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Serghei Ghetiu was born on January 1, 1976, in the small town of Soroca in Moldova. From an early age he was fascinated by modeling clay and drawing. His very first exhibition took place already in the nursery, later in the city house of culture. Drawing and painting fascinated him so that he had no doubts that he would study further. He attended an art school that he successfully graduated in 1991. At the age of 26 he entered the University, but not as an artist but as a linguist. He was successful in his studies and received a scholarship to study in Germany. There he graduated from the university with a degree in German Philology and Communication. At the same time he, of course, painted and even sold his works.

After studying, he moved with his future wife to Lithuania, where he still lives. Literally this move determined his profession as an artist. His solid knowledge of German philology was not needed without knowledge of the Lithuanian language, and painting came to the fore again. Since then he has been working as an artist and he loves this work very much. His paintings are in many countries of the world, and he is not going to stop there. He constantly works on his skills, tries and improves. His paintings hang in the galleries of Vilnius and Kaunas. But more of his clients are Americans, he can not even say for sure how many paintings are in the USA and in which states. And it is very nice!

Serghei Ghetiu says:
Art for me is primarily emotions, which I get in the process of work. As far as I remember myself back in my early childhood, I loved to visualize my feelings and moods that is why I paint everything without selecting one direction, since there are many things in this world that I want to capture in my paintings, whether people, nature or still lives. My love of detail does not complicate this perception at all, and my many years of experience in painting allows me to work quickly, without much searching, to solve the tasks in the painting. My paintings reflect my state of mind and emotions that is why they are so bright and saturated with detail.

Lisa: Hello Serghei! You say you were fascinated by modeling clay and drawing at an early age. Tell us more about that, how did it all start for you in the world art?


Serghei: Yes, modeling clay and drawing became my main leisure activities at an early age. During my childhood I often spent my time in the village, where, as a rule, toys were often replaced by street games, as well as modeling with my own hands, while modeling clay was an excellent material for child’s imaginations. I really love animals, and I remember my collection of animals made of modeling clay, as well as a keen desire to make them anatomically correct, also in the drawing. This often led to constant corrections and improvement of form, which may be the reason why I have such a love for realism.

Lisa: What made you study German Philology and Communication rather than art?


Serghei: Oh yes, I still don’t understand why I decided to study German philology and not painting. I graduated with honors from art school, everything pointed to the road of art, but most likely the weak financial side in the family, plus the constantly prevailing opinion in society that the artist is always without money, probably pushed me to choose painting as a secondary activity in my life … But the craving for drawing still won, I am working as an artist for several years, I earn money and am satisfied with my life.

Lisa: Your paintings are amazing, and your reproduction “The Taking of Christ” by Michelangelo Caravaggio is exquisite … Who are your greatest influences?


Serghei: Carravaggio has remained my favorite among the classics. In fact, I can’t even point out one, there are hundreds of artists I lova! Yes, I admire classical realism, but I really love impressionists like Van Gogh for example, or Russian Itinerants. Recently I discovered Nicolai Fechin, I really like his work. But I also understand that I do not want to be one of them, I want to be myself, to grow myself, to improve my abilities.

Lisa: What is the process from start to a final artwork, do you envision it from the beginning or is it a different process?

Serghei: Basically, I foresee the final result, but it often happens that I change many things during work and this is normal, since I do not make preliminary sketches, as is generally accepted, but immediately start painting the idea on canvas. I work quickly, as I am a selling artist, and I spend 2-3 days to work, sometimes 4, but these are already large canvases. Many mistakes can be made at this pace, but I like working quickly and am not afraid to correct mistakes in my work.

Lisa: How has your art evolved over the years?

Serghei: Painting is a process of constant improvement, here you cannot say stop, I have reached my potential, there will be no further growth. At the moment I am interested in a human as the main object in the painting, before it was landscapes, but this does not mean that I will never return to depicting nature, it’s just that at this stage of my life I am interested in humans, with their complex emotions. Especially the female image is very exciting, since woman more sharply shows the emotions of human nature, but this is my personal opinion.

Lisa: What are some of the stories behind your work?

Serghei: Most likely not stories, but sensations, feelings and emotions that arise while working on a painting. And also music, if the work is going well, and I like it, which rarely happens, then music always sounds in my head, which, as it seems to me, is very suitable for the plot of the painting.


Lisa: In reflecting back to the start of your artistic endeavor, what is the most useful advice you ever received?

Serghei: First of all, it is the whole vision of the painting. Fragmentation, lack of general color, there are big problems for novice artists. And excessive detailing can completely kill the integrity of the composition, I went through all this, I was taught to look at the world through narrowed eyes to see the tone and integrity of our environment, so I recommend, look at the subject of painting as a whole and not a set of details. And of course, you need to paint from life, especially for novice artists.

Lisa: What was the recent piece you’ve enjoyed working on the most, and why?

Serghei: It was a large order from a US collector “Death of the Virgin” Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The fact is, while working on a copy of such masters, you immerse yourself in this atmosphere and experience the events of ancient years, you even get a frost on the skin, very cool sensations.

Lisa: What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process? And how do you overcome it?

Serghei: I know that many modern artists do not like the process of drawing and use copying through a projector and other tools to save time. For me, there are no complicated processes, since painting itself is already difficult, I still like to do everything by hand, without using any technique, and I get a lot of pleasure from it, as it also improves my skills as a drawing artist. Well, painting itself is a process of constant learning, because an artist learns all his life.

Lisa: What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Serghei: I have received a lot reviews with very kind words. Like this one bellow:

WOW! Beautifull piece of art. Extremely professional and talented artist. Replies quickly and is a pleasure to deal with. His work is of the highest standard, and the attention to detail in the piece I purchased “The Winter Fairytale” makes for a stunning scene. Very highly recommend and I will definitely be purchasing again.

KAREN MURPHY, United Kingdom

Lisa: What’s next on the horizon for you?


Serghei: Probably very simple and at the same time difficult goals. First of all, this is professional growth, improving my skills, and opening my personal exhibition. At the moment, I simply do not have enough works, all successful works are bought quickly. But I’ll do it anyway, sooner or later! Thank you

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