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Nadezda Stupina was born in the city of Orel, Russia.

Stupina Nadezda artist

She finished the Art College in Orel.
In 1993 graduated from the Moscow State Textile Academy, faculty of applied painting.

For many years Stupina was involved in the design. Since 2005 has fully devoted herself to painting.
From 2010 lives and works in Oslo (Norway).

Supina’s first interest in art appeared in early childhood, her first drawings were on the Wallpaper when Stupina was just 10 years old. Supina’s parents, seeing her interest in art, sent her to art school.

After the children’s art school I entered the art school and then the Faculty of Applied Arts of the Textile Academy.

participated in many exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. I can be proud of the fact that more than 60 works were sold at the Christie`s auction in London.

What can you find in my works? In my works, you can find me, my character, my passion, my soul, my Outlook on life, my idea of beauty. I am very close to the aesthetics of the Impressionists. I, as a viewer, perceive art emotionally. This is the most important thing for me like for the artist that the picture touched emotionally.

I spent a lot of time finding my own technique and style that would Express me. This is a volumetric, textured, multi-layer oil painting with a palette knife. This is my main technique. but in parallel with it, I work in other directions. Acrylic, oil pastel, mixed media-for me this is a huge field for experiments. Paper, canvas, cardboard, hardboard, Plexiglas – that’s what I work on. I also created a series of works on denim.

Tell us a few words about yourself. What does a typical day look like? Do you just do art, or is art just part of the picture?

Nadezda: I am a 100% working artist and therefore I can plan my day myself. Over the years, I realized that I am more efficient in the afternoon and therefore I load the first half of the day with household or administrative chores, such as working on the Internet, photographing, uploading to art platforms, packing sold paintings, etc. And the other half of the day I devote directly to painting, I like to feel freedom and so that other thoughts do not distract, that something has not been done. In the summer, when the nights are very short, I like to work at night too.


You’ve spent a lot of time finding your own technique. Tell us a bit more about that.

Nadezda: I consider the search for your own artistic language and technique very important for an artist because it makes you stand out and recognizable. I think theoretically this cannot be done, only through practice and years of work, and also this is an understanding of who you are as a person. It is very difficult, but only then will the art be sincere and honest and will touch the viewer. Color, strong composition, decorativeness, pastiness –  these are the pillars on which my painting stands.

Circus Fearless acrobats

Could you walk us through your process? How much planning do you do before you jump into a painting? If you do, what are you trying to solve at each stage of it?

Nadezda: I don’t know about others, but it’s always more difficult for me to start a painting than to finish it. Often this is the process of nude nudity of the final image. I receive a certain impulse or idea, it can be visual or internal, but always emotional. Then it energizes me and I create on this energy. To be honest, some works are born easily, and with some I struggle until I get a result that satisfies me. The process is also different, often in my head I
see a picture and execute it, but also often a lot is born in the process, I follow my intuition and go wherever it will pull me at the moment.

Denim seria_Golden reflections

You say you perceive art emotionally. Is there a message you are trying to give with each piece, or is it something else?

Nadezda: I perceive any art, first of all emotionally, I am not a supporter of telling the viewer what this work of art is about. A painting for me is an energetic object, at the time of creation I experience emotions and they are definitely present in the painting. Even while working, I am happy and I think this is also conveyed in the picture.
The philosophy of impressionism is close to me – the joy of being, the beauty of simple things, sensuality. The atmosphere in the picture is more important to me than the detailed story of the plot.

Denim series

What are you currently working on?

Nadezda: As a rule, in recent years I have been working with a series of paintings, I can replenish them over time. Not just started a new series of works “Magic Garden”, so far there are four works, but I will continue. Travel also
gives me a lot of inspiration, different nature, different colors – all this stimulates creative processes. I recently returned from such a trip to the south of France and am thinking about a new series of paintings “French Voyage”.

Magic garden

How has your art evolved over the years?

Nadezda: I can say that an artist who is constantly working cannot but develop! Otherwise, it only turns into a craft. Experiments help me a lot in this, trying to work with new materials, trying new techniques – all this develops, takes you off the beaten path, and helps to find new opportunities for expressing yourself as an artist.

North. Under the starry peace

Which artist of the past would you most like to meet, and why?

Nadezda: There are a lot of artists that I like! Each artist is a whole world, a great personality! Vincent Van Gogh – art for him was a mission from God, it would be interesting to talk about it with him. Andrew Wyeth, it would be
enough to keep quiet with him. Russian artists Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin, Mikhail Vrubel, I would like to be a part of this partnership. Gustave Klimt, I would work with him in the open air.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Nadezda: Very often I hear a lot of positive feedback on my work. The most pleasant thing is when the painting is bought and it finds a new home and pleases the new owners. In my practice, there were several collectors who bought a lot of works. There was a woman who bought more than 40 of my paintings, for her it was a passion, the paintings became an emotional boost for her, she even hid the number of purchased works from her husband.


What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Nadezda: There are now many opportunities for an artist to show their art – online galleries, social networks, offline and online exhibitions, art fairs. I take full advantage of all this.

Series – Winter shadows_In the rays of the sun

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Nadezda: In October I have a personal exhibition “Hope”, the name is not accidental, this is what my name means and it is also a charity exhibition to raise funds for one of the projects of the charity organization “Hope  Worldwide” with which I collaborate.

Also at the end of November, I participate in the largest art fair in Scandinavia “Art Nordic”. Due to the pandemic, the exhibition has already been postponed twice and therefore I am looking forward to this festival of art!

Into the fairy forest for berries

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Nadezda: Many of my paintings are quite decorative and can be used to create fabrics, monoprints on clothes, etc., that is, they can be of an applied nature.

Short Norwegian summer

What’s next for you?

Nadezda: What’s next? I can say with confidence – new paintings and exhibitions! And I always look forward to a miracle!

Waltz of flowers

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