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Ken Kung, born in Hong Kong, a city of mixed culture. He started doing photography at 8 and developed the image art style of calmness and balance of energy. He never attended any art school or University, even didn’t have formal training on design, art, and photography, but focusing on art and media culture driven by passion and love since teenage.

He was a videographer and video director until his 36 birthday and decided to quit his job after a big change in life path, travel a long trip to Europe, start writing, topics from Art, self-growth to spirituality. After 2 years of self-studying, he found his way to create an agency, to be an artist, and to put his passion in the art industry.

Ken believes that Art is the soul of human beings. It’s about the inner energy wanting to create something beautiful and shape reality, to improve the world. He believes that his Artwork and writing can ignite the soul from the heart. Art presents the unique spirit of you to the world and is responsible for revealing the truth, the soul, and passion. Hope you love my work.

Hello Ken! How would you describe your photography style?

Ken: I would like to describe my photography as “spiritual”. It’s balanced, peaceful, and pure.

Although you did photography at an early age, you’ve worked as a videographer. What sparked your interest in and passion for photography?

Ken: I started photography around 8, even earlier. I remembered I was so surprised to receive my Rolleiflex Twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) from my father, I felt that I really love this, and have the thought of keep doing it. Although I didn’t know how to use the TLR camera at that age.

When I was young, I had the intuition to capture something beautiful and precious in others. I know that I’m an observer since young, I can easily catch the moment of beauty. When I was growing up, I self-studied philosophy, always questioning time and reality. And to me, every moment is a frame of life,  a great photo or picture is a record of life and memories, reality can only stay in the form of memory, art in photography is the way I record reality. So I keep my passion for the Art of photography because of the motivation under this philosophy.

What is a vital aspect of your work?

Ken: I believe in Spirituality and the soul of humans, we all have the ability to change ourselves and the feelings of life. Every time I create, I would put all my focus on the picture in my mind, and catch the soul of the object. I think the vital aspect of my work is soul power. It’s ordinary, the beauty of nature, the beauty of normal people, and the origin of Love.

What has your evolution through photography been like?

Ken: There are three periods of my Art evolution

-Snapshot period

I took snapshots at the beginning, even “useless objects”, the sky, the people wandering on the street, and the environment around me when I was young. It’s the period of the experiment.

I started to shoot 1-2rolls of 35mm film every day, capturing the moments hanging out with friends, hiking, exploring when we were young. Also, I tried the German Lomo camera and double exposure. I remembered I was in media collage and learned the use of Photoshop at that time, I started creating visuals on the picture I took, with different media like drawing or collage.

-BnW period

Around twenty-something, I started to investigate the ART of texture in the Black and White world. Hanging out with friends in Asia, hiking, traveling. With more focus on concept, framing, color, and the texture of the object in the image.

-Capture period

At last, I felt that all these skills and requirements are not the most important. The most important thing is the nature of the object, the feelings. I started to lessen judgment, but feel the beauty of the structure, pattern, and the existence of the object, less focus on the skill and go with the flow of how it actually is.

You’ve said you developed the image art style of calmness and balance of energy. Can you tell me a bit more about that? And is there a message you are trying to send with your art?

Ken: After studying Buddhism and spirituality, the intention of the pursuit of form or skill vanished. When I create, the image comes to my eyes, I just adjust and capture, I decided to hide and isolate my intention and emotion in my art, only presenting the fact of original existence. I don’t want extra emotion or drama or story inside the picture. I decided to leave the imagination of Artwork to the audience or collector. I think that harmony is the balance of energy because the viewers are part of the creation with their imagination. The core intention of my Artwork is I want to let the audience or collectors know there are usually small things in the world people always neglect, but have beauty inside.

What kit do you shoot with?

Ken: Leica M6, Nikon FM2

What is the best project you have worked on and how did you get involved with it?

Ken: I have always done by myself since I was young, the best project should be the one undergoing. I retrieve my low-resolution Artworks, which were taken more than 10 years ago with film, it’s the lost history, I and my partner make it revealed again on Fine Art quality.

Where would you like to be in 10 years’ time and what are you going to do in the next 6 months to get closer to that goal?

Ken: My next goal is to keep working on the Artwork I did over 10 years ago. We did a lot of procedures including handcraft and AI enhancement to make this paint-like Art come true, from a low-resolution photo, and make it live again on textured fine art paper. In 10 years’ time, I would like to cooperate with other artists, illustrators, or creative units, re-create the Artworks with mixed media. We all need more surprises in life, isn’t it?

What photos or series of photos are you most proud of?

Ken: Snow mountain series, Spiritual collection, and Black and White series. And more coming.

What has been your favorite photo location?

Ken: Mountains, nature, somewhere spiritual, I like deep Into the wild.

What lies ahead for you? What is your next goal in photography?

Ken: I hope to meet more creators in the world, know more about each others’ universe and thoughts on Art and photography. And keep creating what in my mind, including exhibition, crossover, mixed media creations, and something fun.

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