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” In mid-2019, began my journey through the universe of the painting. The paintings are truly sculptures in the canvas made using techniques that make people that contemplate them feel that are about to initiate an interior journey of intense emotions.

Art has always been in my blood. Since I was a child I drew and painted comic book characters and, due to life events, I moved away from art, but not totally. I started to work with 3D modeling and animation, and I believe that this contributed to the type of painting I do today.

My paintings are dense and have a lot of textures, they are practically sculptures and probably I allied my passion for the painting with my passion for the 3D modeling. The depth effect made us “enter” into the painting and go to the other universes.


I like to use different materials to bring depth, density to may work. Each work has a title that is matching with the feeling and meaning of which work.

I discover the textures by chance in a work realized with homemade modeling paste and when the work dried it had cracks. At first, I was disappointed, but later looking at the painting I realized that I could use the cracks to give effect in my painting.

Of this fact, was born a passion for the textures, mainly the works that have cracks. The cracks form amazing gaps and I can create many effects working with many colors, sometimes with an unusual mix of colors, overlays, using other materials to create shapes, shadows that, in the end resulting in incredible artworks. ”

Tell us a few words about yourself. What does a typical day look? Do you just do art, or is art just part of the picture?

Patrícia: Until last year, I used to work full-time in a formal job and painted in my spare time as a hobby, and I started liking a lot to paint. Then I decided to take it seriously as work so, at the beginning of this year, I started to work part-time in my formal job and to dedicate the rest of my time to do art. My plan for the future is just to work with art.

An Inhospitable Place

Tell us about your artwork, medium, style, subject matter etc. Also, tell us a bit more about your “depth effect”.

Patrícia: I work with abstract art, I like abstract because I feel freedom in creation and, I do not have to follow certain rules that is applied to other kinds of artwork.

In my paintings, I use acrylic paint and a lot of textures. I create the textures using different materials as acrylic putty, sand, marble powder, sawdust, coffee powder, bandage, newspaper, and gesso. For painting, I use generally four colors, chosen for the painting that I am working with, mix them, and work in layers. I do not like to use many colors in one painting, because I like the shades that are created by mixing of these four colors.

“Depth Effect” is a little bit hard to explain, but I will try. The depth effect is an expression that I use to describe how I would like people to feel when they looked at my art. The paintings have lots of reliefs, paths, lights, and shadows. I want the people to feel that they are inside the painting and is about to initiate an incredible journey.


Do you ever experience creative blocks? And if yes, how do you overcome it?

Patrícia: I do not know if this is a creative block, but when I decide to start a new painting I begin by the texture. First, I have the idea of how I will make the texture, which material I will use, and the shape I pretend to achieve. I have never had creative blocks about the texture, but sometimes I have to wait to paint because I have no idea how to do it or which colors to use.

The ideas for the texture and sometimes the colors, come from I do not know where, sometimes I dream of the painting, and sometimes I look at a cracked wall or a hole on the pavement, for example, and the idea comes. Is not it crazy?!

Coral Reef I


How has your art evolved over the years?

Patrícia: I started painting landscapes a few years ago, it was kind of great, but it was not exactly what I want to do, but at that moment I did not know that. When I knew the incredible abstract artworks of some artists, I realized that was that I wanted to do, but I did not know how to do it, or I had no idea where to start. Then, I started trying different kinds of materials and mixing different colors, and after many experiences, I discovered my own style. And, in each work, I always learn something and do the next one even better.



What is your definition of art career success?

Patrícia: Art career success is for me, to live from my art. My main goal with my art is that people appreciate it because it is all about emotion, passion. In every piece, I put my deepest feelings so, I would be very happy if the people can feel it. I know the painting is for hang in the wall, but I want to offer much more than that, I want that the person that purchases my artwork identifies with it and feel the emotions I want to pass. So, art career success for me is to offer not only a beautiful painting but to provide an incredible experience.

Everything is Different

What personality trait do you have that has been most helpful in your art career?

Patrícia: As I said I am just starting in my art career, but I think, until now, it is my enthusiasm when I talk about my art that helps. I really believe in my work and this helps a lot because if I believe, the others will believe too.


What art marketing activity do you put into practice regularly that works most successfully for you?

Patrícia: As I told above I started my art career recently and I am starting to work in marketing. I am building a website to show and sell my artwork; I am making posts on Instagram and Facebook and I am planning, when this Covid-19 situation finishes, visiting galleries to spread my artwork.

Infinity Planes

Who are your biggest influences?

Patrícia: My biggest influences are Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Kazimir Malevich. I love their works. It is amazing the way Jackson Pollock works and the results are phenomenal. The works of Mark Rothko are intriguing, I can keep looking at his work for hours and see so many different things. But one of my favorites is “Black Square” by Kazimir Malevich. I used to wonder why to paint Black Square. And is that that caught my attention and is unbelievable the greatness of this artwork.


Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about (or canceled due to the Covid-19 situation)?

Patrícia: I would have an exhibition in my hometown in April but it was postponed, I think to next year, but in the meanwhile, an online exhibition is happening (https://cultura.rc.sp.gov.br/expo/universo.html) and I will have, hopefully, an exhibition in an event called Expo Arte in São Paulo in August.

Possible Worlds

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Patrícia: Definitely. The art has the power to transports us to other universes, to other realities, where everything is possible. Art makes us see beyond our eyes can see. The artwork is about feelings that provide beauty, fear (some works are very scary, but is the emotion that the artist was feeling at that moment), strangeness, joy, etc. Like I said before, an incredible journey.

And, the art can also serve to help people from depression, sadness, people that are lost, hopeless, because art is very good as therapy. One of my projects is to teach children in need to draw and paint. Work with colors awakens creativity, and give them hope and joy.


What is next for you?

Patrícia: First, I want to move to a bigger place, because I work at my apartment and the place became too little. I will explore different materials, different ways to paint and extract the better of me to always offer amazing artworks the people that will acquire my work.

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  1. É , sem dúvida, uma artista muito talentosa. Espero ver seus trabalhos em muitos lugares do mundo todo. Muito sucesso!

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