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ALBA D’ALPAOS BORN IN CARACAS (VENEZUELA) lives in Pieve D’Alpago (Belluno) Born in Caracas.

At six years of age the first transfer to Italy for work reasons of her father and then Hong Kong,, Spain, Caracas. In each state where she goes, she continues her studies in Italian. But it is true that she has to communicate with always different people who speak a different language of her own and this is perhaps the reason that drives her to speak in a universal language that everyone understands by exhibiting a deliberately figurative painting.

She attended the Liceo Artistico and obtained his baccalaureate in Venice where he also attended the Academy of Fine Arts, worked for an advertising studio in Caracas, decorated for shops of ceramics, cloth, furniture. She also worked as a portrait painter and on request, making copies of great painters such as Michelangelo, Tiepolo, Murillo, Leonardo, thus enriching his experience and studying the various techniques of past painters.

Alba collaborates with galleries abroad and has exhibited in cities such as N.Y, Miami, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Venezuela, and has been auctioned at the Drouot in Paris. She had a review by Vittorio Sgarbi and was included in her personal yearbook by participating in exhibitions organized by the same as at the Falier palace in Venice. She also made personal at Carraresi in Treviso in 2015He made sculptures that followed a traveling path in various cities. She showed up, by invitation, both in solo and group exhibitions,( Belluno, Naples, Codognè,Treviso,Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Pieve d’Alpago, Ferrara, Gaiarine, Migliarino, Roma, Bologna, Turin, New York, Spain, Miami, Holland, France, Germany, Fiere, Padua, Pisa, Palermo Biennale, Biennale of Creativity, contemporary exhibition,Porto Franco Artists organized by Vittorio Sgarbi and Spoleto art always by Vittorio Sgarbi in Venice at the Palazzo Falier ,Contemporanea Carraresi in Treviso,Florence) receiving wide acclaim everywhere from the public and critics, she has also participated in auctions in France and Spain and fairs such as Padua, she has been reviewed on art revises such as Over Art, Arte Effect, Arte Mondadori and Federcritici where she gets the Aphrodite rubescent art award in the Revista EIKON, Art Literary Coffee award in Rome…. every place where it has been learns something, assimilates it, metabolizes it to become a part of its cultural, spiritual and human heritage. In addition to awards and awards in 2011, she received honorary citizenship, from the municipality where she resides, for artistic merits.

You were moving a lot since you were a kid, from Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, and back to Caracas. How do you think living in such different cultural surroundings has influenced your art?

ALBA: I think my biography already tells a lot about me, I like to believe that my thought can be more interesting. Traveling led me to have many human experiences, it opened the doors to different thoughts and cultures but it did not change me artistically but on a human level. The subjects I exhibit are not trivial in the concept but are part of my precise desire to denounce everything that sensitizes me especially in the depths of my social condition…. of our social condition. To represent my edgy truth I transform my concept into the symbolism of ordinary existence.

What are your earliest memories of doing art?

ALBA: I have no memory of when I started perhaps because art has always been part of me, I just had to learn to express it.  I love the themes of social denunciation, I love living in my time and shouting what is close to my heart. Art no longer has a reason for existence if by art we leave it to the monetary power to evaluate. The primordial purpose of an artist in my opinion is to communicate the intimate propio, to explode, to show why this is what we are talking about. Why else do we expose?

Your work has a very unique and powerful energy. The emotions your pieces carry are intense, and I think that resonates with people who get a chance to view it. I can certainly feel it What was it that lead you to your current style? Did it happen gradually, or did it happen suddenly?

ALBA: The future does not belong to me, I will certainly try (or at least I think it will be) to remain communicatively in a simple and explicit context. I want to belong to the crowd and I don’t give a damn about inventing myself or finding different forms to explode medically… I’m interested in getting to people who follow me or look at me in an understandable way so,  regardless of a contemporary thought of the concept, I remain figurative even if my works are expressed with different techniques and materials and seem to escape the viewer to give him the opportunity to reflect with his head. a thought therefore that gives inspiration to those who open me with reasonable doubt.

You have quite a few publications in Italy. It seems that the Italian audience really digs your art. Can you tell me more about that?

ALBA: Italy is love, I love this country with all its facets because it is varied, it has countless forms of excellent artistic expression. Food, Fashion, Designer, Ancient Art, manufacturing, craftsmanship, and the immense artistic heritage that we have as a scenography. I live half an hour from Venice and maybe you can understand what I’m talking about. My father is Italian and I feel this is a country of poets without a pen… I feel this country my home, sensitive and confusing (certainly not as orderly as Germany but God save me from that kind of order and coldness)dancing and not perfect but with an immense imagination.

What is your most recent piece of art that you have enjoyed working on the most?

ALBA: My works are elusive for deliberate interpretation and therefore I use materials such as nets, tulle, teli, nylon but always deliberately understandable. They do not necessarily have to like it, the important thing is that they make us reflect, although it may seem trivial I want to return to the communication between art and people ….as in the Middle Ages that told the stories and heroic battles to those who at that time ( and almost all of them ) could not read. In our modern society, we are no longer stimulated by simple reasoning, to essential humanity and it is not I who pretend to teach it because I would not be able to but to say and share my opinion to relate to those who want to listen to me is my intent.

Anything that you’d like to add, that I didn’t ask?

ALBA:  Lastly, she did not ask me what I do not like and since I want to express then I ask myself ….. I hate those who claim to know who is an artist and who is not because I am not in the Olympus of rabbits or dissected cows but because I find these people parasites of the art society. I love historians who speak and explain the becoming of artistic expressions or an artist to enhance their expressiveness. I like to read books by good historians and critics who do not claim to have the decision-making power by creating poor quality booklets by speaking poorly even of established artists in order to have more audiences and sell a few more copies. Here I wanted to say this out of love to those people who dedicate their lives to their art and perhaps successfully and feel denigrated by a Bonami if for him they are not worth that they do not just talk about it so much even so many people do not share his ideas and no one questions his work or offends his work.

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