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Tina Benally is a young german artist, designer & fashion designer.

She’s born in 1992 and has always been talented in many different creative ways. Therefore she won many different competitions in painting and writing, also her voice while reading was very beloved.

First, she visited an artistic and musical grammar school in Germany and after that, she did her high school completion in Sweden with the profession “trade & tourism”.


Later she went back to the creative part and absolved studies about graphic-design. She practiced herself in painting when she was 21, preferred acrylic painting without tutorials or teachers, for being a unique artist with her own style instead.  The painting-style reminds of romantic together with some impressionism elements.  Her favorite painter is the german romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich.  

She created her own “worlds of art” with a lot of creative beings like: graphic design, silk painting, intuitive painting, own shabby chic furniture, own merchandise, photography…and many more but decided to give painting the main priority. Different vernissages around the world were successfully absolved.  

On 26.03.2019 the short film “Art is Real” was released on the “create-your-own-holiday-day” which she gave the same name as the video.


“Benally Art” designer fashion label will be out in 2020 with limited collections.

“Benally Art” Gallery will be Open in 2020.


She´s also studying B.A. of Arts with literature & philosophy at a private academy. Together with art, she got the perfect combination of aesthetic and creative being.


Hello Tina! How did you discover that art is your purpose? What did you want to become as a child?

Tina: I’ve always been creative in many different ways. So it always has been an important part of me no matter if it was taking photos, sketching, singing, music, writing…it’s a never-ending creative story 🙂

I knew that I want to reach the world, so I always had the plan to become a journalist, travel around the world, learning as many languages as possible for being able to talk to as many people as possible and spread emotions and form relationships throughout the whole globe.

But later I realized that art is the only language you don’t need words to understand. And creativity is the key to touch people – no matter where they are from – it brings all of us together!

I also love the liberty of being creative – there are no borders in any way!

Into the unknown

What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have a specific routine or process? How much planning do you do before you jump into creating an artwork?

Tina: Being an artist is so much more than only “painting” and being “creative”. You also have lots of things to organise and to plan. Those things are important too, even if it’s the boring part of being an artist 😀

For being able to create something new, you definitely have to be in the right mood – soul, heart, inspiration, fantasy, creativity and emotions have to come together the right way.

If this is the case nothing can stop me until my work is finished and I’m satisfied with my artistic perfection 🙂

Im Nebel

What was the moment you’ve decided to give painting the main priority, and how did you feel about that?

Tina: The most fascinating thing with painting is that it’s timeless. Artists all over the world throughout centuries have painted – it’s a classic craft and tradition – I love to help it stay alive!

It also connects me in the innermost depths of myself with all the painters from the past, from now and hopefully also the future!

And you also only need timeless tools like brushes and colors – no battery can be empty and no technical difficulties can annoy you and interrupt your creativity- just being able to create whenever you want!

It’s a wonderful feeling! I’m actually a studied graphic designer and of course I also use technology and design tools sometimes – but I always prefer the classical methods!

How do you see the inspiration for your work growing and changing?

Tina: I’m very authentic as a human being and also as an artist. Things I like will never change – and I like classical as well as modern things.

My new way is to combine them together – to keep old artist styles (in my case romanticism and impressionism) alive in a modern way.

I call it “Timeless originals” no matter when!

What are you currently working on?

Tina: The last project I’ve worked on has been a photoshoot with my first own fashion of my “Art is Real” collection, which contains wearable art. I invite people to directly be a part of art! Always and everywhere!

2 weeks ago I sent in some of my artworks for an exhibition in Paris – it’s not sure if the gallery will have the exhibition for long – the corona rules are getting harder and harder every day. But I hope for the best and that I can make some people smile in these busy times with my art!

Art is real – towards the light.

You’ve done a very interesting short film “Art is Real”, tell me more about that, where did you get inspiration for it?

Tina: -The limitations of your imagination are the boundaries of your world…! –

The work on the video took 3 years to complete, from the creation of the idea, the writing of the script, the production of all requisites and paintings, the procurement of the outfits, to the shooting, and the final editing.

I wrote the script myself down to the smallest detail and also organized everything for its perfect implementation.

Filming was done in collaboration with 2 professional film directors, who also took over the post-processing I had planned before.

I also selected the music and produced the requisites as well as organized the outfits.

After three long years, this film (which is exactly 4 minutes and 44 seconds long) was finally released on March 26th, 2019! For this date, I created a new holiday: Art is Real holiday, which will be celebrated by many creative people all over the world year after year!

Art can be so much more real and alive than one would often think!

In order to bring art closer to people, I made this short film – and I would like to invite you on a journey through my own paintings! I also created a printed version of the video with limited art prints with the same name and an own designer fashion label, which contains wearable art.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Tina: That I’m very individual and that I, therefore, have a high recognition value. And that viewers feel happy, harmonized, and free while dreaming themselves into my artworks!

Golden day

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Tina: I’m always authentic and the right people come and find me on their own. Mostly over Instagram under the hashtag #tinabenallyart where I’m posting almost every day and let my followers be part of my worlds of art!

Golden sunrise

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Tina: Unfortunately, most events have been canceled because of the corona pandemic for this year and the future, unfortunately, doesn’t look better.

Therefore I’m working on a new project right now, which will be up soon and will bring all the creative people together – online only, for now!

These times are hard for all of us but together we are strong – we are the new generation of artists, no matter if you’re a painter, musician, designer, director….creativity has so many pathways!

Let’s build our own future with the project: #artistsforfuture !

Our time is now!

Be part of it!


What’s next on the horizon for Tina?

Tina: Creating the “Artists for Future” project and bringing the possibilities with creativity back to the world – in spite of Corona!

To learn more about Tina and her art, please check:



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