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Sandra Anić is a figurative painter born and raised in Rijeka, Croatia. She graduated from The University in Rijeka as a Graduated Economist, and after studying she was working on various commercial and accounting employments. She is married and she has a daughter


      She has always been interested in art. Art painting and photography was always her hobby and great love. In 2017. she decided to dedicate her time more to art painting what was always her big wish. She attended the „Art and Hobby“ workshop in Rijeka where her art painting talent came to the fore.

      As she originally comes from one summer tourist destination, island Pag,  she likes to paint – in acryl technique,  joyful paintings of nature, beaches, boats, people.. with occasional thematic reproductions of famous painters which is very amusing and interesting to her.

Hi Sandra! What inspired you to pursue painting?

Sandra: Painting always relaxes me and that is something that I can do without much effort what makes me very happy. Until recently, I took this gift only as fun and hobby, although in my heart I have always wanted to paint professionally. I was always interested in art, I visited so many European museums and I have really enjoyed many travels since my early youth. That easiness with which I managed to paint what I wanted to give me an incentive to be sure that one day I would take creative work more seriously. When my daughter was 5 years old and when she started drawing, I saw again that easiness, beautiful moves, and talent that is immediately noticeable. So we had a really nice time drawing and spending time together and I remembered myself and that joy I feel while I draw or paint. At that time I was already so tired from my previous jobs and I knew I needed a big change and a new challenge. It was then that I decided that I will focus more on creative work which I really love as soon as possible and that I would no longer give up that beautiful feeling.



Tell us about your artwork, medium, style, subject matter, etc.

Sandra: For now my medium is acrylic on canvas. I was fascinated by acrylic paints and the large selection that can be found in stores today. I love vibrant joyful colors that lift my mood and lead to cheerful themes.

What is the message you are trying to give with your art?

Sandra: As can be seen in my paintings I mostly choose themes that are related to nature and the joy, relaxation, and beauty it provides us and which we people of today mostly neglect, overwhelmed by various other contents that sometimes pollute our beings inside and outside. We are not always aware of that feeling and that is what I want to make aware of and focus on my works. That is the main message that can be found in all my paintings. Meditation helps me a lot in that way and of course, my beautiful area where I grew up and where I live with my family and which I love immensely. Regarding my reproductions of famous painters, here I choose famous works that are also associated with joy, a man in relation to nature, or joy in any positive sense. I love the challenge of how the painting will turn out when I paint and with these paints from our age. In between, I want to revive again these wonderful works and remind myself and my dear followers of those great artists who gave the world so much beauty and useful messages with their unforgettable artworks.

Could you walk us through your process? How much planning do you do before you jump into creating an artwork? If you do, what are you trying to solve at each stage of it?

Sandra: I must say that attending the Art & Hobby workshop in Rijeka helped me to achieve a quality and desired result much faster and where I managed to revive my talent. I have learned that gradual, patient work at every stage leads to a quality painting. I choose a theme that usually makes me happy from the photos that I regularly take when something is interesting to me, or I choose a painting that I like from a favored famous painter. First I lightly sketch with charcoal on canvas, then I paint everything in the first phase with colors, then in the second phase, and finally the final work. Through that way, each painting eventually gets its quality depth, and as I like to work with vibrant acrylic paints that lift my spirits they get one very attractive modern note.

You live and work in Rijeka, Croatia. Tell me how the surroundings influence your art?

Sandra: Since I paint more, I love my area even more because I notice more and more advantages and beauty in it. Our environment is quite well preserved and still has a lot of untouched nature which is my great inspiration. Rijeka is a very interesting city in terms of its location because it is on the sea, and yet the mountains are very close and all the mountain atmosphere they provide. When I painted a painting of Rijeka, some friends asked me with amazement “how I could paint such a painting with so many details, it must have been very difficult”. I painted it from my photography and I just couldn’t paint it with fewer details because she is like that for me, I have become everything I am in that city, and now a painter, which now makes me very happy… Actually, the painting was relaxing for me. The island Pag is my special inspiration, I am bound by precious childhood and youth memories where I was spending the summer holidays, and now I am just as often on vacations and my daughter enjoys the summer and summer socializing as I used to. I love to express in my paintings that beautiful nature and the joy of summer vacations and all content.

You mostly work with acrylic. What is the most challenging part of working with acrylic and what are the advantages?

Sandra: I work with acrylic paints because they are very available, there is a large selection of beautiful vibrant colors, they dry quickly and do not have a strong smell. I admire all those shades that are obtained with the addition of water and mixing colors. I use various paintbrushes, and often a painting spatula to get the desired effect.

How has your style changed or evolved over the years?

Sandra: Over the years, my painting work has evolved from a hobby to a hobby that preoccupies me on a daily basis. I sold some paintings so I feel painting as my calling and I am really enjoying this role. My painting style from the beginning was expressing my inner feelings with cheerful colors emphasizing the joy in connection with nature which has not changed only that I now paint with more certainty, practice, and knowledge.

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Sandra: I can’t say I have any particular role model in art. Everything evolves and changes, if we seek we can find beauty in all painting styles and artists. I prefer figurative painting, which I think I can most associate with the Impressionist style, and the reproductions I have done so far are mostly from famous Impressionists, I love emphasizing this unbreakable connection of man with nature. However, I would like to try other styles, so now I am planning something different, but let it be a surprise.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Sandra: When I started attending the Art & Hobby workshop, my colleagues were very supportive and praised my work and it helped me gain confidence and faith that I would succeed. I am very grateful for everything that I experienced and learned there. My husband and daughter were very satisfied and happy with my choice and they supported me in every way. I sold the first painting very quickly, and then a few more. When I opened the Instagram profile I found a very good response and interest. I collaborate with an English gallery Hansford & Sons Emergingartistplatform who invited me to their website. I also sold the painting last month. These are unforgettable moments for me when I received confirmation that my work is worthwhile and that the paintings are accepted and loved.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Sandra: It is very nice when exhibitions are organized in different places and the gatherings that take place then are very interesting, fun, and educational. However, in today’s circumstances, I think this way online is perfect for us artists and anyone interested in art. Virtual exhibitions, art magazines, and all this connection has made the art of all artists available all over the world. We can be very happy and grateful that our work can be presented in this way.

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Sandra: A very nice group virtual exhibition “Virtually There” Emergingartistplatform is currently still active, where my two paintings are exposed and I have several collaborations still in preparation and planning.

What’s next for you?

Sandra: My next creation is already planned. It will be a beautiful reproduction of a painter very dear to me .. my next surprise in a few weeks on my Instagram profile ..

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