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Alessandra Sequeira was born in Costa Rica, 1969.

She studied graphic design in the University of Costa Rica and publicity design in the Veritas University. Alessandra is a multidisciplinary artist, specialized in drawing, painting, installations, textile art and moderator of relational art experiences.

Alessandra has  exhibited in more than One hundred and forty collective exhibitions, and more than twenty solo art shows in the past twenty years, in museums, galleries and art fairs all around the world.

She inspired by quantum physics, metaphysics, biology astronomy, philosophy, spirituality consciousness and nature among other sciences..


It is said that consciousness is the quality or state of knowledge of external objects or of something internal to oneself. As a definition, consciousness is the knowledge that a being has of itself and its environment.

Since a long time ago and particularly in the postmodern world, human consciousness is conditioned by the forms of thought, the censorship of emotions and the material world, where they assume the main role and are the primary focus of people. In this way the true identity is disrupted and the adapted identity begins to appear.

As a consequence, the human race, confused and stripped of its true identity, abandons the connection with its essence and remains subject to identification with these forms. The resultant is the accumulation of knowledge and the absence of wisdom. We fight for progress and accumulation leaving aside evolution. During these last 5 years, the artistic processes have led me to recognize myself -on a symbolic level- as a drop, as a center, as the
same particle with which the universe has been created. It has been a constant exercise, a path of recollection and expansion. My trips, as I usually call them, go through states of consciousness that encompass spaces from biology, energy, synergy, quantum, the cosmos and spirituality.

Spaces where the flexible intention is able to access the collective unconscious and transform it and in the attempt of all this, to create. And creation arises from that drop that, recognizing its smallness, manages to find its greatness; understanding that it is part of a whole, seeking to interconnect through the line with others and thus become one with everything!

Each process causes the drop, particle or fiber to transform itself and therefore its environment. It is that moment when the spirit of transcendence is born. Upon reaching this point, the line / fabric integrates the multiplicity of the planes of consciousness or multi-dimensions.

As a process, in the simplicity and complexity of life itself, somehow an intersection is created that reaches this point in the set of works that are presented on this occasion and thus, live, relate and interconnect lives through art.

Hello Alessandra! What inspired you to pursue art?

Alessandra: I studied graphic designing, while going deeper into art techniques as a personal desire to learn more, without ever imagining that through art I would find my life purpose. Twenty five years ago, after an important cross road in my life, I started dreaming images that during vigil I investigated their symbolic meanings in different cultural, religious and philosophical back grounds, leading me to question my own existence, my many different fragments, leading me to a self discovery journey through art, that keeps unfolding and revealing more about myself, my ancestors, others, my connection to our planet, and the universe.

Entanglement II china ink on paper

Tell us about your artwork, style, subject matter etc.

Alessandra: During these last 5 years, the artistic processes have led me to recognize myself -on a symbolic level- as a drop, as a center, as the same particle with which the universe has been created. It has been a constant exercise, a path of recollection and expansion. My trips, as I usually call them, go through states of consciousness that encompass spaces from biology, energy, synergy, quantum, the cosmos and spirituality.                                                                                   In the process, this kind of intuitive method emerges, where I look for and explore the origin of being, the essence of life, and consciousness. This has allowed me to reach a deep self-knowledge where I seek to take the viewer to questions that display their own potential.                                                                                                   Each work has an individual character but as a whole, in the interconnections all are part of an organism, of living matter, thought and wisdom. In each piece we can understand that we are not isolated or separated beings, although for the mind it seems that we are. It doesn’t matter if my creative process are manifested through  painting, drawing, sculpture, installations, animation, land art or performance, on a deeper level all of my art work find a connection with the essence of life itself, pure consciousness. It is my voice and my intention, it is the call. The desire to turn my work into space and spaces where the singular expression of being, the stillness, the creative divinity, are seen and the viewer can identify, connect, reflect and be able to listen.                                                                Understanding that the Essence of Being is the source that nests in us, is the Origin and the End.


Could you walk us through your process? How much planning do you do before you jump into creating an artwork? If you do, what are you trying to solve at each stage of it?

Alessandra: My creative process starts with the images revealed in my dreams, that are cristalize through an active meditative state. A deep ritual that pursues silencing my mind to allow my self to flow with liberty and explore my self and my questionings through my art expression.  A instinctive process that even though it is sustained by a rich conceptual investigation, it manifest by allowing flow to guide me. I paint bare feet to ground myself and sit on the floor crossed legged (“Indian style”), moving constatntly around the canvas or installation while creating. Even though I might plan what I am intend to manifest, the energy of the art piece itself guides me and most of the time take to an unknown place or “accident” that changes all I’ve planned. It brings me joy to brake my mental structures and trust that everything happens for a reason, and that I just need to adapt and take the opportunity to be surprised by my own inspiration!

Quantic Journey Acrylic ink on canvas

You say that we live in the censorship of emotions and the material world, and true identity in human is disrupted. What do you think art can do to bring awareness to this? And are you trying to send message with each piece?

Alessandra: I believe we as artists have an inormous responsability of what is it that we are trying to communicate. In Paleolithic times that was the true purpose of art , To communicate , so we could learn from our experiences and so that we could connect and work together for the good of our community. It is my intention that through my art we can question our existence, reconnect with the universe, with nature, with ourselves and with each other.

By reflecting upon the universe, we can explore the world beyond ourselves.

By reflecting upon nature, we can take action and responsibility with our world’s surroundings

And by understanding the micro and the macro we can take action and reconnect to our humanity. Where collaboration, respect and empathy are essential.

Search of The Self

What is the work you’ve done that you’re the most excited about?

Alessandra: Each investigation process has nurtured and transformed me in amazing ways, but I have to say that in my new project Habitable Spaces, I created an art piece called The Observatory, that is the culmination of years of investigations explored through my art.  It is a gift for the observer to experience art beyond a concept but as a part of oneself , an extension of our beingness. The concept of the art installation is to create a space where we can experience one and all from the micro to the macro, and reconnect to Life ! An extension of my body, of the universal uterus. A place to remember my ancestors. A place to bless my parents and life. A place to recognize and integrate myself. A place to marvel at the land I inhabit and thus observe all the wisdom in its organic languages. A place to perceive the universe beyond me through the Light. A place to meditate and understand that we are part of all this consciousness, that for me it is God! And a place to be grateful for the gift that is to be part of  Creation, Life and Love!

“Everything that lives inside our Self, also lives outside” A.S

Winter Landscape

Tell me more about your video performance “Habitable spaces”.

Alessandra: I was privileged to be invited recently to be part of the Latin American Performance summoning, called Continuo Latidoamericano de Performance. Where I created a Habitable Space as a part of a ritual that reflects upon the knowledge of our ancestors. The entanglements that I have been weaving with bamboo fibers refer to the set of entangled particles that cannot be defined as individual particles with defined states, but rather as a system, where we are all One. Using this weaving system gives birth to a sacred language that inspires a ritual, where I honor with intention the ancestral weavers, the women who have carried and carry the knowledge and healing of the collective unconscious. Each fiber that enters is an intended act that invites us to enter the unconscious to remember our connection with ourselves, with our bodies, with our environment and with the infinite. Likewise, each stitch that comes out brings “the wound” to light and transforms it, repairs it, restores it. The use of light in the darkness projected within the woven structure helps to project myself and the art piece installation in the walls, ceilings and floor; metaphor that everything that inhabits us ends up being our external reality. If we want to change what surrounds us, be it situations, stories or patterns, we must first begin to inhabit our bodies, and then reconnect with each other; It is from the re-connection with our essence that we will bring about the changes we want in the world.


What’s a trend you see in comics art today that gets on your nerves?

Alessandra: To be completely honest I am not a fan of comics. I feel that the excess of violence, sexism, power idolatry, and motivation of materialism makes me reject it. Don’t know if in the past recent years this trend has changed into one where gender issues, discrimination and important political and human right issues are exposed in the comics plots are present, but I truly hope that if they haven’t changed it yet, they do.

The Dark Side of the Light

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you?

Alessandra: I am a huge fan of Yayoi Kusama, and the many artist that  have transcended there mental or physical Illnesses or weaknesses through art. Like me she has created her own language, where she is able to share her perception , of life society and all that inspires her. I  am also a huge fan of Carlos Capelán, an Uruguayan artist with huge spiritual questionings that he processes through art. He also  expresses his art questioning his existence, intending to extend the experience to the observer.  Fiber artists such as Barbara Pavan, also truly inspire and move me. Her art reflects femininity, the organic, the connection to our bodies, awakening our senses.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Alessandra: One of the most amazing experiences was during a solo exhibition I had in Guatemala, in the Rozas Botran Gallery in Cayalá, called Lines of Intention, I was painting a mural inside a White Cube, that took me days to finish, when suddenly one day a mayan lady, with two small children came inside to watch me paint. I looked at her and told myself “I won’t explain her what I am trying to express, because she won’t understand”. When suddenly she started to cry , making me stop painting to go and try to calm her down., and ask her what was wrong. When in her poor Spanish she explained to me,  that I was painting all the stories full of knowledge her grandparents and those before them talked about for many many years. She explained the origin of life in our planet and then of the whole Universe, was down in my images, which was my intention. It was a humbling experience, since my art intends to create spaces where the concept of individuality is transformed into one of unity without distinctions. Without intending to I had made a poor judgement about her knowledge, I understood then that those who we think know less, sometimes know All. Another amazing experience was also to have being nominated this year by a scientist for the Falling Walls congress this year in Berlin,  in the category of Science in the Arts, next to amazing novel prize scientists and artist, making a difference in the world today. I wasn’t only nominated but also became one of the finalists. Which made me realize all the different years of research I have dedicated to science as a source of inspiration for my art and my incredible intent to brake the walls of indifference through my projects.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Alessandra: We can only preach from our own experiences. My artistic processes have led me to a Self-discovery journey, where we can realize that we are not separate beings. As One, we can become the Real potential for change.

That is why it is essential for me to create art pieces that the public can experience as a living organism of consciousness , so they can be awakened . Also by generating and guiding  relational art experiences that can create spaces of dialogue  where we can talk about art as a tool of transcendence, is a concrete way to talk about my art. Documenting thy creative process and sharing them in social media also generates and feeds a thirsty audience that wants connect not only with the art piece but also with the creative process.

What’s next on the horizon?

Alessandra: Amazing projects are in my horizon. Next year I will be working in four amazing projects so far. One working in an online art residency I won, with the art curator Natalia Dominguez from El Salvador. I will be creating a big scale organic installation addressing a new investigative process, which is part of the Habitable Spaces Project . I will also be working with an amazing Venezuelan piano a violin duet, along side another costarring multidisciplinary artist where we are planning to create a multi sensorial experience for the audience through art and music, in an amazing art show/concert in the Museo Municipal in Cartago, Costa Rica.  I will also be representing Costa Rica in an art exhibition at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Peace, in Berlin. I am also planning a solo art show with paintings and installations in an incredible project in New York next year, hopefully among many other art shows.

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  1. Hi Alessandra,
    I really like your work! I’m an art-student from Holland and writing my thesis on why artist use textiles in their art. In art literature the theme is mostly linked to the historical position of women (The subversive stitch by Rozsika Parker), but I’m investigating if some artists have an engaged message they convey with their textile art. I’m searching for links in empathetic kinesthesia in neuroscience. Since you are also scientifically interested, may be you are willing to talk to me a bit on that subject?

    Best regards,

    Janke Boskma

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