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During my entire life, my biggest passions have been horses and art. Since I was a little girl, I learned painting techniques, leading me to the essential meaning of art, which, in my personal point of view is the purest and pristine form of expression, without filters, without judgments, to be able to express what you see, what you smell, what you hear, what you are going through.

The horses, who have always been present in my life, have taught me who I really am. Great teachers, mirrors, and friends. Both horses and painting, have shown me the way and the direction of my life. To be able to express everything I live, and have lived through my art is the most beautiful experience that I have ever felt. Horses, art, and I are oneself.

Hello Elena! Specializing in equine art, you must love horses. What is your horse history?

Elena: My family has always been fond of horses, and I have been riding them since I was two years old. Since that very moment, a special connection created between the horses and me. They showed me how to see myself, they showed me my insight. They are beings without prejudices, they just accept the person you are, they play the role of a mirror, where they adopt the posture you are showing them either being happiness, anger, fear or love. When I paint them I do exactly the same thing, I express all those feelings and portray them into the canvas. For me painting them is an homage and gratitude towards them. Today I can surely say that I am who I am thanks to
the horses.


Horses do have the unique power to help us deal with life issues. Your passion and appreciation for horses are exhibited in your amazing art. Can you describe your studio where you create art?

Elena: For me, it is a sanctuary where I feel free to express my ideas, thoughts, and feelings. A place where I play, speak, sing, and dance with myself. Of course, the music can never stop, oh, and an ashtray.


What’s the most challenging part of your artistic process?
And how do you overcome it?

Elena: When someone asks me for a very specific painting, it’s very stressful to cover the expectations. The way I manage to overcome the situation is trusting in myself knowing that I can do it.


Some artists paint every day, while others paint when they feel in the mood. What enhances your motivation and do you paint every day or when the mood strikes you?

Elena: First of all when I don’t have any paintings to sell or to exhibit, then a word, a phrase, a song, a story to tell, but most of the time it’s the mere fact that an image comes to my mind, once I have it there it’s just the matter of portraying the idea into the canvas. When the horses don’t come to my mind, I don’t paint, I relax, listen to music, and I read. I don’t force the imagination to arrive, I just let it flow through my mind.


What medium is your favorite to work with?

Elena: Acrylic.


How has your style changed or evolved over the years?

Elena: As my life had been changing, so did my horses. Both go hand by hand, I can not actually tell how they have changed, I can only say that they change at the pace of my life.


What is your most recent piece of art that you have enjoyed working on the most?

Elena: A horse named Bucefalo, I enjoyed a lot working on that painting.

Bucefalo luis

The world is full of equine artists, but you have a special way of bringing the essence of the horse into a room. What techniques do you use to capture the beauty and fluidity of horses?

Elena: In some of them I use big spatulas to avoid some details, sometimes I use my bare hands, I also use cloth, sponges, a lot of water, paper, brushes, and paintings with different densities. I like to fuse the background with the horse.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Elena: Every painting I sell has a beautiful story behind, but there are a couple of cases in specific that comes to my mind, the first one was about a girl about ten years old who saw one of my paintings and asked her parents to buy it to her, the way she described my work to them was describing her feelings the moment she saw it, her parents were very proud of her of how her child could appreciate art in that way. The other one is when a client called me some months later that he bought a painting just to tell me how happy he felt every time he saw my work in his living room.


What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Elena: I believe all the sources are great, either being social media where people have unlimited reach. Art galleries, live expositions, art fairs, art magazines, and also recommendations.

El vuelo

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should
know about?

Elena: There is a new art gallery in Mexico city called Galeria Santa Olalla, a gallery in Tequisquiapan, another one in San Miguel de Allende.


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