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Kristinn Örn is an Icelandic-born digital artist, 3d designer, photo- & videographer.

He lives in Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland. He likes to mix, backgrounds, 3d designs & drawings together to create his art. Sometimes it is simple process, but on the other day it is more complex. When he create his work, he looks into old stories, histories or even he create fantasy just from his mind.

Kristinn’s style of artwork is from beautiful fine art composition into colorful abstract form or even to black & white. He did go to SAE Institute in England and learned part of his skills in 3d designs & animation. Then he has been learning Photoshop Artistry/Fine Art Grunge Composition with the group AWAKE. He is part of Kaizen, dedicated group to create digital art. “Definition of Kaizen – continuous improvement”.

He has received honorable mention in Shift Art Challenge 2019. He received Special Recognition Award for his work in the 9th Annual “Seascapes” 2019 & was awarded “Featured Artist” in 15th Solo Art Series Light Space Time online Art Gallery 2020 Kristinn is ECVR Photographer (Eikon Culture Visual Reflections – Collective Storytelling.

His photos & artworks has been published in magazine f.ex. Living The Photo Artistic Live, Eikon Culture Magazine. He was part of Exhibition held in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy – 2017 He has held solo Exhibitions in Gallery Grotta, Seltjarnarnes, Iceland. “Time travelling on a bicycle I” 2018 Cultural Centers of Dalvik, Berg, Iceland. “Time travelling on a bicycle II” 2019 Hannesarholt, Reykjavik, Iceland. “Pandora’s box” 2020
Gallery O, Orange project , Reykjavik, Iceland. “Tame the Dragon” 2020

His work is represented in public & private collections, such as 4 star hotel, Landhotel in Iceland.

Where did you start as a digital artist? Did you explore other forms of art first?

Kristinn: I have always been interesting in photography and some time ago I was thinking of all the photos that I have taken. I was wondering if I could do something with them. I did look into some Photoshop courses and come up to AWAKE and enrolled in Photoshop Artistry courses: Living the Photo Artistic Life! I did edit some of my photos with backgrounds and other effects. I had lot of fun doing it. One summer I

did go to place which is known to have been medieval place at the north side of Iceland. People were wearing costume and they had set up tents and workplaces. I took some photos over there. Later I created artworks from these photos and it was part of International Exhibition in Italy, San Benedetto del Tronto a beautiful place near The Adrian Ocean.

What artists of the past or present have inspired you?

Kristinn: The artist who have inspired me most is my father Gudmundur, who paints mostly landscapes in watercolor and acrylic paint. He had held some Exhibitions of his work in Iceland. Then I could name Pall from Husafell. He is a multi-talented artist whose art spans sculptures, paintings, ice prints and he has designed and crafted stone harp. Other artist I would say Icelandic painter Kjarval. He is best known for his interpretation of nature, and especially the mystical visual world manifested in his art. From the masters I would say Leonardo da Vinci, artist and engineer, known for paintings and for inventions like a flying machine. And not the least Rembrandt with his famous canvas “Night Watch” I do like how he uses the light to focus on particular details in some of his artwork.

What tools you use regarding the software, photography and video that make your work distinct?

Kristinn: In my digital tool set I am not using only this or that software or program. Often I am exploring different option to make digital artwork. I get bored to use always the same program so it is not problem for me to switch between programs such as Photoshop, affinity photos, 3dCoat, Houdini, Maya, Motion, After Effect and so on. It depends what I am working at and what direction I am going to.

You say you look into old stories when creating an artwork. How did you develop your distinct aesthetic style and craft? Was it an experimental process?

Kristinn: I am always exploring different things in digital art. I am getting better and better each time I create art and I am evolving my creativity along the way. I think that is some kind of experimental process and transform into something else. I like to tell a story in my artwork. Sometimes I just see the story myself and people have totally different view of my artwork, that’s OK too. I think that I am still develop my style, it is constant process of hard work and continuous improvement on the way.

Could you walk us through the process of making an artwork?

Kristinn: Often I plan in advance the direction and the style of the artwork which I am going to make. I choose theme, what kind of materials, is it 2d/3d materials, still art or motion and what sort of photos do I need to do the job. For example if 3d works is involved then I start to make 3d model for my scene, set texture on it and render the picture out. I go into Photoshop and set up layers with all the materials. It is still open for me if I am going to use some other materials, backgrounds, photos and so on. Then I blend it all together with composition, tuning & color correction.

What are some of the of the stories behind your work?

Kristinn: For example I created art around celebration the New Year’s Eve “Icelandic style” traditions which are bonfire and fireworks. Around the midnight I did go to the bonfire and watch all the fireworks and all the people over which where having fun with their families. I took some photos of the bonfire and it was something magical about the flames from the bonfire. The flames look like some kind of animals, birds

and dragons. I created a world around these bonfire with strong females and they controlled the flames and the animals inside the bonfire.

Do you ever experience creative blocks? And if yes, how do you overcome it?

Kristinn: If I have not been working for a long time in my art then it could take some time to get started again. Perhaps I need is a simple idea and the willingness to grab my camera and take half an hour walk to bring my idea to life! If am working on artwork and I experience some kind of creative blocks then it is good time for me to get away or thinking about something else. To clear my mind I sometimes go for a walk or hike into the mountains. Sometimes I have set up all layers and everything which I am going to use in my artwork and it will not all come together as I would. I just stop work on these arts and maybe come later on it, or just throw it away and start again.

What is you most recent piece of art that you have enjoyed working on the most?

Kristinn: It was really exciting for me last year (2019) when I was working on a massive project for new four star hotel, Landhotel in Iceland. My artworks 55 pieces were set up in the hotel on hallways, restaurant & some rooms. Special art lighting was placed above the artworks on the walls. These artworks were printed in high quality Chromaluxe panels and the size of the artwork was 120X80cm & 100X70cm. It was the perfect choice for these pictures. The theme for this project was different color on each floor on the hotel but for anything else I had free creative choice to create all the artworks.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Kristinn: I am not the best sales person to sell my artwork. But you need to be open minded to sell your art. You need to show the art to the world and now a days you can use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. I have shown my artwork on international Exhibition in Italy and solo Exhibition in Iceland and I think that is a good way to reach people which are interested in my art. Other way is to have a website so people can find your art such as my website, www.iceon.art

What do you predict for the future of this kind of art? Where would you like to see it go?

Kristinn: I do see it evolving as any other art form. In the digital world you can use automation, coding and computerized system to do the job for you, if you want to go into that direction. But you need to have a clear vision where you are going with your art and you need to know your tools and software as a painter with his tools.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Kristinn: I have the ability to interact with people and educate the viewer about history, environment, political or the beauty of the natural wold. Art can open our eyes to important subjects or wake up memories, you can love it or hate it. Artworks don’t need to be fancy or fun to watch, it could be something that open your minds or perhaps it stimulate you to be creative yourself.

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