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Waldemar was born in Poland Resident and is artistically active in Germany for 38 years.



He studied art for 2 years in Poland under the patronage of Prof. Krystyna Janota and the art historian Maria Dzierzynska.

Waldemar had several exhibitions in Poland, Germany, and Italy. Currently in The Shanghai International Art Fair.

” The creation of pictures is often spontaneous based on the mood. Sometimes an image is taken overnight, sometimes a period of weeks or even months is required. Images that convey feelings and moods that emerge from the association and are intended to encourage the viewer to make their own interpretations and discoveries.”

Hi, Waldemar! Tell us a few words about yourself.

Waldemar: When I was 10 years old, I had painted my first painting (portrait) of Pope Paul the VI with watercolors, it was in the elementary school where the art education class led the rector, when I showed the portrait of the rector, she was so enthusiastic and could not believe that a 10-year-old boy had painted such a portrait.  I was the best in school in art education, but real love and determination for art in a painting I developed after studying under the patronage of Prof. Krystyna Janota and art history ist Maria Dzierzyska.
Die Bine darf nicht sterben

Do you only make art, or is art just part of the picture?

Waldemar: I am self-employed, I work for a medical company, it allows me to finance the painting because I mainly work with good materials, which also costs a lot of money.
Duft der Lavende

You say your art is spontaneous based on the mood. Tell us a bit more about that.

Waldemar: There are many opinions when it comes to the term “art”, I separate works that are shown 100% to 100% as copies from the abstract works created by the artist, regardless of whether they are figurative or non-figurative works because that is part of the creative energy of the artist. We all have millions of information and images stored in our consciousness, which is why many artists tend to be inspired by the successful artist. I used to do that too, I let myself be guided by the trend that could be seen in all the galleries of the world, then over time, I noticed that only creative processes make art real joy and fun. Before I start to grind, I switch off my consciousness with a brief meditation. To remove the saved images that I have saved throughout my life.

Gefangen in Netz

Is there a message you try to convey with each piece?

Waldemar: Yes, in abstract painting, such doesn’t let much to tell, I actually let my paintings speak, it’s like a symphony without singing, where you only hear sounds, music, and harmony. It is similar to abstract painting.
I have no longer dyed the shapes but shaped the colors, and in such a spontaneous, dynamic, excessive way, as never before. Without inspiration, without idea through quick decisions and lightning-fast associations, I tried something beautiful to create, well-proportioned, something that is true, something that touches. The expressive dynamic and spontaneous composition of shades, color spots, scratch marks should enchant viewers, and touch its sphere of gefüls.
Glut der Liebe

Who are a few artists who really inspire you now, and why?

Waldemar: In the beginning, I was inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. But in running time I went in the direction of the abstract.
I don’t have an artist to be inspired by, because all the artists who know the world are well known, they have also read insp. Like, for example, the famous Jackson Pollock, everyone thinks that his Dripping painting is his worth recognizing and that he invented it, everyone knows that he had taken over the technique from his wife, and before his wife, Lee Krasner had already used the Dripping Stem other artists. So you can say today there are no artists I inspire, I use the stem they work with but I try not to cling to anyone. Many of my pictures could not be from the inspiration of other artists because I have never seen an artist who paints such pictures.

What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process? And how do you overcome it?

Waldemar:  Actually, I don’t have any difficulty painting, it’s like a game where I am having fun and I’m happy to see the final product.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Waldemar: As I said, it was a process, I got to the point where I created something new something that the Sphere stirs the viewer and inspires its Geistiege Sphere.

What memorable reactions have you received to your work?

Waldemar:  Several, one had been imprinted on my head, at the beginning I also put my pictures on the street there came an elegant woman and said, “Such pictures go to the museum and not on the street. I get praise, once at a vernissage a gallery owner who had introduced me said to the gesture, “If the pictures have been exhibited in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York then the not like here 2000 € special 200 000 €”.
The angel

What is the best way to reach people who are interested in your art?

Waldemar: The answer is simple, if you are famous, people will reach you, otherwise you have to reach people. Through exhibitions, social media, and so on.

You’ve had several exhibitions in Poland, Germany, and Italy. Currently in the Shanghai International Art Fair. Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Waldemar:  Yes, there are, I put everything in an appendix.
Tusche auf Papier

What’s next for you?

Waldemar:  Painting is for me an intellectual journey that makes me fun every day and I think that the journey will last bies to the end.

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