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Carol is a Brazilian lawyer, she started painting for fun a few years ago.

This year due to the covid 19 social isolation she started to paint quite a lot.

Painting is a therapy to her, it makes her go into a magic flow that makes time run and mind stop. Carol paints intuitively and has not any formal education in arts. She loves painting on canvas with acrylic paint and her style is abstract.

Carol believes that art and beauty help to raise the vibes of the planet and sharing her work is her contribution to a better world. 

Hello Carol! You’ve started painting recently, and your art is very interesting. Where did that come from and what influenced you to take this step?

Carol: As a matter of fact, I started painting many years ago in a difficult moment of my life as a real therapy to cheer myself up. I enjoyed painting to gift my friends and family and that would inspire me. I never had too much spare time to dedicate to my art due to many competing priorities including my work as a corporate lawyer, taking care of my family, and home. Thus, painting one canvas a year used to be my record. With the covid 19 pandemics, I suddenly found myself completely locked at home, and having free time after the end of a home-office workday or at the weekends and painting became my favorite entertainment. In a few months, I have painted more pieces than in 20 years and my craving for painting keeps growing.

You say painting is your therapy. Is it the process that is therapeutic or something else? And is there a message you are trying to send with each piece?

Carol: Painting is my therapy because it makes me focus 100% on the present moment and forget about everything else. I feel so engaged in that process that it seems like I am in a different world, full of magic and possibilities. I turn on some good music, pick the colors that attract me the most at the time, an empty canvas, and no idea about what is going to happen. I really feel like a different energy vibration involves me and leads my imagination to fill in the canvas with unpredictable forms. I am usually surprised and amazed by the finished work product, which is never quite the way I envisioned in the beginning. All I can say is that I put a lot of love and good vibes into every piece and I believe that is my contribution to elevating the world’s vibration.

What are some of the tools you use to create a distinct style of artwork?

Carol: All I need is a canvas, some acrylic paints, a couple of brushes, an open heart, and let my imagination do the work.

How do you see the inspiration for your work growing and changing?

Carol: I make no plans for the future with my paintings, just want to let the flow takes me to wherever it is meant to be.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Carol: I have received many compliments about my work and it is really rewarding to see people engaging with the paintings and telling me what they think about them or what they see on it. One amazing example of that is someone who told me that right in the middle of one of my paintings she could see the image of Our Lady. I never imagined that but when I look at where she was pointing at I could clearly see Our Lady on her blue outfit and I became astonished!

What is your daily routine when working? And can you tell us about the process of making your work?

Carol: I do not have a real routine with my art. I paint when I have spare time and I am also feeling inspired. Sometimes I feel an urge to do it. Then I pick up my materials, cover the floor in my office, turn on Youtube music, look at the acrylic’s paints to see which colors feel most appealing at the time, select the brushes, some water, a blank canvas, and let my imagination control the rest. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the work is finished or not so I keep going until it feels right. Some pieces are finished in a couple of hours, some take several days. And there a few that do not make me happy so I start all over again.

What is your favorite artwork you’ve done so far, and what are you currently working on?

Carol: My favorite artwork is the one that revealed Our Lady in its blue outfit right in the center of the frame. I am currently working on a piece with a color pallet of blues and greens in spinning forms.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Carol: The best way has been through my page “carolcouriarts” at FaceBook and Instagram.

What’s next on the horizon for you?

Carol: When things go back to normal after the pandemic I want to get some formal education through art courses to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge. I also would like to have more opportunities to show my work in live expositions. I recently received an invitation to participate in an exposition in an Art Gallery in Millan (Italy) and I am really excited about that.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Carol: I see it also as a contribution to bring more beauty and color to the world, raising the energy.

Thank you!

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