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I began my career in 1990 when I earned my Degree in Commercial Photography. Immediately I began documenting images under the unstable lighting atmosphere of live stage performance and theater, which I quickly mastered it and still use it today. I continue to prefer location shooting with ambient light over studio sessions with controlled and perfect illumination. This preference made an easy transition to fashion editorial, as my passion for editorial grew.

Now 30 years later, I have spent my career launching the careers of models and creating marketing campaigns for Designers, Stylists, etc. As well as being a seasoned Photographer, I came to love and find an aptitude for Creative Direction and Photo Styling and the entire selection of a session from location to model and wardrobe to styling and posing to mood…

Over the years, I have accrued Professional Photography awards, exhibited at fashion and artistic photographic openings and shows, released prints, textiles, and merchandise with my work, been included in over 30 publications worldwide and my images have been featured on countless magazine covers.

How long as an artistic photographer?

Jackie: 30 years

How did you get started?

Jackie: I started by earning a degree in Commercial Photography 30 years ago. Then, I pursued a career documenting the performing arts (theater and live performance) and soon added fine art and editorial fashion.

What is the message trying to give with photography?

Jackie: The series, “Solitude in The City” focuses on the collective mood and social consciousness during the unprecedented global pandemic and worldwide shutdown/quarantine. The series is a view of the silence in the city when people are not moving about. It is a Docu-Pictorial of the human experience during these uncertain times.

What are your plans for the near future for photography?

Jackie: I plan to continue to create fashion-forward and emotion-stirring images in an editorial genre.

Share a little known fact about your photography.

Jackie: I am a photographer who prefers to utilize ambient lighting in almost every situation and emphasize the strong light/shadow ratios for visual impact and heavy drama for mood. I understand the inverse square law but use that knowledge to break the rules and control the light values. I avoid “perfect” lighting at all costs (unless absolutely necessary for the job) and love to work in black and white!

How does doing photog make you feel?

Jackie: I’m not sure that doing photography makes me feel anything significant, except I feel at home. Photography is second nature to me, a part of who I am. I am extremely comfortable onset and can visualize the shot in my head before we even get there. It is, however, once we “get the shot” that I get excited and know the team has done a great job and I have created magic!

What does your photog say to readers and viewers?

Jackie: I have a distinct style and I think that my photography is identifiable among the hordes of photographers. I have a strong point of view and it conveys strength and beauty. My work shares the dark in all of us but always brings forth the beauty in the moment. I also do not rely on photo editing software for after production. My work is real and bold and not retouched beyond reality, which I consider digital art and not photography. I do most effects in camera and only use the technology as a finishing tool and not a recreation tool.

Where do u get creative ideas?

Jackie: I get asked this all the time and I have no specific answer. My truth is an elusive concept but I LIVE creative ideas! My mind never stops thinking up new concepts. I sleep and dream about them. I watch TV and I get inspired by anything from a commercial to a couch in the set. I have conversations with folks and one word sparks an idea then my mind “sees” it come to life. It is literally everywhere and permeates my being. I am never visualizing images.

Any upcoming photog events or shoots?

Jackie: I have been accepted into a photo exhibit that will travel internationally which will begin once the travel restrictions are lifted. I will be published in 2 more publications over the next few months and am set for the inside cover image of a modeling publication. I am also consistently doing editorial shoots with my DMSM Models (my model management firm). I develop them and teach them how to pose, find their light and best angles, etc. Lastly, I have our Fall issue cover shoot set up for July and inside content for August. They will both be high fashion editorial shoots for our September 19, 2020 release.

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