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Kimm Moon is a multimedia artist from Buffalo New York.

  She is also a truck driver, dreamer Momma, skater, sailor, lover, and Poet. Kimm makes art every day. Actually, her whole life is art.

“What motivates me most is the desire to get better. I don’t necessarily have a need to show off my art ability for me it’s more about working diligently and improving my skills. I want the people in my life to see what can be accomplished when you dedicate yourself to something. I have a passion for body arts. I have been practicing the art of Mehndi with Henna for 20 years now having had many celebrity clients. Henna is a very unique art form because it incorporates a bit of science as well. not too much it is a very cultural experience and I try my best to honor the history and culture in every way possible. 

Hello Kimm! How long have you been an artist and how did you get into art?

Kimm: It all began in my Mothers womb. My first creations were the stretchmarks my growing body engraved upon her outer casing. And the love that filled her young heart as I kicked and thrashed within her.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Kimm: When doing henna on clients I hope to help promote positive body image as well as educate them about the history and culture from which henna originates. I consider myself to be an entertainer as well as an artist and I aim to give them an experience that they will remember warmly.

What is the message you are trying to give with your art?

Kimm: I just want to inspire the people around me.

What are your plans for the future?

Kimm:  I plan on being better than I was yesterday.

What is a little-known fact you would like to share?

Kimm: I did henna for some Kardashians but didn’t know who they were at the time because I don’t watch television at all.

How does creating art make you feel?

Kimm: Creating art doesn’t compel me to feel any particular way but definitely helps when I feel. Art is absolutely a form of therapy.

How do you get ideas for each piece of art?

Kimm: I find that the more I create the more ideas come to me. I just wish I had more time in my life to create!

How has your art evolved over the years?

Kimm:  My illustration work has tightened up over time and I am more able to draw what I see my only goal is to improve with practice every day.

Any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Kimm: As the weather warms up, I’m booking more and more henna parties as well as private appointments. I’m looking forward to summertime!


To learn more about Kimm and her art, please check:


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  1. This work is amazing. Who would have thought that I rub elbows daily with a modern day Picasso. ❤❤❤

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