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Hello everybody, my name is Adriano I’m 35 years old and I am a Conceptual Digital Artist from Italy.

I am an art lover and passionate as a child, I have always tried to turn into creative compositing each thing that I would see around. Everything inspires me constantly and I think that being an artist means living always over the current knowledge.

. My works are all made with Photoshop, where I mix up my abilities in order to develop the best art as I can mixing the most advanced compositing techniques.

Hello Adriano! How did you come up with your style, what made you explore more this style, and what in your opinion is the main characteristic of your art?

Adriano: Well, I started since I was a child as a little painter and drawer. I used to paint mecha-animes that I would watch on tv and sketches of landscapes. This attitude grew up with time, and once adult I started to be very attracted to the digital world, and about it works. I discovered the innovation of digital graphic design power, and I started to study and enhance this curiosity, chancing what was my art vision till then and the way to produce my projects. Passing from pens and charcoals to a wacom Intuos by using online sketching services as a sketchpad, was very exciting for me. I think that the digital world and 3D visual design would be the revolution not only about the way we live but even on the way we see the world and feel emotions. That’s exactly what my art is, inspired by emotions.


How long have you been working in digital art? What got you into it?

Adriano: I started in 2015 after I had attended a digital design course. I was amazed by the knowledge that I came up with, and by several artists that I started to follow and take inspiration from the web. All those new factors overturned me, so I decided to innovate my own way and revise what I did till then.

The world is sick

How would you break down your workflow in steps?

Adriano: Well, as many artists do, before beginning a new project I always spend a lot of time thinking something of creative, of original, not something that could be only considered “trendy” or “cool”, but something that could be impressive at the eyes of the others, and this claim more time. Then, when I have an idea, I go to my laptop and I start to make sketches whose shapes will be changed, until what I see match perfectly what I had in my thoughts.

Fantastic rhino

Apart from the profits, what type of satisfaction do you get from your work?

Adriano: Honestly, I think that the audience appreciations could be one hundred times better and more rewarding than a check could do… I mean, having the sustain and the motivation of someone else that make you understand that he/she believes in what you do, it gives you the strength to go on and improving your way day by day and never give up.

House of fantasy

Your 3D manipulations stand out in incredible quality and technique. What are the most important factors in creating 3D artwork?

Adriano: There are many of them and could be very long to break down as well, so I just tell you about the two most important for me: the first one, have a very good quality of spatial-visual abilities, to figure what must be put up and what down, creating a mix of surfaces and being careful on how the lights and shadows work together. Second, always do everything without forgetting to care about quality. The details are very important and the pixelation effect could be unappropriated. To give the best, I always render a piece accurately depending on the complexity of the image that I’m working with.


Digital art is still quite new compared to other art forms. Where do you think the digital art scene is heading?

Adriano: I think as I said before, the digital world is the future at all, not only about art but on everything and it is already a reality. In the last year also the crypto art field is blowing up and increasing its position on the infinite world wide web. It won’t be long that this new market overcomes up the current digital system itself; try to think of the older traditional arts. Recently I subscribed to a cryptoart Community that is getting spread to the entire art world: Superrare.co. I personally think it was a good move for me.

The day after tomorrow

What was the most recent piece you’ve enjoyed working on the most?

Adriano: It is “another break in the wall” undoubtedly. I took over three days because of the numerous details and complexity of the art piece

The last journey

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Adriano: Well, there are a lot honestly but the most influential on my development as an artist could be: Alexander Koshelkov, Baka arts, flew design about the photo manipulations techniques and quality…Imad Awan about the concept of art and digital painting techniques explanations…Phlearn and Glyn Dewis about the tips and tricks on how to enhance and change general factors in a photo… these are the best in my opinion from which I could learn more.

Geometrical heart fire dispersion (warm-version)

What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process? And how do you overcome it?

Adriano: Without any doubts is design…the elaboration of an image on the laptop and its manipulation, if you’re working on a photo compositing or paint digitally a project or a concept for a game, does not matter, when you sit on your chair and you are in front of a computer more or less, you already know what you have to do and you just reproduce something that you have just created before. The real and “exhausting” work of an artist, consists of thinking something new and original before beginning to work on a computer. Most of the matter of artists in genre is not technique, but inspiration.

Another brick in the wall

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Adriano: Well, there is always something conceptual hidden behind my art. For example: works as caos, the world is sick and son of time have a strong impact either visually or meaningly. The nature of the concept on which I create my art is strongly related to my society’s and the world’s vision. This reflects my passion for psychology and philosophy. In conclusion, my art has the purpose to encourage reflection over than impress who is watching it.


What’s next for you?

Adriano: Well, I’m just trying to shape new ideas and turn them into something of concrete, but nothing of ready recently. I can say I’m waiting for a signal. In the meantime, I review my latest works looking for even a small detail that could hit my inspiration light.

Under check-up

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