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Kristin Couch was born in Reykjavik Iceland the year of 1965. From then to 6 years of age she and her family moved quite a bit, like the USA, Cuba, Denmark, and finally Iceland. As in Iceland, the family kept on moving. Related to that, books and drawing became her passion. She loved to draw and coloring. At the time she wanted to become a Fashion Designer. Drawing dresses and ladies day in and day out. That dream did not come through though.


Continuing her interest for drawing she started painting with Acrylic’s, mixed media, and watercolors, But what she really wanted to create she was able to perform and she got frustrated. She attended all kinds of classes regarding art and creating. Later in life, she decided to go to school again and graduated in art history and multimedia.

Then in 2005 she got her first professional camera which changed everything. Three years later she was working as a portrait photographer at the most popular studio in Iceland at that time. Working there she wanted to do

something special with children’s photography and just make the photoshoots a little more fun and different. So she started experimenting and fell in love with this type of Digital work. And the possibilities were endless.

Soon she was hooked. Then she started to make artwork from her photos. 2009 she and her family moved to Sweden.  And a few years later she discovered Photoshop Artistry and “AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life” — which gave her everything that she wanted and needed to become a better artist.


Her work has been published in different magazines, as she has also been the featured artist for Living the photo artistic life having her work on the Cover as well. Her work is also sold at Cobra Art Gallery in the Netherlands.


Hello Kristin! Tell us about your transition from painter to a digital artist.

Kristin: I can’t really say that I have been a painter. I was more into drawing even though I have experimented with painting. I wanted to be a fashion designer and was always drawing dresses as a little girl. In the ’80s
when all the supermodels popped up I loved to buy Vouge and draw the model on the cover. I was impatient and I didn’t find that I was good at it and I quit drawing for a while. I took different courses in painting. Tried oil, acrylic, and watercolor. I found that I liked the watercolor most because they are so unpredictable. I also tried mixed media with acrylic and pictures from magazines which I either cut or ripped out. I remember the bookstore always kept different magazines they did not have to send back and gave them to me. In early 2000, I started to learn Photoshop. I was very quick to adapt that program into making art. People didn’t quite understand what I was doing. So I left it there for a few years. 2005 I got my first professional camera and everything changed after that. I started to work as a Wedding and Portrait photographer at a very popular studio at that time. I wanted to make the images more effective so I started to mix them in Photoshop and make them artsy. After that, there was no way back. I totally fell in love with the program Photoshop and all the possibilities to create anything and everything you want to.

Beautiful Escape

Is there a message you are trying to give with your art, or is it something else?

Kristin: It depends. Sometimes I have stories to tell sometimes not. Some days I just want to create without any message, just play with colors and different ideas. Other days I might have something to say which I transfer to my art.

Direction of Time

What is your process of creation? Do you have any rituals that help you get motivated or in “the zone”?

Kristin: My process is simple. I sit down with a blank canvas and start from there. I might have a color idea, that is it. I never know what the outcome might be. I have tried so many times to draw some ideas on paper and then transfer them to the computer, but it never works out. The outcome is always a long way from the idea I started with. So today I just mix and match with what material I have without knowing where I am going. For me, this is the best way.

Facing Yourself.

How did you develop your distinct aesthetic style and craft? Was it an experimental process, iterative?

Kristin: I have always been interested in fashion and art history, so I think my art might be related to that. I studied Art history in school and with my interest in fashion, I find that I love mixing those 2 together. Also, I wanted to create something new and be different from other artists. Today I find my art is recognizable as mine, my style. I also love animals and fairytales so there are a few of them I also make. A little fantasy World one might say.

Hole in my heart

What subject matters interest you? What are some of the stories behind your work?

Kristin: I love female subjects. Most of my art is created from a female’s face. My most favorite subject to work with. When I start working with a face I never know the outcome, but as I work different thoughts pop into my mind, and at the end, I have connected the thought and my artwork together, and without knowing it directed my creation to that thought without knowing. Such as Disconnected, Vulnerability, Golden Muse, and so on.
As an animal lover, they are always welcome as art subjects. I usually make a fantasy world around them. Give them a Fantasy Home. More like Illustration. I have sold equally of Animal Art as of Face Art. When I am missing my Mojo and have no idea what to create I use forms like a Circle in my art. Love to work with Circles. Endless possibilities.


Describe a real-life situation that inspired your artwork?

Kristin: Daily I work as an Interior Photographer, leaving the car at home and choosing to travel with trains, busses and walking. On my walks around the beautiful city of Stockholm where I live now, I started taking pictures of my surroundings. The people, houses, and traffic. The daily life in the city. I used double exposure on my camera and the outcome was my City Life Series. Totally love them. Loved being able to create art on my
way to work.

The Fashonista

What’s your favourite artwork you’ve made so far?

Kristin: I think The Party is my favorite so far. Used all my favorite colors. We have a beautiful hostess in a fairy tale dress accommodating all her wonderful animal guests. So my love for fashion, animals, and old art are all united in this peace.

The Party

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Kristin: My customers are very happy with my work, they usually choose one to buy but end up with 3 or 4 pieces. I think my most favorable response is when I was following an artist that I love and he was showcasing his work at an amazing Gallery in the Netherlands. I decided to contact that gallery or Cobra Art Gallery and
see if they were interested in my work. There is always a 50/50 chance that you will be accepted. They loved my work and bought 16 pieces to license and sell in their Gallery. So it comes to show that one must never underestimate one’s work or compare them to someone else. Art is so personal. Art that some people might love is not the taste of others. And that’s ok.

Time Confusion

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Kristin: At the moment there isn’t much happening. Due to Covid, it’s hard to sell art these days. I would like to showcase my work in different Art Exhibitions and some have excepted my work, but it calls for traveling
which I find hard to do these days. So I will wait for better days.


Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Kristin: I don’t take art or artist that seriously. An artist can have a purpose with his/her art or not. How one determines what art is or its purpose is up to them. Different art critiques/buyers describe art with all kinds of big words how they experience their feelings when looking at art. That is not me. I just love to create and if people like it, it’s a big bonus to me. My purpose with my art is to make me happy by creating. It’s my comfort
zone. Sitting down with a blank canvas and listening to good music and take a journey with my fantasy is totally awesome.


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