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MPF Gallery was started in 2015 by Michael Filonow.

Michael began his career in photography as a fashion photographer, where he has been working for over 20 years. In that time, he has traveled all over the world on some amazing photoshoots. At the same time, he was working, he also was photographing all the beautiful and interesting places he went to. This passion quickly turned into a new outlet for his imagery, MPF Gallery.

The gallery produces high-quality photographs for residential and commercial use. His subjects include Betta Fish, Botanicals, Landscapes, just to name a few. Through his photography, he is showing the beauty in the world around us, from a fresh new perspective. 

Hello Michael, before start talking about your Photography, could you tell us about yourself? Who is Michael Filonow?

Michael: I was born and raised near Boston. I studied engineering at  Syracuse University, but end up taking a crazy turn in modeling. That’s where my photographic interest started.

How did you become a photographer?

Michael: I am a self-taught photographer. I  worked as a model for many years and watched and learned from some of the finest fashion photographers in the world. In the late 1990’sI switched sides of the camera and started working and traveling as a fashion photographer. I started shooting all the interesting places I went. This was the beginning of my Fine Art career.

What is typically in your camera bag?

Michael: Canon 5DMark3, meter,24-70mm lens,20mm lens, and several adapters. I like to travel light.

Do you post-process your photos? If so, please describe your process and tools.

Michael: I process thru Lightroom and then color correct in Photoshop. Most of my images are unretouched, just color balanced for optimal printing.

What is the best project you have worked on and how did you get involved with it?

Michael: I shot in Patagonia Chile for Vogue Mexico. The place was so remote it took 2 panes, and a boat to reach. A once and a lifetime experience.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome and how did you do it?

Michael: I had a health issue about 5 yrs ago, that put me suddenly in the hospital. It was a long road back. It made me appreciate my family the little things in life that I took for granted.

Do the Internet and increasingly high-quality mobile devices mean the death of professional photography?

Michael: No not the death but it definitely has an impact. I come from an era where professional photographers had to know to light, and how to work with film. Film was very unforgiving. Now I feel a lot of young photographers have lost that technical skill because phones are of much better quality, and very forgiving.

How do you protect the rights of your photographs in this online era?

Michael: That’s a tough one. I have a company that scan’s the internet for the usage of my images. It’s still tough. Trying to watermark images might help a little but if someone wants a screen capture, they will retouch it out.

What are you working on right now?

Michael: I have been working on a Betta Fish Series. I love the color and endless possibilities of working with a subject like this.

What advice would you give to photographers wanting to work in the world of architecture?

Michael: I’m not sure. I love shooting interiors and architecture, but don’t think I have enough expertise to lecture someone. Maybe experiment, sometimes the mistakes are the best images.

Where would you like to go next?

Michael: Iceland. I love the terrain and landscape.

Anything you would like to add that I haven’t asked?

Michael: Maybe that ” A beautiful picture never goes out of style”

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