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Romain Bonvallet is a french arsit.


He is a digital interface designer and passionate about 3D and 3D printing.


After several trips, I thought it would be interesting to have frames to decorate with the different places I visited. To make this decoration as realistic as possible I thought that 3D would be the most interesting. That’s how I first had the idea to model New York in 3D, print it and frame it. Today I can model a large number of cities (London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Ect…).

I will soon launch a Kickstarter to further develop my initial idea. The launch should take place between now and the second half of 2021.

You have a very interesting story behind your work, you’ve thought it would be interesting to have frames to decorate with the different places you have visited. Do you remember the moment you’ve got inspired to do this?

Romain: NY was my dream since childhood. At the age of 11, I even asked my parents to have NY wallpaper and posters in my bedroom. Three years ago, the dream came true when my girlfriend offered me a trip to NY. Long story short, I was really impressed with the skyscrapers and the architecture and… I proposed to my girlfriend in a pizzeria in NY. When we came back to Paris, I really wanted to have a poster featuring this city, as it means a lot to me. All the 2D posters weren’t as impressive as my memories…  And that’s how the idea came: what if I created my own poster in 3D in order to have the typical NY skyscrapers come to life? This was the birth of 3Dmapframe.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do and how did you become a 3D artist?​

Romain: In my day-to-day job, I’m don’t work with 3D. It’s really a childhood passion. At first, I wanted to become an architect, then I wanted to study 3D, but finally, I chose digital and web design. Now I’m working in a French company as UI designer. Nevertheless, 3D is still a hobby and I’m still interested in learning new tools and ways of working.

What’s your favorite aspect of creating 3D art? Is there something you specialize in and enjoy the most?​

Romain: My favorite aspect is making an idea come alive. Honestly, I can spend hours and hours rendering? a 3D model and then I can spend even more time looking at the 3D model to print. It drives my girlfriend crazy. If I may say, I think my specialization is in creating cities with as many details as possible – for example including the road and the topography.

What or who inspires you today? Do you have favorite hashtags you check every day?​

Romain: @Matthieubraccini inspires me every day. Honestly, this guy is amazing! He uses animation and the colors that make his work mind-blowing. I’m also a fan of @wannerstedt ‘s work – it’s hypnotizing I like to check the hashtag #3DArtist and discover new artists and new 3D projects. It’s not related to 3D cities, generally, 3D is a global art.

Please tell us your five short tips for creating 3D art.​

Romain: Be curious and try new things/tools/ways of doing stuff. Do not be afraid of failure and start and restart all over again until you’re proud of your work Share your work and be open to feedback. Look at what others do and if you’re impressed try to reproduce it. Be patient – every detail counts.

Which of your designs /models are you most proud of, and why?​

Romain: I’m so proud of my collaboration with Accor Hotel Arena – I’ve made them a huge poster featuring the whole city of Paris. This poster is now hanging in one of their hotels in Paris (Bercy) and they use it to show their client’s point of interest near the hotel. This was my first big project with a lot of rendering? and modelization – I’ve spent hours and hours working on it and the final result is amazing.

Would you share any advice for upcoming artists looking to get into the field of 3d Art?​

Romain: You can find a lot of resources to help you learn and improve your work. Do not hesitate to visit greyscalegorilla.com they have good tutorials.

What is your favorite city you’ve visited and worked on?

Romain: After NY, my favorite city is Marseille. After visiting the city with friends, I decided to create the 3D, I’m so proud of the result. The roads, the topography, the sea… Marseille was a good challenge for me.

Do people contact you to model their City? How does that work?​

Romain: Yes, people contact me on Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy. They give me an address, the dimensions of the final product, and even a place to focus on. I then model the project and send the customer a preview for validation. If it’s ok, I print it.

What’s next for you?​

Romain: A huge program! My goal is to launch a kick starter this summer to feature my work, get a better knowledge of my customers, their favorite cities, and memories. I’m working on it right now and it will be ready right on time. Stay tuned – 3Dmapframe is here to create timeless memories.

To learn more about Roman’ 3D Map Frame project, please check:



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