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As a child, I was fascinated by all the amazing colors and shapes around me. As a young kid, I was interested in painting and sketching cartoon characters – pokemon characters were my favorite. My interest grew from cartoons to nature. I was especially drawn towards landscapes. As I started to paint regularly, I won quite a few competitions at school.

Coming from a family of professionals, along with arts, I was also equally focused on academics. I pursued pharmacy and completed masters in pharmacy from one of the top institutes (NIPER) in India.

After pursuing a short career as a drug safety associate, I recently moved to Dubai. Here, I started to pursue my passion of art and started to dedicate my full time to art.  Art always teleports me into a peaceful place. My mind and soul stay in a happy state while I paint, creating art is like meditation to me. Colors make me smile and I have the enthusiasm of a child when I visit the art store to replenish my supplies. Art is my happy place, an escape from routine, and a vacation to my soul.

I love to paint nature, animals and presently exploring different techniques. I work mostly with acrylics, using finger painting tech and palette knife. I like creating different strokes by just using my fingers. I am presently into abstract and fine art. For me, art is putting your heart on a canvas. I believe art is not simply replicating what you see but art is to represent how we feel and connect with our surroundings. Art can express the things and feelings that cannot be expressed in words. I like to use vibrant colors in my artwork and love to show happy moods in my paintings. I want to paint so that I can share the pleasure, blissfulness, and pleasant feeling that I experience during painting with everyone.

Each artwork of mine is an experiment and brings out a new angle to my thoughts and talent. As colors slide over the canvas, they create different textures and bring out the hidden beauty of nature.

 My upcoming exhibition is at MADS MilanoI am looking forward to this exhibition and many more to come in near future.

Hi Sindhuja! Why you do what you do?

Sindhuja: I would say it is a passion that evolved over a long time. My interest in painting started as a hobby when I was a kid. There was a phase where I deviated from painting and started focusing on professional work. However, I regained my focus and painting has now become a part of my life. During the recent pandemic and lockdown situation, I strongly felt a need to focus on my passion. This has kept me going in tough situations. As I spend more time on painting, I enjoy the process and my creations. It’s like my vacation for my mind.

Dream way

What media do you prefer and how did you come to use it as your primary one?

Sindhuja: I have tried working with watercolors and oil pastels but I prefer Acrylics. I got inclined towards acrylics after reading some of the art books. I continue to work with acrylics to experiment with new techniques and textures. I am still practicing and learning.


What is most challenging working with acrylics, and what are the advantages?

Sindhuja: Acrylics dry way fast, so you need to plan your art before ahead. The most challenging is creating a smooth perfect merger of colors on a large canvas as sometimes you face few problems like caking, smudging of colors, unevenness, and patchiness. Another challenge is to retain the initial shining. When acrylics dry out, they tend to lose the shining, but a good layer of varnish can bring out the life of dried out paintings.

Acrylics can create a variety of textures. A perfect blend of color and technique can do wonders on the canvas. One more advantage is multi-layering. As they dry quickly, we can create a painting with multiple layers in a short time. This gives a different perspective to the painting. Acrylics are perfect for finger painting and palette knife techniques.

Flower field

Could you walk us through your process? How much planning do you do before you jump into creating an artwork? If you do, what are you trying to solve at each stage of it?

Sindhuja: I am presently concentrating on abstract art as well as visual and fine art. When it comes to abstract art, I usually go by my gut feeling. I usually recall my childhood memories, or someplace I visited, or something I saw online and try to replicate it with colors, shapes, and textures. Sometimes I am inclined to use color psychology to represent few feelings- like white for peace/purity, red for anger, bright red for confidence, etc.

When It comes to visual and fine art I tend to go by a specific theme or current issue in the world. I read a lot about it, I refer a lot of images or pictures taken by photographers and try to replicate it in my own style.

Ferocious beast

You say your art teleports you into a peaceful place. Is there a message you are trying to send with each piece?

Sindhuja: Not exactly – the message is a strong word. I just want to reflect on my feelings in my artwork. I wish that my art brings joy to the audience and takes the viewers to a happy place.

Black Vase

What is the work you’ve done that you’re the most excited about?

Sindhuja: It would be my creations that are going to be part of my first gallery show. These will be exhibited in Sept 2020 at MADS Milano’s gallery. The topic of the exhibition is “Dress Me”. I got this incredible opportunity from one of their curators and I really loved this a unique concept. As I read about it, I had a multitude of thoughts, but I had to pull them all together on a canvas. I had spent long hours on this work and explored new styles. I am really thrilled with the outcome and I hope the audience will be able to enjoy these creations as much as I did.

The hunt

Has your art changed since you’ve moved to Dubai?

Sindhuja: Yes, a lot of changes. I believe I had been through a huge learning curve. Initially, I was very particular about preciseness – I would always prefer a perfect mix of color, shape, and proportions. However, as I got more experienced, I transformed into an artist who enjoys the creations. I am exploring lot of new techniques off late and I now believe that art should express my feelings in my own style rather than replicating what I see. I realized that painting has given me free will to express my own style. Dubai gave me ample of opportunities and time to explore new styles.

Blue ray

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Sindhuja: IRIS SCOTT, I love her work. I follow her on YouTube and Instagram and wonder when I will be able to create great artworks like her.

LYDIA, she creates artwork with her fingers which I am mostly interested in. I love to see her work, it’s a great inspiration.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Sindhuja: The most memorable response I got is it from my parents. They did not show much interest in my art initially. However, they started showing more and more interest in my creations. They were really amazed by one of my creations and specifically asked me to keep that work for them. My dad even discussed the details of the painting with me and he wanted to start painting himself. I was not expecting this kind of response from them and it has really given me the courage to try out new things and keep working on more creations. My parents keep on encouraging me to continue the work and I am really grateful to them.



What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Sindhuja: To be frank, I am still searching for the answer, but I found social media is a great platform. I have Facebook and Instagram pages which enable me to show up my work and to get in touch with different artists out there. In this modern world, Social media bridges the gap between people and helps to share art details and ideas among the people with the same interest.

Red Splash

What’s next on the horizon?

Sindhuja: I want to expand my work on finger painting technique and want to work on larger boards. I would also expand my reach by creating a webpage and by exhibiting my work in as many galleries as I can.

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