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The young North Rhine-Westphalian takes the art scene over and is one of the great talents of the present.
Her style: No specific style. Abstract force mixed with cool casualness.
Her paintings intend to serve as explorations of life and the important inspirations she encounters.

Hello Sina! Around what age did you know you wanted to be an artist? Was it an “aha” moment, or was it more a gentle understanding that this was what you were meant to be?

Sina: I grew up with my grandfather’s creative influences. K. Maaß was a renowned drawer and oil painter in the late 1930s. Even as a child, I watched him attentively while drawing and painting.

I moved out of home when I was 19 years old. In the city center of Dortmund, I rented an apartment and met some people from the art scene. At the age of 24, I bought a condominium in Castrop-Rauxel and set up my first own workspace/studio.

Tell us a little about your artistic process. (For example: where does your inspiration comes from? How long does it take you to complete an artwork? What is your favorite part of creating an artwork?)

Sina: Decisive for my painting ideas were the influences of my work with people. From 2013-2020 I was involved in de-escalation management with people with PWS. Deputy Team Leader from 2018-2020. This job was very fulfilling for me, but also exhausting so that I had to charge myself privately with new energy. I found this energy and balance in painting with acrylic and varnish. The more stressful a day was, the bigger my painting inspirations were. Another muse I found in the symbiotic friendship with „Jacko“ in early 2020. This person inspired me to further my creative achievements and showed me various techniques. This is how the painting „Koi“ was created. The requests for the picture „Koi“ increased enormously so that this picture was sold in July 2020 to a woman from Hennef, North-Rhine Westphalia.


Is there a specific concept or theme you keep in all of your work or does it change with each series?

Sina: I haven’t a direct concept. It’s more a feeling. First of all, I make a suitable selection of acrylic and varnish. I always paint on grey background. At least one neon color always appears in the color selection. I get into a certain flow, which sometimes happens at night and just paint on it. Some pictures are finished after one day. Others after one week. I paint until my feeling tells me that the picture is now exactly as right as it appears on the canvas.


If you could own one artwork of art what would it be?

Sina: If I could own a work of art, it would be „Lake Sounds at Night“ by the gifted Alex Kuznetsov. This man creates great paintings. He’s got it all.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your art?

Sina: What started for me as a kind of „Joke“ has become a great enrichment. Art creates balance. The only thing you can take away from my art would probably be the motto „everything is possible“. Don’t despair because you’re not a professional. An Amateur built the Ark and professionals the Titanic. There is an artistic gift in each of us.

What is your favorite piece of art that you have ever created?

Sina: My favorite artwork is „Suzuki“. This painting was the most satisfying of all. It felt right and I love the color combinations. It is also different from my other paintings. It is more daring, wilder, and more alive. It stands for changes and letting go of the usual.

What is your favorite color to work with?

Sina: The basic colors I use are grey, black and white. This is where every painting begins. Never be missing at least one neon color for the electrifying in the picture. A painting that dances a bit out of line is „Plum“.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Sina: At first I was ridiculed for my pictures. It all started with a joke and even now I don’t take myself too seriously. However, further reactions quickly followed. Suddenly it was „Actually it doesn’t look so bad“ to „Can I buy this picture?“ I’ve been contacted by an emerging artist platform from London and some art magazines. I was asked if I would like to make my paintings available for an exhibition in London. This all feels very unreal to me. I have received a whole range of reactions so far and I am happy about each and every one of them. However, all this has nothing to do with art and the joy of painting.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Sina:  I honestly don’t know what the best way is. Ultimately, of course, uploading pictures to a simple Instagram page and experiencing positive reactions to them is a nice feeling. Reaching people and their feelings through such a way is a great appreciation.


Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about?

Sina: After this global crisis-pandemic, new opportunities will certainly arise. But for now, we all make the best out of this situation.

Thank you!


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