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Arlyssa grew up in a country not far from Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

From an early age, one of her favorite hobbies was to paint and draw.

I have always loved painting for as long as I can remember.

In high school, I took an art class where I learned how to paint ceramics. And learned more about painting landscapes. Like most artists, my life took a different career path. It wasn’t until later in life that I took up painting again.

In the beginning, I started with acrylic pouring, and at the time that’s all I ever wanted to do.

I found the process soothing, over time I started using different materials in my work, and eventually, I saw some videos on Spray paint art.

There is something about the creative process of creating moon and galaxy-related art.

I use many mediums but acrylic paint, resin, and spray paint.

In 2017 I had health issues that limited my ability to paint through a lot of work and determination. I got full use of m hand back.

Art is a journey, not a destination. And this Journey has been an incredible adventure.

Discovering new materials to incorporate in my paintings, which colors I enjoy using the most.

Creating vibrant paintings makes my soul happy and I hope that my painting crate happiness and brings positivity through colors and self-expression.

“I will create abstract beauty, not perfection. Work that speaks to the soul and who I am called to be an artist.”


Hi Arlyssa! Tell us a few words about yourself. When did you begin painting and how did you get started?

Arlyssa: began painting during my childhood, mostly working with acrylic paint, with various surfaces.

I have done experimentation with various mediums, but it was not until I started watching acrylic pouring videos on YouTube that I  felt inspired to learn about such a different art compared to what I grew up as being art, Then I gained the confidence to do so and haven’t looked back since. it is all about enjoying what you do and trying new things.

Tell me more about your discovery of Spray paint art. And what does the discovery of new materials mean to you?

Arlyssa: I have been in awe of spray paint for many years but always felt like graffiti murals weren’t for me.

Until I saw a local Nova Scotian creating spray art in an art fair, creating moons and planets, that was the most inspiring moment. Back then I didn’t have the space or belief that I could do it. Then one night I came across some amazing videos of spray paint art, fell in love with the process, just knew I had to try it out myself. Discovering new materials can be such an amazing adventure. Finding new techniques and materials to work with never gets old. I suspect that excitement will never diminish. It is something new to try out in a variety of ways which is extremely exciting! At first your never sure if it will work out, and then when you get better control of the new materials and the technique you can look back at all the wonderful progress you have made.

Could you walk us through your process? How much planning do you do before you jump into a painting? If you do, what are you trying to solve at each stage of it?

Arlyssa: When I start an acrylic pour the planning is a quick one, I choose the colors and what technique I want to use and start immediately. Whereas with spray art I decide if it will be primarily abstract or if it will also have elements of realism. When I do moon/planet-related art I need to choose colors and placement and what elements will be added in the background. Colors have to be chosen based on the look I am trying to achieve. And how I might be feeling or the emotions I want to convey. Ultimately with all my work, I am trying to solve the age-old question of how to get the idea I have of what I want to achieve and how to make that happen. Often the painting will take on a life of its own, often the paintings turn out different than I originally imagined, but often they turn out better than my expectations. For me, music plays a big role in the process of my paintings. I know some artists don’t Like music and they feel it slows down creativity but for myself, I find the music helps me relax and helps get my creative process going.

You say creating vibrant paintings makes your soul happy. Is there a message you are trying to give with each piece, or is it something else?

Arlyssa: My paintings are based on real events or things I am working out or feel. Each painting has an individual story it’s trying to tell through colors, hope, and positivity. Especially with so much happening In the world, I feel that hope and positivity are something we all need.

What are you currently working on?

Arlyssa: Currently, I am working on evolving my skills as an artist. Continue to try new techniques and materials. I am currently working on more moon and plant-related art. As well as a more abstract series and a new series where I experiment with dots.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Arlyssa: In the early years, I mostly worked with acrylic paint and markers. And it was rarely seen by the outside world. But around my 30s I realized it was time to take it online. I originally started with acrylic pours which turned into embellishing them with gold leaf. During the pandemic, it became hard to get the materials which is how my alcohol ink experimentation came to be. And finally came to spray art. As a mixed media artist, I find it a joy to be able to work with different materials as a way of expressing myself.

What artists have influenced your work the most?

Arlyssa: The artists that have inspired me the most are Rinske Douna, Mixed media Girl, Jon Barber, and Stefan Acanski Skech.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Arlyssa: One of the most memorable responses to my art is that “great art should make you think or invoke a feeling and your art does both”. Which to be was such a wonderful compliment, which is what pushes me further.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Arlyssa: I primarily started with Instagram and the response to my art has been an amazing journey.

My art that is for sale is on my website www.arlyssaperdue.com

People can also connect with my art www.instgram.com/artbyarlyssa

My videos on YouTube


As well as I offer prints and merchandise on Redbubble.


Are there any upcoming shows workshops we should know about?

Arlyssa: Right now, I am focusing on upgrading my skills and techniques in spray art and abstract paintings.

As well as creating more Tutorial videos for YouTube.


What’s next for Arlyssa?

Arlyssa: What is next is creating: more vibrant artwork, learning to achieve new ways to use my techniques to bring hope and positivity to the art world through the joy of colors. I plan on working on my own set of guidebooks filled with tips and tricks for artists just starting the beginning of their art journey. When I was just starting out creating the artwork seemed so hard but then, after enough watching videos of other artists create, I knew this was something I had to try. Being inspired by other artists is one of the biggest joys of being an artist.

As well as more tutorial videos on YouTube.

Exploring colors is one of the most fascinating and fulling adventures, it can teach you things you never thought of before. For example, I had no idea how much I would love working with the colors purple, pink, teal, and blue to name a few.

Thank you!

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