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Mother of two, artist, dreamer. I call Mumbai, India home.

Educated in textile design and animation. I worked as a 3D texture artist at Crest Animation Studio. During this time I worked across international projects like Bratz and Jakers both produced by Mike young productions.

I love working with oils, acrylic, and graphite. Art is oxygen for me and a perfect medium for my emotions. 

I find inspiration in the simplicity and feel there is elegance all around us only if we pause to take a look. 

My biggest inspiration is God as he is the ultimate creator. I love listening to music especially when I create as it helps me to relax.

What does art mean to you?

Shweta: Art means freedom of speech. It means a blending of rhythm, beauty, love without filters. It is a window to my soul and helps me express myself on different levels and provides tranquillity. For me, art is something that never wears off with trends and defines my personal space. Art mixes in my soul to make poetry.

What is the most valuable piece of art for you? And is there any artwork you are most proud of?

Shweta: My most valuable art piece is “Big Ben”. It has taught me the importance of precision, angles, and perspective. How even a small line can change the quality of the whole sketch.

 The most cherished piece of art that I have created is “My Mom “ in which the human figure represented is my mom. From the head, the sea is a deep ocean. There is a mountain of problems but she is calm and beautiful outside. Lower, near her feet, the 5 human figures are her kids. A part of her is there in each one of us. The waves above us represent the challenges that she fearlessly takes on for us. The diamond in her heart and wing represents that she is now God’s favorite angel and will always watch over and bless us.

What are your most important artists tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio?

Shweta: Imagination is the best tool I have. It is the ultimate freedom for my soul to create freely. For me, the imaginative creative world stands in equal weight to the reality we live in. It helps me create a beautiful vision in my mind’s eye which I then try to recreate on a blank canvas.

How did you start making art? Why do you make art?

Shweta: I have had this passion within me since I was 6 years old and it has kept smouldering since. As a child, I was excited to make different birthday cards for the elders in my house every single year. My treasure was a collection of different types of cards and postcards with colorful paintings on them. After thinking of the process, I tried my hand at copying them. Indian festivals are extremely colorful and provide ample opportunity to create intricate decorative patterns “rangolis”. I always loved making art from old as well as new things. I remember each and every artwork I have made for my family.

You say your biggest inspiration is God. Tell me more about it? Do you think art is inspired by God?

Shweta: God’s nature is beyond all possible imaginations. He is the epitome of art for me. I find textures, shapes everywhere I see. There is a feeling that God dwells in me and I feel his blessings flow through me, my thinking, and guides my hand as I create. For me getting to such a stage of solitude was only possible after I accepted myself with my positives and negatives. I started being true to myself, which leads to me being true to the world.

Tell us more about your artwork? medium, style, subject, matter, etc?

Shweta: I am a self-taught artist. For me, art is about being creative and fearless. It is extremely important for me to always be inquisitive about this craft. I love the concept of Wabi-Sabi which calls for beauty in imperfect things. I often use simple things to build, from sculpting clay, glass, leaves, pebbles, sand, and coral. I have used pigments created with common household ingredients and the effect they bring to my work gives me immense satisfaction. I also like dabbling with concrete, specialized glass, worn-out metal, colorful granules, resin, and of course oil, acrylic, and graphite.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Shweta: Seeking what inspires me over the years, has changed as I have grown more mature. I believe Art has no boundaries. I have always pushed myself to keep trying different mediums and techniques and try to keep pace with the emerging trends and mediums from around the world. The journey so far has been a memorable one and I am always curious to know what’s around the corner.

What artists have influenced you most and why?

Shweta: I love the feel of Michelangelo’s work, with his mastery in human anatomy. His paintings or sculptures look more real to me than any other artist. The intensity in his work is outstanding. I love the boldness and eccentric madness of Dali’s works. More recently, I have loved Zelinskaya Yuliya’s palette. This young Russian artist’s imagination is stunning.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Shweta: In an exhibition that I participated in recently, there was a 7-year-old girl who came up to me and softly asked me ‘aunty have you made these and can I touch them’. Before I could answer her, she ran away. Every 5 mins she came for a very long time and just quietly eyed one particular 3d model of an island that I had made with sculpting clay and resin. She got her mom and dad to buy the piece and she promised to keep it well. The look in her eyes is what I still remember.

What is the best way to reach for people who are interested in your art?

Shweta: The best way to reach me is

Instagram:- @shwetachoudhari109

Facebook:- www.facebook.com/shweta.choudhari

Email address:- shwetachoudhari905@gmail.com

Thank you!



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  1. Your work is remarkable……so so proud of you shweta…..keep up the good work and showcasing your talent….all the best

  2. Hi Shweta,
    Amazing you little girl…Loved your work..I never knew you were sooooo good with your work. So proud of you . ❤️Keep it going👍

  3. Shweta Proud of you . Great Going & a Remarkable Journey of Learner Profile & Depiction with Such a Mind Blowing Perfection of your Talent . God bless you . May you achieve Success in all your Endeavours .

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