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Vladimir Tajč (Taich) was born in Bogotá in the sixties when groves and streams were the veins through which life ran in a city that timidly peered into modernity.


His childhood was spent with his brothers and school friends in games and adventures typical of those who are discovering not only the world but also forming their own inner universe.

Nature and especially its smell marked his perception as a child and even in his adulthood, they continue to transport him to interior places where sensitivity is recognized, defines itself, and expresses itself freely.

Vladimir liked to get away and make original creations with Lego pieces while listening to his father play the piano, the accordion, or the violin. He felt that the melodies enveloped him and fed his childhood imagination.


 A fantasy world that looked cloudy when he listened to his father, an immigrant from Czechoslovakia, tell the atrocious stories of the Second World War that forced him to seek refuge in Colombia, forever away from his land and family.

Jiří Tajč Haškovcová spoke with a strange accent that marked the difference between the Cachacos of the time. He had a firm character and knew how to value, like any survivor of war, life, daily bread, and honest work. Together with Lilia Herrera Acevedo, a native of Tolima, he formed a home where the fundamental basis was love, rectitude, and discipline.

He made Colombia his homeland, his wife and three children the meaning of his life. He achieved his dream of freedom and left his family the legacy of perseverance and perseverance as the only way to achieve everything that is born and remains in the heart, impossible as it may seem.

Hi Vladimir! You say before you start painting, you stand in front of the blank canvas, stare at it and let it speak to you, however you cannot always connect with it. What do you think that connection is, and where does it come from?

Vladimir: About this connection, when I hang the canvas, it is completely pure and white, it starts getting the light from different points and I am staring at it. I find it amazing and exciting this connection.

Then I stand in front of the canvas and I must let it speak to me. I cannot always connect with it, but when I can, this connection is it is the moment I let the colors start talking and choose them to allow them to begin flowing, leaving their trace langue; that is when the composition rises on its own.

I could say this connection could take some days until I start working, I must relax, breathe, and put my mind in peace with the canvas bringing those moments or memories, places, nature, emotions that inspire me.

Suddenly, I take my spatula gets in my hand, and grab a color I visualized what is going to be, and start painting and it is a lot of fun.

You say some of your recent favorite artworks are: … Could you tell me some of the stories behind these paintings?

Vladimir: With my family visiting Ushuaia (Tierra de Fuego) in Argentina. We were on tour to the viewpoint of “The Hidden Lake,” when I saw it, I fell in love with it.

The lake is of glacial origin, surrounded by mountains covered with snow and forest. A beauty!

In the tour, when listening to the stories about the past where the conqueror’s navigators (Hernando Magallanes) saw the campfire and their reflections in the water at a distance, where I took the name “Tierra de Fuego” (Land of Fire) gave me the idea of making this painting that reflects the brilliance of the lake. This mythical place hides colorful stories from the past.

This is my paint text. “The hidden lake rises, the wind gently shakes its surface murmuring its melody, the sun covers it with an embrace of fire that shakes the lake and the earth, the colors shine and joyfully push my heart and my life.” By VT

When I painted colors of nature, I wanted the viewer to see the five elements, fire, earth, water, wood, and metal. Nature transmits to us a green meadow with trees, but they are also fire, water and share emotions, tranquility, happiness, fear, freshness, and balance.

“The color of our nature is the language of our planet earth. By VT

When I finish painting Between Earth and Heaven, I want the observer to visualize the sky, a place of happiness where the soul is in a state of fullness. Still, beyond, it covers us not only with its blue color with its immensity, but there are also stars and galaxies without beginning and no end.

On earth, we are, and we seek that happiness in the same way and here where we make our dreams come true.

“Everything is and has a place between earth and heaven. The earth lives its hidden magic and the sky the breeze and the wind that encourages us to dream”. By VT

Tell me more about your newest artwork “Reflections” from your collection “Planet Water 2021″.

Vladimir: When I painted “Reflections”, I was looking at this boat parked on the dock, the ship had bright colors, yellows, orange, reds; it looked stunning. It was capture on my memories. The boat was tied to a yellow buoy. I could see the waves hitting it and the water coming and going, leaving blue and aquamarine trails in their movements, revealing the marine flora by its crystalline waters. I watched the waves back and forward, but they were not the same each time. They were always different, like life. At the end of the painting, I dedicate this phrase to the paint.

“looking at the reflections in the water is seeing the present and then the past, the water carrying what is reflected” by VT.

These three paintings, I could stay hours and time watching them. I feel like every one of them talks to me.

Do you have a real-life situation that inspired your artwork? If yes, what was it?

Vladimir: My roots, family, and especially the support of my wife and my children are my real-life inspiration to connect with the environment, with nature. They are present and part of my paintings with my feelings and emotions.

How would you explain to those who have difficulty understanding abstract art?

 Vladimir: Before I painted abstracts, I painted Impressionism. I love that movement. Painting abstract art asks me to connect with my heart, my imagination and connect with the energy in my environment at that precise moment.

Music also helps me to connect along with the lighting. I can tell that abstract chose me. I had stopped painting for a long time and ended up in that fascinating world.

Painting abstract has seemed harder than Impressionism, well, at least to me. Perhaps people see an Impressionist painting and define what the artist meant, but in the abstract, the viewer must dive in and find what the artist represented as an artist in the image.

You have many awards, what is your favorite one?

Vladimir: One of my Favorites awards was when I was a ceramist, and I sold my trompe l’oeil designs in more than 45 countries with lots of success. For this, I went to many trade shows around the globe showing my unique designs. In one of these trade Shows in Dusseldorf, Germany – I got a Gold Medal for the Most Creative Promotional Product of the fair.

It was significant since more than 6.000 expositors where participating and I was the only one from Colombia. Later at the awards night presentation, I was sitting alone with a small flag from my country laying down on the table, the director of the fair announces the gold medal playing the anthem. I was thrilled and proud.

What’s the coolest art tip you’ve ever received?

Vladimir: A cool tip I receive when starting to paint. ” Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone expresses themselves differently., Create what you feel. Do not create your paints to fit the market. If your paints are suitable, they will find their market.

Also, another excellent tip of advice from a curator friend was, “when getting stuck and cannot start painting, looking at others works could be harmful and block your creativity if creating a new art, don’t be afraid of trying new things.

I want to share this with that artist who is starting. Keep going. The only thing that can make you improve is you.

Do you consider that your art has a purpose beyond art?

Vladimir: I see the arts and my paintings as food for the soul. Like vegetables, fruits, water, fresh air is good for the body and mind.

I hope my paintings touch people’s inner world and make them feel richer on their path of consciousness, in some cases to a better planet. This could say it’s my purpose.

Tranquility is what we need today, and do not forget that we all live on this planet, that we share it, that we must take care of it, and that it is everyones.

I hope that people will hear their inner voice and be grateful for everything and all those around them with my works. That when you see them, as you mention earlier, you will bring back memories, look in them what they are about, and let them know what they want to see. That when you look at my paintings, you can hear my message from the bottom or enjoy them.

I invite you to sit down or take your time to embark on a journey with painting, in this universe, beyond time and relax.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Vladimir: Yes, I see my art serving people to remember who they are, make them remember where they come from. I hope my art is a medium of artistic traces inspiring people on many levels.

About their feelings, emotions, and take them to a journey where they can interact with our lovely nature of planet earth.  Take them to enjoy what has happened in the past, present, and think about our planet future.

Art is a gateway to a journey of knowledge with every new paint I do. Becoming an artist has allowed me to focus on true self-discovery and has given me space to live life without limits or restrictions.

I have been able to experience what it means to be creative and to see color freely in my way. As an artist, be less concerned with others’ approval or opinions and live life more intensely according to my standards and desires.

It’s a true example of how art has a greater purpose.

What is still on the horizon for you?

Vladimir: Paint, Paint, more paints, it is my job, and I must grow day by day. I’m experimenting with some new techniques to incorporate into my work.

It also continues in this new coming, being creative and learning the business side’s discipline as an artist.

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