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NOROCEL TRAIAN NICOLAINA, also known as RANAIT, born in GALATI ROMANIA. Mostly self-taught, he took classes and learned to paint in school of fine art, specialty painting, D. CUCLIN at GALATI.

He was accepted into the technical university of BRASOV ROMANIA finishing his degree in Engineering.

“At the same time as I was in engineering, I kept painting pictures in a classical way, but it didn’t fully satisfy me. I wanted to match engineering with artistic painting in my works. Which led me after studying and experiencing a lot to digital art painting in three dimensions.”

Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you begin doing art and how did you get started?

RANAIT: I think the artistic impulse I have is from my DNA…transmitted from generation to generation…from my grand parents and all my professors… all of them having an artistic taste…everyone with a preferred discipline.

The grandfather of my father was a good violinist and the grandmother of my mother was a very good painter, but no one has realized an artistic career. Most of the children from my family grew up with the grandparents, in special with the grandmother, who had the talent of painting with a natural view of the beautiful subCarpatic hills…which have influenced all my life…..

Later in the school, my painting skills made my family realize that they should something…Finally I have been recommended and enrolled in the College of Music and Arts in Galati.

In the following year, after been tested by a committee of artists I have been selected in the plastic art class, with 25 students.

I was 10 years old when I started to study and realizing works under the instruction of some famous artists.

I discovered the nature, the laws of the esthetic composition, the position of the objects in the workspace, the technical realization of colors…how to express the beauty, the water, the love, the smell of the forest, the clouds…

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

RANAIT: In my childhood, especially in the time of the years from the college, it was very clear that I wanted to follow an artistic career and to go to the University of Arts in Bucharest, but my destiny has chosen something else. In this period, in power in Romania was the Communist Party, which considered that the artists and the intellectuals are not necessary to build modern Romania. so they limited access to the University of Arts to one place a year and that was for a politically engaged artist who promotes communism. In these conditions in the matter of a family meeting to which I have participated to decide the change of my career.

I have been chosen in a special class of math. After this, I have followed a technical University and I became an engineer. In all this period I did not stop dreaming about doing arts, in particular painting.

I noticed during this period the links between the art of engineering and architecture. I have often applied the knowledge of fine arts in the realization of engineering objectives with amazing results. So many art forms based on new technologies have appeared.

What artist of the past or present has inspired you ?

RANAIT: First, I have been guided by Angela Tomaselli, a painter with a special sensibility. Angela Tomaselli is a painter, recognized for an extreme feeling of life, transmitted to her paintings. She is in the top 10 Romanian contemporary artists.

Where did you start as a digital artist? Did you explore other forms of art first?

RANAIT: Since the appearance of the graphical programs on the calculators I started to realize that the philosophical concept of life can be transformed in art with the technology of human evolution in the future.

I consider that all the classical artistic information may be manifested with this new implementation in human life. It may be opened a lot of possibilities and the artistic message may be transmitted with a bigger intensity which now has been combined by the specific artistic programs: modeled light, tridimensional spatiality, clarity, the intensity of colors, realization of shadows, warm light, cold light and a lot of other aspects of the picture which may be realized

What motivates you as an artist? Is it curiosity, the search of beauty or meaning?

RANAIT: For me, to be an artist means to be expressed in a picture by the area of externalization messages and deep feelings, in the meaning of the influences from my life, which has been full of bad things, good ones and sensibility.

Your art is very unique. What·s the most challenging part of your artistic process? And how do you overcome it?

RANAIT: My art form is an integrated digital painting realized on the calculator with the help of more creative programs. The best is the creation of any elements and of the first in three dimensions in a realistic mode. But with the last programs may be realized in much more use and personal way. I may realize one library of three-dimensional forms that you can adapt for new compositions. More actual, you may use public libraries of realistic three-dimensional forms where you may buy or you can get it free and you may transfer them in the property of your library.

Other programs help to realize artistic effects required exactly for the situations to which you have proposed to present it.

Finally, I can realize the painting on flexible or rigid materials, for exhibitions or direct sales using methacrylate or plastic transparent or opaque and aluminum foil all with a protective layer.

What are some of the tools you use to create a distinct style of artwork?

RANAIT: Distinct art style which is practically coming from a new vision about human reality with a completely technological extension integrated into daily life. The art is and will be a communication form of the present of the development of the society and the sensibility of humanity, the power of love, and the structure of the human soul.

What subject matters interest you?

RANAIT: I started from real images stored in my memory and I have produced sentimental and emotional vibrations, which will transform, with the help of my artistic skills, in new images and after the transformation in a 3d picture program.

What are some of the stories behind your work?

RANAIT: All my life I have been a good person, probably not in the best world. I have been working in the communist system with no rights, with negative treatments. Finally, I have to leave my country, to discover other cultures. I came to Galicia, Spain, into a community with extraordinary legends of the Celta culture and where the people are very special, loving the arts and the most important thing…I can express my art. Here I really improved my style and I found my way on the path of arts.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

RANAIT: The best method and the most efficient way to find the people interested in my art, is to be always on the most known social media channels. I am sure the future will demonstrate that digital art will be real and everywhere.

What·s next on the horizon for you?

RANAIT: In the future, I want to extend my work with new technical programs and the assimilation of new creativity programs, to increase the level and integration of the digital art, especially for the digital picture, and to discover new talented people.

Thank you!

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