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Nature leaves me breathless and I wish my work to pay tribute to her. I do want my creations to breathe a life of their own. Inspired by my inner natural and cultural world, I hope to bring us all closer to one another including nature. My designs become a part of the wearer creating a personal and unique story. I choose to use sustainable materials as much as possible.

All of my work is made in my little coastal studio. I use traditional slow jewelry making techniques, each piece is individually made and not mass-produced.
The recycled sterling silver comes from a silver supplier that is committed to minimizing environmental impact by recycling metal rather than using metals from new mines.

Hello Magdalena! How did it all start for you; do you remember the moment you’ve decided you want to be a silversmith artist?

Magdalena: There are a few significant moments one was visiting a unique jeweler in my youth and loving her pieces so much I was instantly mesmerized. They were like little gateways to all these amazing places. Most significantly when visiting Art galleries and museums which featured a range of art jewelry, they would leave me tingling with inspiration. When I first touched the flame to metal I was transfixed and hooked. The fluidity and softness of metal when hot, the dynamic colors that manifest and lead to so many creative surprises. So much can happen from the beginning to the end.

Fern bracelet Vspora Art

What does this word mean to you and how is it reflected through your work?

Magdalena: It means that I wanted to create one-of-a-kind pieces with deep feeling and symbology and not repeat the same designs again and again. I wanted to create from an inner seeing, most of my work comes from flashes as I fall asleep or wake up.

Fern Cuff Vspora Art

Do you think exchange and collaboration between silversmiths are important, if yes why?

Magdalena: Yes absolutely, there is just so much to share and learn and the beauty is each person really finds their own voice.

Ferns Vspora Art

Are you often inspired by the work of other silversmiths/makers?

Magdalena: I have a few favorites and I would count them now as dear friends, as we have been cheering each other on for many years. I try not to look at too much that is out there in that one field, but there is a lot of inspiration. I like to gather inspiration from all the arts, mostly paintings, poetry, music and nature.

Forest Collection Vspora Art

You’ve moved from the Czech Republic to Australia, does European silversmithing differ from that of Australia?

Magdalena:  I think it would, learning in Australia is like living here with endless vast landscapes and infinite possibilities. Australians are less formal than Europeans about most matters this possibly includes silversmithing. I did study with a Swiss jeweler for some time it was very strict and metric which is a contrast to the way I prefer to work.

Nature Impressions Bracelet Vspora Art

You work a lot with recycled metals to care for our delicate world. What are your favorite materials to work with?

Magdalena: I would say silver mostly, but copper and brass also. I don’t work with gold as the expense makes it so much less fun to experiment with, and I love to experiment.

You say your designs become a part of the wearer creating a personal and unique story. Could you expand a bit on that thought?

Magdalena: One of my favorite moments was when I made a series of Sanskrit love books and the customer purchased it for herself as it took her 70 years to realize she needed to love herself, it literally brought us both to tears. When I returned from New York I created a few pieces, one of a New York skyline with the water towers, and the customer who bought it instantly resonated to it as it reminded her of her fond memories there. An Eagle with turquoise helped someone going through major upheavals to hold onto their open wings and freedom. There are many cases when a piece resonates a deep meaning for someone and they intertwine their personal story with a piece. Jewelry being so tactile gets held and touched with great affection, it is really very moving to be a part of a person’s story.

Raindrops Vspora Art

What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process? And how do you overcome it?

Magdalena: I would say believing in what I do and just carrying on. There are many times over the 20 years you think why am I doing this? Am I crazy, what is the point? Then the call to create is just that much louder and I carry on.

What was the most recent piece you’ve enjoyed working on and why?

Magdalena: I wish I could only name one, I love every piece. I do like the ones that begin in a certain direction then turn out to be something else. I’m currently working on a series of crosses that are exciting me, they are so big they could hang on a wall.

Share some interesting facts about your art with us.

Magdalena: I’m more of an intuitive maker I rarely conceptualize. Sometimes I work from my dreams or I just start playing with the materials and follow where they lead.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Magdalena: Art exhibitions and collaborating with other Artists. I have been very lucky as many people have found me and shared my work, which has been extraordinary. I think Instagram is an amazing place to share creative work.

What’s next for you?

Magdalena: I’ll be exhibiting in Milano Jewelry week in 2022 and working towards some more Art Exhibitions. I’m working on some new collections which will feature works in other art mediums.

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