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Marilen Von Wick was a German artist. Born in the year 1932, Marilen Von Wick passed on in 2015. Additionally, specialists like Antonio Massari, István Kis, John Richard Howley, Doc Tate Nevaquaya, and Yu Fujiwara were brought into the world that year.

Marilen Von Wick was born in 1932 and grew up during the 1950s and was affected by the artistic bloom of the time. During the Post War period, New York City turned into a worldwide concentration for Modernism. During the Second World War, numerous specialists had ventured out to the city in the wake of having fled estranged abroad from Europe, which brought about a blending and amalgamation of capacities and thoughts. While in New York, powerful Europeans, for example, Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers, and Hans Hoffmann gave motivation to American specialists and affected social development in the United States for a long time that followed. Dynamic Expressionism commanded during the 1950s as a central strategy for painting and investigated thoughts concerning the great and otherworldliness. Specialists attempted to concentrate on painting’s conventional properties, and Action Painting took motivation from the political opportunities of the United States, contrary to the restrictions of the Soviet coalition. Critical specialists of this period included Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Frank Kline, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still, and Adolph Gottlieb. In resulting updates, the commitments and endeavors of female specialists, for example, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Louise Bourgeois have been commended, among numerous other female creatives.


We had a pleasure to talk about Marlien’s heritage with her eldest son Mr. Georg von Wick – Chairman of the board of directors of the community of heirs von Wick.

If you could choose some things you’ve learned from her, what would it be?

Georg: Marilen pursued her goals and interests, in particular, the pursuit of her artistic life at the age of 45, very persistently and consistently and did not allow herself to be deterred and discouraged by setbacks. My siblings and I learned this essential character trait and her positive and goal- and solution-oriented thinking from our mother Marilen.

You’ve told me a couple of very interesting things in the last interview, and one of them is that she discovered that the family roots reached the famous painter dynasty Francken-Vrancx-Francke from Herentals b. Antwerp. Can you tell me more about that?

Georg:  Marilen was interested in the history of her family (Francken) and her husband (von Wick) from a very early age and did her own research. In the beginning, she supported her parents Dr. Josef and Maria Francken. Marilen’s mother was herself a talented painter, whose works were held in high esteem in the family and were given away on special occasions. During several study visits to Belgium in 1986 – 1988, Marilen traced the artistic roots of her family roots Francken-Vrancx-Francke locally in Antwerp and Herentals.

Tell me more about her awards, and what’s your favorite one?

Georg: A very special award for Marilen was the 1st Price for Contemporary Painting of the International
Association of Art (IAA) in England in 1986.

Who were Marilen’s biggest influences, be it in the world of art or something else?

Georg: Marilen’s biggest influences were the professors Markus Lüpertz, Karl Bobeck, Alfonso Hüppi and Rolf Sackenheim during their studies of fine art (abstract painting) at the Staatliche Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf.
In addition, she was inspired by numerous well-known modern artists in exhibitions and through the study of selected illustrated books.

Besides painting, what are some things she enjoyed the most?

Georg: Marilen liked to go on city and sightseeing trips alone and with her children, read mainly art history books, and listened to (classical) music. She was very close to her hometown and family with her native city of Bonn, where her parents lived centrally in the Brüdergasse near the marketplace. Her father Dr. Josef Francken had there his practice as a very well-known Bonn general medical and equally well-known footballer and selection player of one of the two clubs merged to Bonner SC. During her studies, Marilen also met and loved her husband Georg von Wick at the University of Bonn.

Do you see her art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Georg: The following quotes from Marilen von Wick answer this question: “I am concerned with the incomprehensible, vulnerable space and the time that affects it. With multi-layered glazing painting, I make space tangible and let the viewer penetrate, whereby he is inevitably confronted with energies and can follow my criticism of the threat to life continuity.”
“My painting is a mirror of my observations and feelings. Through intuitive implementation and processing, it leads to a symbiosis of reality and unreality – in search of the ‘now’. […] The questioning of reality and truth by means of an alienated pictorial language requires understanding and – like any other intellectual confrontation – effort and willingness to think and experience.”

Do you have some interesting stories to share about Marilen’s art, or unrelated to art?

Georg: In particular Marilen painted the large-format works lying on her knees on the floor. At vernissages, Marilen was often asked by visitors and interested parties about her thoughts and moods when painting the exhibited pictures. She regularly dodged these questions and asked the interested party about his own impressions (Original-Tone Marilen: I can’t “undress” in front of the interested party).

Last time we spoke you’ve said an exhibition “Marilen von Wick – retrospective” with selected works is
planned for 2020/2021. Any news about that?

Georg: A year ago, as the eldest son and curator of Marilen’s artistic life work, I made the decision together with my sister Vera to set up a posthumous Instagram account to further optimize the level of awareness of Marilen. We are pleased that we were able to win over 3.700 subscribers/likes for the pictures of Marilen.

Please make sure to check Marilen’s website and Instagram page here:


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