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“I was born in Russia, but in 2010 I moved to Los Angeles, California. Now I live near Malibu and was happy to see the ocean almost every day (before the pandemic-2020).


I always loved to take photos and wanted to share the beauty around me with the whole world. As a result, I became a professional fine art photographer specializing in landscape and seascape photography. I am also a certified interior decorator and for many years I have made and sold personalized photo home decor. I work in many different styles and mixed techniques and like to experiment.

I have won several awards in international photo contests. All my passions are incorporated in what I do and it makes me very happy!”

Hi, Elena! Tell us a few words about yourself.

Elena: Hi! I am a professional fine art photographer specializing in landscape and seascape themes. I am also the owner of the Personalized Home Décor store BeachLoveDecor. I am a happy mom of a 13-year old daughter and a 2-year old son. I was born in Russia, but in 2010 my family and I moved to Los Angeles, California. Now we live near Malibu.

How did you decide to become a photographer?

Elena: Since childhood, I always loved taking pictures, but it was like a hobby. When we moved to the United States and began to travel, I didn’t let go of the camera! The nature of America is simply amazing! I wanted to take pictures of it non-stop and share this beauty with the world!

Then, in 2012, my husband bought me a professional camera and I began to think how to monetize my hobby. After I tried several options, I settled on stock photography. On PhotoStocks the exams and acceptance rules were very strict and it was a great school to take high-quality photos, excellent retouching and editing process. I studied color, light, composition and processing. I chose a niche with the ocean, and took pictures almost every day, improving my skills.

Many of my photos have become bestsellers and have been on the first pages of Shutterstock, Adobe and other world stocks for several years now. I am happy that people buy and use my work for their own projects around the world!

I like to try something new, and once, in 2014, I saw a pillow with a nature photo on Etsy and thought – oh, that’s an interesting idea! I have a lot of great photos of nature, I am good in Photoshop, so I can do it too! So began my project with the personalizing Home décor store BeachLoveDecor.com. I also became a Certified Interior Decorator and am so happy that my home decor products decorate more than a thousand homes around the world!

What makes photography unique as a medium, in your opinion?

Elena: Photography is magic! You may not always find yourselves on the relaxing tropical beach, beautiful mountains or canyons but photos can take you there. For example, ocean and beach pictures can transform your home into a resort and you can enjoy the harmony, peace, and calmness that the beach brings into any room in your house.

Tell us about your artwork.

Elena: In addition to photos, sometimes I draw for myself. So my art was born from a mix of my favorite techniques – digital photography and liquid painting. I don’t have to choose the right colors in my art – many of my works are based on photos, and nature is the best artist!

I create my art during the evenings when the kids are already sleeping. This is the best meditation and relaxation process for me and a perfect ending to my day.

What is the process from start to final artwork, do you envision it from the beginning or is it a different process?

Elena: I choose a photo and start to create my digital art in the program Procreate or Photoshop. I can imagine a result I want but I never know what exactly it will turn into in the end, I just create until I like the result. Sometimes I have to start it again and again and I am very happy that in the digital version it is much easier to do than in the traditional one.

Can you tell us a bit more about your international awards? And how has that impacted your art?

Elena: As a professional photographer I like to participate in competitions. A lot of interesting works are there. My works won 2nd and 3rd places and I hope my 1st place is ahead. I love to look at the winner’s work and ask why they won. What exactly caught the jury’s attention? What did the author want to say with this work? That’s very interesting! I advise all my creative friends to participate in contests because when you see a lot of good works, your own work gets better!

Who are your biggest influences?

Elena: I like High Renaissance artists – Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo, abstract works of Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky, Wassily Kandinsky, photos of Peter Lik and some Instagram photographers I follow. They give me a lot of inspiration!

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Elena: Open your store and show your works as often as possible in different places so that people can find you!

What are your plans for the future?

Elena: Now I want to exhibit and sell my artworks through galleries, and one of my works is now participating in an exhibition in Milan in the Mads Milano art gallery. I look forward to working with local galleries in the USA too!

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Elena: I think that art should serve people with whom you are on the same wave, who admire and are inspired by your pictures, and after seeing your work their life would become a little better. That is the point of art!

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