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Gwenaëlle Fouque spent her childhood in West Africa and her adolescence on Reunion Island where she remained there until 2013 and joined Brittany, the country of her origins where she put her suitcases in Finistère.

Very early on, she became interested in the art world through feeling, touch, the light, the emotions that art, in general, gives her.

Adept at drawing from a young age, observant and curious, she wants to try everything. She begins painting in 2003 and sought herself artistically. Through painting, she seeks to translate her universe, that of dreams, of the imagination. Over the paintings, through practice, her style has asserted itself. Self-taught artistic training. Her paintings reveal different universes where she moves from one universe to another depending on the moment. Moods. She explores the abstract with acrylic which leaves her endless perspectives to express.

The series “TheWorld of Gwen” a dreamlike universe that takes you into a colorful and joyful world imbued with magic.Whereworldsmeet and share their emotions. The “My Brittany” series with its colorful landscapes The “Extinction” collection of animal portraits which deals with the subject of endangered animals. A few seascapes or landscapes also complete its palette.

Painting has become a real passion for her. Her sensitivity for painting allows her to give free rein to his imagination while releasing energy to transmit her emotion. Favoring acrylic painting in general, she also likes to work with the material with mixed techniques. Her influences are nature and everything that surround her daily life, her life course, and her emotions.



– 2016 – Logo creationforInstantK’Fée – Finistère
2017- Logo creationfor Mobikit France-Finistère
2017 -Logo creationforArs Topiaria regeneration-Sicil


-2018 – Christmas market exhibitioninFinistère
-2019 -Exhibitionatthe cultural center of
AthénaErgué-Gabéric at the 9thSalonofPainters
-2019 -Exhibition the canvas fairchateaune uf du faou
-2019 -Private exhibition-Finistère-
-2020-ExhibitionatthePont Croix ImageWorkshop -Finistère2020- Localtalent exhibition pouldreuzic-Finistère –


…. Face to face… “I wanted a face to face with the
animal to react on the decline of biodiversity. the melted side of
the painting shows their disappearance while adding color to symbolize life.”

You’ve spent your childhood in West Africa. Tell me a bit about
your personal connection to nature. And how much of your art is still inspired by Africa?

Gwenaëlle: My parents made me discover the taste of travel from my birth by making me spend my childhood in West Africa where nature is very present, we with my family travel through different countries throughout our childhood and adolescence or us, we are nourished by all these landscapes and human encounters.

My link with nature is not only on an ecological point but it is also my attention to living things. I have always observed and contemplated the beauty of our planet and took advantage of the present moment of a breeze or a flower or listening to the rolls of the waves … Listening to nature is to understand its messages. Be grateful for what she offers us. The footprint we leave is so important. I have always felt connected to nature in my inner core. We are a small grain of sand and I realized that very early on. Nature brings me back to basics. And this
leads me to choose a lifestyle that is more respectful of the biosphere. to do my part to safeguard it through my everyday actions and others.

My art is inspired by my feeling my emotions, certainly inspired unconsciously by the colors that I could observe in Africa and in the various landscapes encountered as in the island of Reunion where I lived part of my life.

Did you have a lightbulb moment in your journey as an artist that sparked your commitment to pursue art more seriously?

Gwenaëlle: I began in my artistic career to want to pursue my art more seriously when I realized that over the years spent looking for myself artistically, by dint of practice my unique style asserted itself. And as well as my relatives urging me to pursue my art more seriously. Today eager to realize myself and get involved in this activity. I open my world to others. I wish through my paintings to react to the world around us, but also to transmit emotions or lead to imagination.

What is the most challenging part of working with acrylics? And what is the best part about working with acrylics?

Gwenaëlle: I would say there is no harder part or better parts, Every part and different, the acrylic is very large and I like all of its stages, but if I have to choose a harder stage it would be the detailed parts of Gwen’s world, which takes me longer I do not calculate my time but sometimes I can put several days on canvas as well as the part of the varnish which is not so simple you have to have a hand! And the best part would be the final rendering … bringing my imagination to life is always nice to see …

What is your creative process like?

Gwenaëlle: My creative process depends on the theme approached and goes through observation, inner meditation, feeling, I often put my ideas on paper in the evening, and then I gradually refine. Then I start my canvas, for animal portraits the gesture is more spontaneous as for the abstract, I also like to work with the material and to experiment…

I’m fascinated by your series “Gwen’s world”. Can you tell me more about it, where did the inspiration come from?

Gwenaëlle:  Gwen’s World is a deep reconnection, to connect with oneself to the living, it is the human connected with everything that surrounds him, animals, trees, plants, micro-organisms, … Gwen’s World is a world where all living things, all the senses are in harmony. Gwen’s world is a part of me where I like to take refuge. We see a character called “Gwen” which refers to my first name, a girl and a woman in the evolution of the years of the series, Gwen takes you to a world full of magic where you will meet each element. A moment how relaxing to be able to walk in this universe, walking barefoot, happy and free, twirling in a dreamlike universe, colorful is populated by plants observing the beauty of the living. it is a duality with the real world in which we live with everything we know.

Your art is very unique. What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process? And how do you overcome it?

Gwenaëlle: I would say that the most difficult part of my artistic process would be to sketch my imagination by giving it that sensitivity that I feel. Depending on the themes addressed. I am in a different state of being. For example for the animal portraits I wanted to show a face to face with the animal to react on the decline of biodiversity – with force, suffering, the melted side of the painting shows their disappearances. While adding color to symbolize life. I myself have in these moments where I am in connection with my canvas and the animal that I wanted to represent, was in force, in suffering to think about everything that is happening on our
biosphere. And for Gwen’s world, it is the reverse I am like in a state of meditation, with gentleness and joy. And when I experience the material I am more in the reflection which sometimes leads to an interesting subject.

How has your style changed or evolved over the years?

Gwenaëlle: My beginnings we started with oil painting, with the theme of animals, landscapes, the abstract, it allowed me to seek myself artistically then gradually I tried acrylic painting and I stayed with the acrylic which opened up possibilities for different creation. I learned to let go of my paintings and my desire to put a part of me.

Who are a few artists/people that really inspire you right now, and why?

Gwenaëlle: There are so many different artists, that I cannot quite know which one to quote, I obviously feed on artists known as Frida Kalho, Gustav Klimt, or even Banksy and many others! I like to stroll to look at various exhibitions or to discover artists little or not known. not only in painting but in different fields. I can find inspiration in the shape of a flower or on someone’s clothing or even in a ceramic, inspirations are not lacking when you take the time to observe. I generally draw my inspiration from nature and what surrounds me.

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Gwenaëlle: One of the best ways to reach people interested in my art would be I thought by broadcasting events such as exhibitions, selling originals or poster prints through the Luxurious wall gallery www.luxuriouswall.com or through social networks Instagram or Facebook. Coming soon my website. I would like to be interested in galleries and make my art known internationally to allow me to reach a wider audience. I have plans to contact companies with whom I could bring Gwen’s universe into creative projects.

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about (or canceled due to the Covid-19 situation)?

Gwenaëlle: With this crisis situation that we are currently experiencing, it is true that some exhibitions have been canceled. My next exhibitions will be local in Quimper at Lilly Cariou from September 19 to October 1
or at the Kerné cider house in the Bigouden country from October 3 to November 21.

What are you working on right now?

Gwenaëlle: I am still working on “Le Monde de Gwen” a series that I will not leave behind which I would continue to make new products regularly but in parallel with my overflowing imagination I try other techniques as at the moment in watercolor! I’m also doing a new series in black and white on paper ready to be framed! I also work on postcards. a series on the mineral comes to tickle my imagination.

Thank you!

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