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Meet Svetlana and Patrizio, the founders of Artnuances Gallery.

Svetlana has a university education in the Humanities, I in Economics. Our paths crossed over ten years ago, while we were collaborating on a project in artistic textiles.

While coming from different professional backgrounds, we immediately understood that together we were able to do unusual and interesting things in the world of culture and art.

Prior to this new adventure with Artnuances Gallery, we had the opportunity to try our hands in various situations, creating important cultural exhibitions in Moscow, Brussels, Rome, as well as in other parts of Italy.

We have carried out ambitious projects for the Vatican and mounted other special and unique museum exhibitions, both physical and virtual.

We have immersed ourselves in the world of art mediation and this has allowed us to expand our knowledge internationally. In 2014 we decided to open our own company in London, one of the most important centers for the art market, and from there the online gallery was a more than a natural step.

When we made this decision, we asked ourselves: “Why should an artist choose to exhibit in our Gallery and why should a customer buy from us?”

The answer was: “Because we will select the artists exclusively on the basis of the sensations they transmit to us, regardless of whether they are established or not. The important thing will be the originality of their works. As a result, customers will know that they will always find artists who are special, never banal! ”

Tell me more about Artnuances Gallery, how did it all start for you? What prompted you to open your own gallery?

Artnuances Gallery was born from the idea of ​​my partner Svetlana, who about 2 years ago, while she was at her home in Russia, proposed to make a qualitative leap to our professional activity, born about 6 years earlier as Studio Artnuances Ltd, building by zero our art gallery. Until then we had operated only as mediators in the art world, an extremely difficult sector, for many reasons, not least the distrust and lack of transparency of the people, and frankly, we were tired of running around Europe, to support our customers, with results that were sometimes much more than disappointing.

Thanks to Svetlana’s idea, we threw ourselves headlong into this activity and created Artnuances Gallery, which since then has committed us daily and which requires as much attention and dedication as any other professional job.

Labyrinth – Walter Capezzali (Italy)

How did you make it?

Obviously, opening an online art gallery is by no means easy or obvious, both technically and materially. The first choice we had to make was who would help us in the technological part, and to do this we asked for various opinions and quotes. A job that lasted a couple of months and full of doubts, because we were often asked absolutely incomprehensible technical questions. We also began to analyze what the internet was already offering, from large art showcases to large art galleries. In that phase, we selected the aspects we liked, what we felt was most important and what we thought was right for us. Transferring all our requests was not easy, both because ours is a niche sector and as such, there are few webmasters, just to mention one of the hundreds of terms with which we had to become familiar, who understood our projects and who knew how to translate them into graphics. Fortunately, we met a professional who understood our spirit and translated it into graphics. But this was only a first step. Then we discovered at our expense, the importance of SEO, that is the information that must be entered into the site to be seen on the internet, the importance of protection from hackers, and many other things, which I am not here to say so as not to bore the reader.

To conclude, I could safely say that anyone who says that opening a site is easy and is a “do it yourself”, is literally telling you nonsense. It would be like opening a shop, leaving the shutter down in a dark alley.

Crystal cave – Arpita Gaidhane (India)

You say you select artists solely based on the feelings they convey to you, regardless of whether they are established or not.

Exact. As I said before, to establish the philosophical and commercial line of our gallery, we analyzed who was already on the internet and the choice was mainly between two philosophies: to open a shop window that made no choice, with the result of bringing artists with A capital letters, with other unoriginal ones, or make a selection, hosting only those who in our opinion, shareable or not, are able to transmit emotions and/or feelings to us with their works. We have chosen this second path. I do not hide that it is not easy, because artists are more easily attracted to large international showcases, rather than to an art gallery-like Artnuances. Because they believe they are much more likely to sell, in reality, this is a very partial truth, because their works enter a showcase with thousands of others and often get confused with those and more importantly the customer, now no longer has the patience to view hundreds of pages of paintings to choose what he likes, he stops at the first pages and for those who are behind there is almost no possibility. On the contrary, we dedicate a lot of space to each artist, precisely because we do not intend to make our gallery a showcase, but a place where you can carefully admire every single work and every single artist.

Behind the closed door – Zennia (Nigeria)

Who is the latest artist to join your gallery and why did you choose him?

In chronological order, it was Yuliya Ankuda, a young and very promising Belarusian artist who studies in Italy, who struck us with the particularity of her works, but I wouldn’t want to hurt any of the other artists present, because each of them has a special value for us, because everyone has in their works those elements that impressed us, without any distinction of age, curriculum or other.

Tranquillità – Yulia Arkuda (Biellorussa)

What other things set your gallery apart from other galleries?

First of all, the Virtual Exhibition, that is a virtual exhibition, in which every month we propose a themed exhibition of one of our artists. It is our peculiarity. In our projects, there are more ambitious exhibitions, but we are small and we have to grow slowly, but the Virtual Exhibition was, in our opinion, a brilliant idea, which serves to highlight an artist with ten works and a theme of his own. choice. The customer can enjoy these works as if he were in a real exhibition, especially in a pandemic period like the one we are experiencing, by comparing only the works of an artist without interference.

Another aspect that is important to us and, I do not deny it, tiring to achieve is that of presenting a set photo for each work within its profile. This choice required many evaluations and also a lot of effort, but offering customers the exact idea of ​​how work relates to a real environment and not a neutral environment is important to us. In every self-respecting card, we find all the features of the work, but few immediately know how to mentally realize their actual size in relation to an environment. With this solution, we think we can help the customer to make this assessment more calmly.

Black and white 1 – Dominique Mc Kanzie (USA)

How has Artnuances Gallery evolved over the years?

As I said, we had to find elements that distinguished us in a panorama made up of galleries and shop windows of all sizes and nationalities. Just as I mentioned the Virtual Exhibition and the set photos, I could say of e-commerce, which more than a choice was an obligation imposed by the market. In fact, our initial idea was to open a gallery similar to the real ones, where the customer enters, looks, and asks, while the reality on the internet is very different: the customer looks, chooses and buys, but asks for nothing, if not forced and often faced with this option, he gives up.

So, despite ourselves, we gave up on an art consultant approach, opting for a colder one such as e-commerce.

Inspirantion of centaur- Roman Nogin (Ukraina)

What has been your biggest obstacle so far?

Honestly, opening an online gallery is like running an obstacle race, it never ends. But what I think is the biggest obstacle is making yourself known. Advertising on the internet and on social networks is essential, but at the same time, it requires funds that the gallery is hardly able to procure in its first years of life. Furthermore, as in so many sectors now, large art showcases have a strong dominance in acquiring advertising space, effectively raising prices and limiting space to competition, especially quality, such as ours.

Suegnos – Marcela Ramirez Aza (Colombia)

What has been your biggest success for Artnuances Gallery so far?

Surely that of having attracted the attention of many artists who propose their works for our gallery and this makes us proud because it means that our message of quality and selection based on the bases I mentioned earlier are received and appreciated. In the beginning, we had set ourselves this dilemma, namely will the artists come to our gallery? I can honestly answer that we have won this bet.

Spawning – Susan Gilli (USA)

To learn more about the project, please check:

Instagram: artnuancesgallery

FB: studioartnuances

YT: https://bit.ly/2P96H2Z

Bilingual IT/EN website: www.artnances.com

Thank you!

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