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Y.O. (1967) is an European Contemporary Artist. Her abstract work has been exhibited throughout Europe, Dubai, and China in the past five years in collaboration with Bubble Art Project and Trevisan International Art. She’s been creating her whole life; painting portraits, drawing, teaching children, helping and healing people, and designing clothes and stages for the theatre. Inspiration comes from daily nature-walks, the sea, meditation and music. The creations arise from alignment; a connection with the universe and mother earth.

On linen, she uses oil and marble-powder or acrylic and glows in the dark paint. When the lights go out, the acrylic paintings shine their light into the world. It’s nice to meditate on her work and dream away.

Colorful Art to brighten up the energy in your room or office. “Nourishment for the soul, that’s what they are.” (Y.O.) Enjoy these great pieces of art and above all enjoy life.

For those who have a hard time understanding abstract art, how would you explain it to them?

Y.O.: Before painting abstracts, I painted realistic portraits. Painting portraits feels to me like doing mathematics. Painting abstract art asks me to connect with my heart, imagination, and the connection with the energy that is in the studio at that time. I choose the linen and paint (most of the time oil-paint), and then my hands start moving the pallet knife. The composition rises by itself. The observer can allow himself to feel his own emotions while watching the painting, seeing clearly, and being quiet. The viewer can be touched by the
colors or associate the image with issues in his own unknown or known spiritual level. The energy of the painting continues to work for those who need it. To speak with Matisse’s and Rothko’s words: “You don’t speak about Art, you just enjoy it. It’s an experience.”

Colorful no 3 80 x 80 Y.O. 2019

Why did you choose abstract as your creative style of choice?

Y.O.: Ha, ha, can I tell you a secret? The abstract chose me. The first abstract I made on music is called SWAMP (2015). This painting contains oil paint and marble powder. When I listened to music, the creation arose by itself. From that moment on I started to create abstracts on music more often. Painting abstract art allows me to do what has to be done at that moment instead of overthinking the action.

Swamp = 2015

What is the most challenging working with acrylics, and what are the benefits?

Y.O.: To be honest, I love to paint with oil paint because of the bright colors and the smooth and soft material. While studying at the Art Academy IKO in Belgium, I learned to paint like the old masters. During the Artistic Dynamic Coaching study, I mixed oil paint with marble powder for the first time, which gives a specific texture and atmosphere. I use acrylics while the oil paintings are drying, or when an invitation to an exhibition comes and the canvases must be dry soon. The biggest challenge, for now, is to create sustainable art considering the

Intuition I 80 x 80 Y.O. 2018

You say your art inspiration comes from daily nature walks, the sea, meditation, and music. Is there a message you are trying to send with your art?

Y.O.: To live your full purpose, to know who you really are and what you have to do on this planet can be found in the silence of nature, meditation, or experiencing art. It would be nice if young people learn this at school as basic skills. When people watch the paintings in silence, they could hear their inner voice. The paintings feed the emotions of the viewer and they remind us of the essence of our humanity. Nourishment for the soul, that is what they are. It is a process of awakening, being fully human, allowing your deepest emotions to be released. I hope to inspire people to be fully themselves and enjoy life as it comes. In addition to the above, my inspiration comes from books. “The Power of the heart” (2014) by Baptist de Pape has been transformational for my way of living. When I met the author during a few seminars, he reminded me to use my senses, to train my intuition, and really
follow my heart no matter what. The books of Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coelho, and Princess Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld are a great inspiration to me as well. “We are nature, don’t forget”.

Colorful no. 5 200 x 100 mixed media

What challenges have you faced in your creative work?

Y.O.: For me, painting is “a go with the flow thing”. If I’m using oil paint, my patience is being tested. It gives me a “now hurry feeling” and during painting, I’m in a higher frequency. Sometimes I have a connection with those who are not on earth anymore. The challenge for me lies in the fact that I have to trust my intuition at any time and take the time to create, no matter how long it takes. With oil paint, I can take my time. The challenge is also about
unblocking stuck emotions, so the creative energy can flow freely. As a highly sensitive person, I have to create balance in my day all the time. Accepting that painting or making art serves the world and that it is enough to be a painter, took me a while (after having worked in education for 26 years). Painting is the talent that I am born with, which I may fully embrace. For me, the challenge is about confidence and trust in my guidance.

Colorful no 4 80 x 80 2019

What music do you listen to while creating your artwork, and how does it influence your Artwork?

Y.O.: I listen to all sorts of music and sounds of nature; classic music from Mozart, Vivaldi, and Haydn, pop and jazz. For example Intuition I (80 x 80 oil on linen) was created on the music from Joseph Haydn before seeing the ballet from Thom Stuart and Rinus Sprong on the music from the Matangi Quartet: Seven Last Words of Christ. Over and over again I listened to the one-hour concert and turned the canvas around on the table. When I got goosebumps after a few weeks, the painting was ready. “Swamp” (100 x 100 oil paint and marble powder on linen) was made on music composed by Anders Holte (Lumerian Homecoming). I also listen to Arvo Part and Ludivico Einaudi. Music creates an energy field in my art studio and from that atmosphere, my work starts to
flow. During the concerts from the bands of my son who is a drummer/singer: dr. Meraki & Indigo Pastel and my husband’s big band I make little movies. And that music gives inspiration for using colors our moving the pallet knife in a certain way. When I walk through nature I listen to the sound of the birds and the sound of silence and I see landscapes in horizontal lines. The sounds of waves and the colors of the sky at the sea, give me the feeling that we are all part of nature, of the universe. At the sea, I feel how small I am. It makes me humble and grateful at once.

Indigo Pastel. Acrylic on drumhead 2020

What is your favorite artwork you’ve done lately?

Y.O.: My favorite artworks for this moment are: Soulwave I (80 x 80 cm. oil with marble powder on linen) and from the colorful series no. 7. (200 x 100 cm mixed media on linen). I can look at them for hours and stay fascinated and feel relaxed and at ease.

Soulwave I 80 x 80 Y.O. 2019

What memorable responses have you had on your art?

Y.O.: People started to cry when they saw my portraits for the first time. The portrait of my daughter, who has been a dancer for twelve years, is hanging in the hallway of her old dance school and students and teachers told me how wonderful it is to look at this painting every day. The portrait I made for acquaintances of their deceased son, moved them to tears many times. The abstract paintings I made the last five years make people feel warm, happy, and relaxed and they see all kinds of things in the paint or they love the use of color and texture. The portrait I made la Tintoretta Tutti Colori for the exhibition in Venice during the Biennale in 2019 in the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice organized by  Bubble Art Projects fascinated people from the beginning. That is what I like, fascinating people and make them feel happy, and therefore making the world more beautiful.

Tra Cielo e Terra no 1 20 x 20

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Y.O.: As I mentioned before, I see Arts as nourishment for the soul. Just like vegetables, fruit, water, fresh air and exercise are good for your body and mind. I hope the paintings touch your inner world and make you feel richer on your path of awareness. Peace of mind is what we need nowadays. Listen to your inner voice and be grateful for everything and everyone around you. Only when you listen, you can hear the message from deep inside. So, sit down and take your time to go on a journey with the painting, in this universe, beyond time, and relax.

VEIL oil and marble powder on linen 200 x 100

What are you working on right now an what is next for you?

Y.O.: The last work I finished is called “white spirit” (80 x 80 cm. oil on linen) a soft version of my usual used colors. I’m working on “Soulwave III” right now (80 x 80 oil on linen) a colorful landscape of my soul.
Finally, the acrylic project which has no name jet: different types of old drumheads painted with indigo pigment mixed with acrylic paint and glow in the dark. Together the drumheads form one work of art.  What’s next? I don’t know, we’ll see. Everything comes at the right time. I trust life as it comes.

White spirit 2020

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