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I have been an artist for over 12 years, educated in the Martin Tovar and Tovar school, in Barquisimeto Venezuela. I had the privileged to be guided and encouraged by many local artists. I tried different techniques of art, but after my three years of school I began to carry out the process of my personal work as an artist, I start to created what I wanted to express with my personal vision, adding my architectural influence from my second career as an architect. I have been conducting research of color with acrylic structural elements with canvas, making multiple art exhibitions. Also in a solo show, I was a part of an art publication as “the youngest artist”.
My creative process is not limited to having fun creating because my inspiration comes from my own thoughts and conclusions of what I want to convey to me is my lifestyle. I cannot live without my canvas creating new art, and I will keep listening to my thoughts and soul which turn into art.

My most recent work on surrealist portrait allows me to express my vision of the good and evil to what we call life. Life in my bionic vision exists through the creation of a piece in many independent parts, with lines, shapes, colors, stories, drawing and, shades fusing for an irreverent and bold portrait. Having, as a result, the creation of a canvas with spray, paint, pencil, and acrylic.

The inspiration came through an analysis of how we see ourselves after going through the adversities that life puts us, in how we overcome it to be happy again and smile after all. That is the reason for my bionic vision which is building a portrait from several canvas, which represents the colors and harmony in life. Drawing a black background portrait shows my architectural resources, which are a fundamental part of being able to transmit
all mixed feelings like pain, suffering, anger, and how we can overcome them. The portrait will make the observer feel as if the observer was in front of a mirror, touching feelings, making feel emotions, giving to
the observer travel into his past and present remember that we all are a construction of many emotions, feelings, graces, disgraces, tragedies, joy, pride, and others that and the end of the day represents our own canvas in our life.

Hi Hector! What inspired you to pursue art?

Hector: My inspiration comes with the ability to show My thoughts and feelings. It becomes a necessity to express myself behind times of the execution of art.

Amy bionic

What was your introduction to the art world?

Hector: My introduction to art word came when I got learning how to figure out my soul into a piece of art with each technique that I learned at the school of art Martin Tovar Y Tovar. My partners and I created a group of emerging artists to proposed exhibitions in a couple of spaces of art that’s when I started my introduction into the art world.

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Tell us about your artwork, medium, style, subject matter etc.

Hector: The style born in my imagination that how to look something broken and at the same time it’s still strong to keep going and smile every day that’s why the original concept is a Portrait divide into 6 pieces to form one. The medium that uses its acrylic on canvas and golden leaves with a background Plexiglas.

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Your work has a surrealist edge. Is there a specific artist or artists that inspired you?

Hector: Yes, I’ve always been inspired especially by Joan Miro for me he’s one of the greatest surrealities Artist, I feel inspired too by Kandinsky, Gustav Klimt, Dali, Frida Kahlo.

Frida bionic

Tell me more about your expressing your vision of the good and evil in your surrealist portraits?

Hector: My portraits show all that’s going through in life, the life a lot of times is very complicated and each of one of us has to face many challenges. In our lives, at the same time, we have a lot of moments of happiness, and all those situations building the persons we are now.

Jackie o bionic

What is unique about your technique?

Hector: The unique about my art is that I do the portrait show or tell so much and at the same time is so different for portrait painting. My desire was to create a portrait the people never saw before that it becomes unique.

Liberty bionic

What are you currently working on?

Hector: I am currently enjoying do my portrait about buddha and planning more portraits of history.

Marilyn bionic

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Hector: I trying to communicate all my thoughts and feelings that the reason to put a little piece of me in every artwork that I made it.

Marilyn bionic

Do you believe talent is something certain people have a natural leaning to or is it something that has to be cultivated over many years?

Hector:  I believe the talent is natural leaning and you feeling inside your soul to start to do something about but it’s no simple like that I believe too that people with that gift have to learn all deferents styles to move forward to
achievement your goals as an artist.

MDNA Bonic

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Hector: Its unique art, I never saw something like this before, amazing concept, it’s a beautiful art, I love the colors.

Queen Mary

What’s next on the horizon?

Hector: My next horizon is promoted my art all around the United States.


Versaces bionic

Anything you can tell our audience that you have not said before?

Hector: Believe in yourself and your dreams that only you make come true with hard work and discipline.

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