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I see art in life and I hope you’ll discover life in my art. 

This life is filled with so many celebrations of beautiful, happy color, as well as subtle, peaceful moments of observation, realization, and gratitude. As a young girl, my parents taught me to fully appreciate the simple, the amusing, and the profound so abundant in God’s creation – the intricacies of a flower, the brilliance of a sunset, the peacefulness of a white sand beach, the breeze playing in a field, the majesty and movement of water. These things come together in my colorful, loose interpretations of what I see and experience in the everyday.​

I am a life-long student of art and art continues to teach me.  It’s a place of growth and learning, acceptance, and discovery. I’ve been blessed with strong artist friends and coaches in my life who have encouraged me to fly in the face of hesitation and refuse to do less than freely, boldly, and joyfully create from the inside out. ​

My art holds extra special personal meaning for me. It represents a part of the strong bond that still exists between me and my sweet mom. God gifted her with the ability to see this world through the eyes of an artist, and with the wonder, appreciation, and enthusiasm to match. My paintings are in turn my way of sharing my gift of creativity with you.​

Art is a place of growing and learning, acceptance, and discovery. I enjoy hearing about the journey, hearing the recounting of memory, and sharing in the feelings evoked when someone experiences one of my pieces. I consider it a privilege when someone shares with me from their life story. I will always welcome the opportunity to connect with you, whether by phone, email, messaging, or maybe participating in an art crawl or special event gathering. 

I can’t imagine life without continual creation, imagination, and play.

What is your process of creation? Do you have any rituals that help you get motivated or in “the zone”?

Carol: I’m almost always moved to create a piece according to how something makes me feel. There’s a good chance that those things that make me want to drop what I’m doing and run for my camera will become a part of one of my pieces. I do love all things floral, natural scenery, and of course my unapologetic passion for beach life. It’s all about capturing a moment. My pieces always reflect my love of color. My style is not straight impressionism, however, I enjoy the freedom of using colors loosely. One of my adopted motto’s is “Fresh, Fast, and Loose”. My tools are my brushes, palette knives, and a rainbow of good quality acrylic paints. I am also, however, incredibly fortunate to have been coached to do more color mixing than using straight colors right out of the bottle or tube. Makes life so much more interesting!


You say your art has a personal meaning and represents a strong bond that still exists between you and your mom. Please tell me more about that.

Carol: My precious mom and I were very close. She and I also had very different personality styles. She was actually what I could call shy, most definitely an introvert, and at the same time, sweetly fun and engaging. She frankly didn’t always know what to do with this loud, active, super communicative and expressive, girl she had. It was clear that God had blessed her with the gift of artistic creativity. It was apparent in the adorable little animals and other things she’d draw to help keep me still and quiet in church when I was young, as well as in the more intricate and developed sketches she kept tucked away in a box. I knew from a young age that art came naturally to me and that my soul responds to color. My mom’s influence is all over my work. For instance, one of the reasons I enjoy and appreciate nature the way I do is that she would often pull to the side of the road so that we could take in the beauty of the fall colors, and exclaim how good God is to create such incredible things for us. Amen!

What motivates you as an artist? Is it curiosity, the search for beauty, or meaning? And is there a message you are trying to give with your art?

Carol: My artistic motivation is to create pieces that cause the viewer to feel and experience something uplifting. This rarely looks the same in any two people. One might tear up as they recall visiting their favorite aunt and uncle on the farm every summer…cherished memories, a loving smile, and gratitude.  Another might be simply taken by the blue-green ocean and the rolling tide…feeling the joy of fun days spent at the beach. Art is personal, and art is always about the stories.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Carol: I ask all who choose one of my pieces, as well as commission clients, to please send me a photo of the painting in it’s new home. To me, it’s a high compliment that someone wants my work to help create the atmosphere in their home. I do welcome the opportunity to capture something specific and important for my commission clients and work closely with them to make it happen. It’s truly an honor. Some of the responses I’ve received back have been things like this:

“Every time I do my dishes the bright colors of these flowers make me smile!”

“When I walk in my living room the trees catch my eye…I just love them!”

“No matter what kind of day I’ve had I feel so calm and peaceful when I settle into my bed at night, and you have to know that this beach painting is a big part of the reason. Thank you!”

Breaking a shore

What’s your favorite artwork you’ve ever done?

Carol: There’s a part of me is in each one of my paintings. However, there are certain pieces for every artist that are just a bit more special I think. For me, one of those would definitely be “Best and Brightest”. It’s full of palette knife layers, and is simply a bursting bouquet of fun colors!

Best and Brightest

Is there any particular subject you found especially challenging to work on? If so, why?

Carol: I’ve learned how not to back away from a challenge, so I’m not going to say that I’ll never conquer painting people and animals. These subjects don’t come as easily for me at this point, but I’m always setting my sites on what I can do next, so…stay tuned!

Moment of Peace

For many, Autumn is their favorite part of the year, so many colors, some of nature is dying to give birth to the new one. What is your favorite part of the year?

Carol: I do love the Fall! The incredible colors…the circle of life…all of it. However, I also love that perfect day where the temperatures are in the 70’s, the sun is shining, and palm trees are swaying in the light ocean breeze…did I say that?   The beach calls to me, so I’d also have to say that I love the freshness of new life in the spring, and any time of year by the ocean. I spent 20 years living in West Michigan before moving to Nashville, and while those winters were beautiful I can safely say that I’m more than ok without all the snow.


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