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My name is Evgeny Chivikov.  I am from Russia Moscow.  I was born and raised in a small city in the Moscow region.  My father was a construction worker, and my mother worked as a secretary at school.  Since childhood, I have shown the ability to draw and various creativity.  I liked to create something with my own hands.  At the age of 10, my mother took me to practice drawing.  By 11-12 years, past the drawing, I became interested in clay modeling (sculpture) and woodcarving.

 At the age of 15, I entered the school as a restorer of wood products.  After studying for a long time he worked in the production of exclusive wooden furniture.  I was very interested in creating non-standard furniture with elements of carving and complex structures.  There were no strict restrictions in this work and it was possible to connect imagination. 

I also graduated from university with a degree in woodworking.  In my free time, I drew a lot.  I painted cartoons on friends and various surreal stories.  By the age of 23, I became interested in tattoos.  And at 29, I quit my job in the furniture industry and completely devoted my time to tattooing.  In this area I have achieved serious success: I have become a multiple winner of various festivals, both Russian and European.  But all this time I was drawn to painting.  I understood that it was in painting that I could realize my potential.  Over the past two years, I have been seriously engaged in painting and enjoy working very much.  I am full of inspiration and new ideas, I plan to continue to move in this direction!

Hi Evgeny!  How did you know that art is your goal?  What did you want to become in your childhood?

Evgeny: In my childhood, we were fans of Hollywood action movies.  After watching, I drew the characters of these films, came up with my own little stories.  It was a kind of mini-comics.  At school in the classroom, all of my notebooks were drawn in caricatures of teachers and classmates.  Until the age of 14, I didn’t really think about who I want to be.  But that all changed after watching the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.  In this film, the main character wears a black suit and from underneath, a part of the tattoo stuck out on his neck.  For me it was intriguing, the whole film I thought he had impaled there.  And then at the end of the film, he takes off his jacket and I saw a cool tattoo.  At that time, we did not see anything like it.  I realized that I want to become a tattoo artist.

How would you describe your work, environment, style, subject, etc.

Evgeny: In fact, it’s hard for me to attribute my art to any genre.  This is a kind of esoteric world, some kind of parallel universe, reflecting our reality.  I try to add hidden meaning to my paintings.  How this happens: I see some abstract images.  Then I transfer it to the canvas, in the process of clarifying the details.  By the end of the work, a special story, the plot is being formed.  

On my Instagram page, I ask subscribers to share their thoughts.  Who sees what and who has what emotions this picture evokes.  Each viewer has one and also a picture that causes completely different sensations.  Everyone evaluates the plot through the prism of his perception.  Reading comments, I sometimes wonder how deeply and interestingly people can develop their thoughts in describing their feelings from the picture.



What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have a special routine or process?

Evgeny: Now I live outside the city, around me there is a lot of nature and different birds.  I try to get up early.  In the morning I am full of energy and inspiration.  Three to four times a week I get a tattoo.  The rest of the days I enlighten painting.  In the future, I plan to leave tattoo classes and completely immerse myself in art.


You have experience working in various forms of art, from sculpture to wood carving, you are also a successful tattoo artist who has received many awards, and now is an artist.  Tell us a little more about these transitions.  And what was the moment of the realization that with the help of painting you can fully realize your potential if you remember?

Evgeny: In my life, work has a very big role.  I guess I’m a workaholic.  I adhere to the main rule: work should be fun and interesting.  Only then can you achieve any result.  I easily changed my job if I felt that I did not like this business.  I like to start a new business and develop it.  The most important thing is to enjoy the process.  Working in the furniture industry, I started with the simplest jobs and a few years later I was a leading specialist.  Then I was promoted and for several years I became the head of a production.  At first, working in the office was interesting to me, I learned a lot of new things, but soon it all bored me.  More and more, on the way to work, I realized that I did not want to go there.  I quickly made a decision: I need to radically change everything!

I wrote a letter of resignation and got into a tattoo.  For the next five years, I worked every day!  I got crazy feedback from my satisfied customers, it motivated me very much.  Then I participated in various festivals, repeatedly became the best, and took the first places.  I was invited to work in various studios around the world.  I worked for a long time in Germany, Sweden, and Malta.  In some studios, I work now as a guest tattoo artist.

But the tattoo does not reveal the creativity, yet this is not art. Now I combine painting and tattooing, but painting comes out on top and will soon replace the tattoo.

When I paint my paintings, I seem to be connecting to something new.  I enter the stream.  I think this freedom in creativity and will reveal the artist’s full potential.


What are you working on now?

Evgeny: At the moment, I plan to start three different paintings.  I keep these images in my head, some I painted in pencil sketch.  In fact, there are a lot of plans, there are many ideas that I want to implement.  Everything has its time.


Which artists/people really inspire you now and why?

Evgeny: My favorite artists are: Ilya Repin.  In my opinion, this is the most powerful artist of Russian painting. Salvador Dalí and Edvard Munch.

Among people not involved in art, I would note Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sadhguru.  These people are not afraid to live as they feel.  Not afraid to change the world around you.


What memorable answers did you get for your job?

Evgeny: Feedback with people who are interested in my work is important to me.  I carefully read every comment on my work and it is very nice.  Nowadays, everything has gone online and social networks work best.  In social networks, people communicate and can honestly express their attitude to creativity.


What will be on the horizon for Evgeny?

Evgeny: It’s hard to talk about the future, but I plan to become a world-famous artist)), and then move on and do something new))

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