you!

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