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I am an artist. A yogini. A child of the divine mother. I am.

In my former life, I was a graphic designer and a coffin painter. Today, I’m an artist working with fluid acrylics. My motivation is to create artwork full of light and energy.

Spirituality is fundamental to my artistic process, and every stage of the creation of my artwork is accompanied by prayer, meditation, and blessing.

I transmit high-frequency vibration and light into the colors, the canvas, and the artwork. The work exudes the vibration and becomes a source of light in the room; it is a delicious play of colors – born out of the silence.”

I have exhibited my work regularly since 2003 and have participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Germany.

In addition, I want to make the unseen world visible in my paintings. Feelings, thoughts, inner processes, and most importantly the inner spaces as I see and perceive them in my meditations.


03.07.2000 – 01.03.2003
Assistant in Advertising Agency Brunnader & Kahl, Mainz

23.08.2002 – 01.03.2004
School of Design and Visual Communication, Ludwigshafen

01.07.2005 – 31.06.2006
»Druckladen« – Gutenberg Museum
{graphic reproduction + stamping + metal type}

02.11.2006 – 22.12.2006
Staatstheater Mainz {scene painting}

Did you have a lightbulb moment in your journey as an artist that sparked your commitment to pursue art? What is your earliest memory of doing art?

Sabine: My parents were/are very interested in art and music. In my parents’ house, there is a painting or an art print on every free wall space. My father owned over 3000 classical music CDs. So I was introduced to culture and art at an early age.

In school, when I was 12 or 13 years old, I had a drawing assignment where you had to cut out a square from a picture and draw around that square the rest of the picture. Every single shading was easy for me. I rested completely in myself and was full of joy. The drawing was extremely good. It was better than anything I had done before. The peace within me and the joy at the same time were so deep within me. Everything was flowing. This magical moment was so striking that I have never forgotten it.

My earliest memory of painting was in meditation. In that meditation, I had a picture of myself as a child. I saw myself down on the ground in our private street and next to me an approximately 2 cm large ball of light, which radiated in such a way that the rays formed a second ball around the first. Mother Meera (an embodiment of the Divine Mother here on earth and to whom I always pray) stood on the left and looked down at me and then walked away. I knew after the meditation that Mother Meera was also trying to show me something. I knew this picture of me as a child as a photograph. I then found it in my photo album. Then I saw what my mother had written under the picture. “My first street painting!”

I was 3 years old in this photo. Three, the number of self-expression. Here was the confirmation for my path as an artist – painting. I do not get such pictures by chance in the meditations. They always appear when I get a little off my path or something is coming at me that might take me off my path.

Rising thoughts create the reality

Tell us about your artwork, medium, style, subject matter etc.

Sabine: I work with fluid acrylic paints. The colors are poured onto the canvas and you let them glide gently over the canvas. This results in beautiful, magical, absolutely natural color gradients and image compositions.

All pieces are therefore unique and cannot be created the same way again ever. If you look at the clouds in the sky you see very similar fine gradients.

It takes constant practice and observation to be able to go along with this play of colors. Every fluid artist has his own recipe for how he dilutes the color and lets it flow. Only this recipe works for him.

Everything happens in an instant.

It is a very intuitive art. It starts with a feeling for the color how thick or thin it should flow at that moment. Then the feeling of which color should play with each other. How to move the canvas and when the painting should rest.

By doing everything intuitively, I allow my soul to express itself. It is amazing and touching what comes out of it. It gives me the opportunity to bring out and visualize the inner spaces and the invisible world of light and energy. Feelings, thoughts, inner processes, and processes of light manifest on the canvas. Every person and every individual is light and beautiful in their essence.

It’s all about energy

Are you considering other themes or subjects, or some other mediums?

Sabine: Of course I am! This is the current state of my work. As a person, I’m always evolving, so the topics and the craftsmanship also change constantly. I think it’s important for an artist to have a basic technique that he works on and refines and perfects over time. A technique that suits him. But to use only one technique and one painting medium is very limiting. Everyone wants to develop and in each of us is this urge to learn something and expand. This invigorates and refreshes. Therefore, I am currently working on combining fluid art with other media.

The unfolding of joy

You say in your former life, you were a graphic designer and a coffin painter. Could you expand on that thought?

Sabine: I worked for many years as a graphic designer for and in various advertising agencies. But the constant work on the computer screen did not make me happy. I wanted to work more with my actual hands. In my free time, I did a lot of illustrations and painted furniture. In addition, I was very interested in Tantric Buddhism. In a Buddhist novel, there was talk about a painted coffin. That’s how the business idea of the coffin painter came up. I wanted to do something meaningful and was able to offer various painting and varnishing techniques for the personally designed coffin. I wanted to offer the bereaved an active mourning and a beautiful and personal memory of the funeral service. Unfortunately, I only had one funeral director as a cooperation partner and it was difficult to get in touch with other funeral directors. I had too few clients to continue. The last painted casket was for my father who passed away in 2017. That was such a beautiful funeral service.

Beyond the horizon it goes on

Also, you say every stage of the creation of your artwork is accompanied by prayer, meditation, and blessing. What is a day of working like in your studio?

Sabine: No two days are really alike for me. Before I work I go into silence, close my eyes and ask myself what the next step is. This can be mixing the colors for the next picture, working on the picture or taking pictures of a finished picture or writing texts for my pictures for my website, or even bookkeeping. Everything may happen as I feel at the moment.

What takes place daily is meditation. It is very important to me. The connection to my inner spaces and my core of being. This is the place of my creativity. From this place I create.

Every painting I make is a journey. A process. From mixing the paint preparing the canvas to the finished painting. Each of these steps is accompanied by prayer and meditation. I do Japa meditation while I work. Japa meditation is the repetition of a mantra or divine name. This meditation creates light vibrations, which I then transfer into the liquid paint.

With everything, I take my time. There is a theme to the painting that is refined throughout the process. In the drying phase, when the picture rests they come to me from a variety of sources, texts, and events that have to do with this picture. It is amazing and wonderful. During this time I am so connected to the painting that when I meditate I see the colors, the layers of color, and the textures as if I were flying through them. Colors have a very healing effect. And so the process of the painting is also an internal healing process.

The blessing comes at the end when I apply the varnish. Just as the varnish protects and fixes the painting, so the light and energies in the painting are protected and fixed.

The cosmic dance of Shiva and Shakti

What is the most recent piece or project you’ve enjoyed working on, and why?

Sabine: The art book “Curatorial – Leaders in Contemporary Art 3” is now printed and on the market. Many wonderful artists from around the world, including myself, are featured in this book. This project has definitely been fun! I already liked the layout during the preliminary discussion with the publisher. All the artists are shown very nicely. The book has a very good quality. You can order it at www.capsulesbook.com. It is really recommendable!

I just finished my painting “The deeper the silence is in you, the more resounding it is”. The picture is about the fact that the more you turn to your inner spaces and perceive the silence within you, the more you will hear these subtle inner tones. These tones are the language of the universe.

The fountain

Do you ever experience creative blocks? And if yes, how do you overcome it?

Sabine: When I have a creative block, something is wrong inside me. It wants to point out something. Mostly it is constricting and negative thoughts or doubts. It is important to become aware of this. That changes a lot. And to realize that these thoughts are not true. Turn the thoughts into something positive. That helps transfer me back into the flow.

Sometimes it is not really a blockade but rather an unwillingness and a standstill and thus a hint to actually try something new. To learn something new. To expand oneself.

In yoga there is a saying, “Watching the flow, being in the flow.” So, it already helps to go to a river and just watch the water. In this way, it also comes to flow again inside.

The inner life of Odysseus – Episode: The raft of Odysseus

Share some interesting facts about your art with us.

Sabine: I have exhibited regularly in Germany since 2003 until today.

I have also participated in the Mainz Art Prize Eisenturm and just last year in the Luxembourg Art Prize.

I started my artistic education in a school for design and visual communication. I had classes there in visual design, photography, product design, exhibition design, painting, and varnishing. It was very diverse! Even though it all seemed a bit much at the time, I still benefit from that education today.

I’ve stood behind old Gutenberg-era printing presses and have done actual graphic reproduction, metal typesetting, and stamping myself.

Then I got a taste of theater and helped out with the stage design as part of the theater painters.

Everything was really very enriching. My art has always evolved alongside me. In the beginning, there was photography, then graphic reproduction with lead type and illustrations with stamps. Later it continued with illustrations with watercolor. Then the varnishing. And now the fluid acrylic paints.

The deeper the silence is in you, the more resounding it is

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Sabine: In the field of fluid art, Arthur Brouthers and Emma Lindström inspire me. Both represent artists who let the paint flow beautifully. They both use different techniques. Both have refined their respective techniques to a level of perfection that I find very admirable. They inspire me to combine these two techniques.

Merete Steinvik Haugen touches me with her series of paintings “Paintings that tell stories”. She really makes me want to see large formats.

Thomas Hildenbrand creates wonderful wood sculptures. I admire the lightness of the figures and how he manages to give his face a feeling.

Of the great artists, Gustav Klimt inspires me with his choice of colors, patterns, and ornaments. Van Gogh and the early works of Wassily Kandinsky and Gabriele Münter with their true color rush and color intensity.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Sabine: The artwork of mine should please and touch the viewer at the same time. However, the picture has another purpose: it should brighten the atmosphere of the room and lead to harmony. It should bring peace and well-being to its owner.

I have been a yogini for more than 10 years and I want to use the connection I have to the divine to pass it on. With my art, I want to give light to people and connect them with their innermost being. Light and energy flow out of my paintings. Light and energy always work for the highest good.

Anything that you’d like to add, that I didn’t ask?

Sabine: The transmission of light in my paintings also takes place through the eye. If one of my images appeals to you or the reader, look at it for a few minutes (5 – 10 minutes). This is how you absorb the light.



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