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Emilie BORDIN was Born on February 19, 1988. Passionate about engraving since she was 13 years old…

After obtaining the national title of Plastic Arts at the School of Fine Arts of the Island of Reunion in 2013, she has had the opportunity to carry out different artistic residencies over the last few years in various parts of the world with the aim of refining his technique and opening his own engraving workshop.

She has allowed herself to work on different materials such as wood, iron, copper, and, first of all, to get started in metal engraving printed on textiles during her artistic residency at Ceiba Gráfica. Thus, she has been discovering the cultural richness of printmaking in Mexico and deepening the technique of engraving in Clothing.

What inspired you to pursue art?

Emilie: Art has always been a guide in my life, a bubble where you can escape from reality and discover new material and emotional dimensions. Since I was a child I paint, experiment, build. At the age of 14, I discovered engraving, which is the mix between art and chemistry, I was passionate about the textures that could be experienced with metal plates. It is through art that I was able to build my path by meeting people traveling and developing my own personal path.

You like to experiment with different materials. Tell us more about that.

Emilie: It’s one reason why I love the engraving. I discovered engraving zinc plate, copper, iron, linoleum, wood, tetra plate, all with their own characteristics. I was able to discover various techniques, textures, I was able to print on a lot of papers also on fabric. Engraving opens up a very wide field of possibilities, it is a machine for experimentation, that’s why I love it.

Can you share a usual day in your life, and what a day in your art studio is like… we love the details, and what music would you listen to, and do you have any pets accompany you?

Emilie: The truth is that I don’t have a day the same as the other, each day has a different rhythm. I can spend days producing non-stop, always listening to music. Most of the time in the morning is to produce, draw, develop new projects, engrave the plates, the morning is the moment where you have more clarity. In the late evening, it is more for recording on paper or cloth. The music; more of the time when I have a lot of energy I will listen to more like trance, electro, cumbia, and quieter moments would be a reggae dub and oriental chillout type music. The workshop calls for inspiration, all around it is a very calm green forest, it is immersed in nature.

Is there any particular subject you found especially challenging to work on? If so, why?

Emilie: I have been working on fabric and clothing for about 3 years. I started orders for specific projects. Sometimes if it is difficult to adapt your art to a specific project, adapt it to people’s expectations without losing your own style, which is part of why they ask you for it !!

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Emilie: I have recently become very interested in sacred geometry, I have always been passionate about astronomy, my work focuses, optical illusions, enigmatic landscapes, that between two between heaven and earth, visible invisible, macro and micro, the circle. Sacred geometry is like the union between art, geometry, and science. The whole universe is sacred geometry, they are pure forms that are repeated both in the cosmos, in plants, animals, and in vibrations. The artists that have always inspired me are Anish Kapoor, James Turell, Luc Perrot. Share some interesting facts about your art with us.

What is the work you’ve done that you’re most excited about?

Emilie: In engraving, the material that I like the most is metal, etching I love to work on the texture but it also gives very detailed results! One of the projects that I liked the most was working copper plates of more than 1mx1m for a biennial and in different ways and making compositions with them, working in a large format is very interesting is a challenge.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired your artwork?

Emilie: I think that more of the time when I travel, landscapes are places that inspire me, colors and shapes influence me. The most shocking memories were taking photos of the night sky in the desert of Madagascar, on the island of Reunion, and in the Alps where the sky is incredible was a place of inspiring inspirations in front of the immensity.

What tips or advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

Emilie: Sometimes with art you lose your sense a bit, working alone has its advantages but it is so easy for us, you need to focus and believe in yourself and what you do to keep going. Because there are also moments of production, of creativity where everything goes well but you also have to accept the slower duller moments … but it is part of the process! Cling and always nurture your curiosity and creativity.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Emilie: I’m almost going to have my new website ready and while the easiest is on Facebook or Instagram!

What are you working on right now, and what are your plans for the future?

Emilie: Now I am starting new plates with the theme of sacred geometry, with new figures to print on hoodies and t-shirts. For the future, I would like to open an engraving workshop shop, rather than an engraving center! And in March I usually have an artistic residency scheduled in Chile in the Atacama desert!

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