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Sasho Blazes was born 1980. in Ohrid, Yugoslavia, Macedonia.



2002-2006 – B.A. Studies at the faculty of fine arts from Bucharest, Romania
2006-2008- M.A.Studies at the faculty of fine arts from Bucharest, Romania

Solo exhibitions:


The colored collection of joy, -MANU, Academy of Sciences and Arts republic of the Republic of North Macedonia, House of Urania
The colored collection of joy, Museum d-r Nikola Nezlobinski –Struga, North Macedonia
The colored collection of joy, KIC gallery- Skopje, North Macedonia


Strange Paradise- Ko-Ra Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia;


The pope and the new puppet, Kogoman Art Gallery N.I. Museum d-r Nikola Nezlobinski –Struga, Macedonia
Lust for nostalgia, PCB Gallery-Berlin, Germany
Lust for nostalgia, Art Gallery Robevci N.I.Museum –Ohrid, Macedonia



Мirrors of reality Art Yourself Gallery –Bucharest, Romania

Аbstract in Fabula II, Turkish Cultural Center-Sarajevo, BIH

Аbstract in Fabula I, Art Gallery Robevci N.I.Museum –Ohrid, Macedonia
Figurative reflections, Art Gallery Robevci N.I.Museum –Ohrid, Macedonia


Double , Carturesti Gallery –Timisoara,Romania

Group exhibitions(selection) :

Painters from N. Macedonia – Ambassy of N. Macedonia- Washington _U.S.A.
Painters from N. Macedonia – Ambassy of N. Macedonia -Ottawa, Kanada

Life- 60 Painters from N. Macedonia-Malmo-Sweden
International exhibition A4 University of Art Shumen, Bulgaria


Humanitas-Mavist Gallery-Istambul Turkey
Humanitas-Ufra Cultural Center Gallery
Not afraid -Mavist Gallery – Istambul
Tre picture Rumune –Pogradec, Albania – Emilia Pearsu, Ioan Atanasiu Delamare, Sasho Blazes
International exhibition” А4” second edition -Gallery Caminul artei Bucharest

BIBP Bucharest international print biennale
ARTEXPO 2016 New York, Japan Association for Contemporary Art-Tokyo
Italian and Macedonian graphic artists Cartiera de vas, Beluno, Italy
International exhibition”А4” first edition -Gallery Caminul artei Bucharest, Romania
International exhibition small graphics University gallery Shumen, Bulgaria

Mirror face to face Italian and Macedonian graphic artists-Mirror Art Gallery-Vicenza, Italy
Mirror face to face Italian and Macedonian graphic artists-National Museum-Bitola, Macedonia


Winter salon of art, Simeza Art Gallery Bucharest,Romania


Segni disegni Gallery Antiche Scuderie Dolo, Venice,Italy
Segni disegni Gallery Cupola ,Iasi,Romania


Human evolution/involution Museum Curtea Veche – Bucharest,Romania
Human evolution/involution Gallery Ion Nicodim, Constanca, Romania
2012 7th Triennial of Graphic arts –Gallery Magaza, Bitola, Macedonia
Salon of Graphic arts Art Gallery Simeza Bucharest,Romania


Art in Bucharest Art Gallery Simeza Bucharest, Romania

Biennal of graphic arts Iosef Iser –Ploesti , Romania


Salon of graphic arts- Elite art gallery” –Bucharest, Romania

Eclectic art explosion 2, Attary art Gallery- London
13-th Winter Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art-Skopje, Macedonia


DLUM Museum of town Skopje –Skopje ,Macedonia
National Gallery Mala Stanica – Skopje ,Macedonia


National Gallery Constantin Brancusi- Bucharest, Romania


Eclectic art explosion 1 – Attary art Gallery- London

“Sasho Blazes presents works that, given their pictorial emanation, offer a new, evolutionary, and implicit expressivity insofar as the previous stages and processes of his art are known. 

The artist got his initial promotion by presenting graphics and drawings, coloristicly executed in various mixed media.  From them, one could read a complex, descriptive world of allegorical and grotesque symbolism of characters and figures.  These scenic narratives, executed by arabesque artistic statement, clearly define the inner worlds of phantasm that is accurately described to everyone in order to be comprehensible, in everyone present through personal embodied dreams.  In the period that followed, he dedicated himself to painting that is partly behavioral, now in this everyday world, in some segments sarcastically underscored, expressively, and coloristicly acknowledged in an artistic setting. 

The latest cycle of paintings presented at this exhibition, in the context of the artist, underlines a certain stance where the artist offers answers to the conceptual-creative syntax by reflections on the forms of painting artistry.  It is in the nature of art for the artist to articulate his creative drives as a momentary note of inspirational sensations, introspective dives, and self-analysis, corrective restraint in every segment through the act of creation.  The artist consciously lets himself into retinal and cathartic decisions believing that through periods of creative refinement, all thoughtful and spiritual raptures inevitably lead to the personification of one’s own “I.”  Sasho Blazes, by his painting rendition, abandons the narrative moment, the allusive metaphorical challenge.  He is able to project a principle with a clear artistic architecture of gestural and expressive action.  The coloration is intense; the trembling executions of wide brush strokes across the entire surface of the canvas as spiral vortices lead to epicenters and to multiple centers of energy.  Nevertheless, at the same time, the artist both abandons and widens them by a well-elaborated cognitive exposition throughout the entire composition space.  Given such a style-related viable continuum, the exhibited works offer an integral totality with a common style of organicism. 

On the other hand, the internal structural substrate of the artist would imply future, divergent guidelines of art exploration by which, as before, colleague Sasho would enrich and ennoble his ideas about the world of new art poeticalness…”

Mirko Vujisik

When did you start doing art? Is there some story behind it? What did you want to become as a child?

Sasho: I was born in Yugoslavia, Macedonia in a communist regime country. At that time it was important to be an engineer or a doctor and not the be an artist but I was a dreamer from my earliest days. And so I suddenly find myself on studying electrical engineering. One day I quit a faculty and I left the country for study painting in the Academy of fine arts in Bucharest, Romania. A couple of years ago I return back home in my native town Ohrid where I live and work in my studio.

What is your process of creation?  Do you have any rituals that help you get motivated or in “the zone”?

Sasho: Before I start painting I need to drink a coffee and to spend one hour listening to some good music, jazz, or some hard rock or psychedelic rock it depends….and staring in the stretched white canvas. Then I start to sketch on canvas with charcoal and put the paint on the canvas with brushes, knives, hands…

I spend a number of hours in my studio every day. And not every day is for work. There are days in which you can not ‘’ move’’, then I make sketches, or clean my brushes, cleaning the studio, and reading and listening music. Often I do some things which are totally opposite to painting like for example gardening.:))

Where did you get inspiration for your latest “Lust for Nostalgia” series? And is there a message you are trying to give, with this series and your art in general?

Sasho: Lust for nostalgia describes past times in the Balcan post-Yugoslav countries back than socialist republics. Describes different characters of famous persons which take directly from the Yugoslavian tv-series and portraits of the musicians that represent a subculture and ordinary kitch for masses. I was leading by this paradox that after the death of Yugoslavia and the civil wars which were totally disastrous, this subculture, this kitch totally flourished. Thus Nostalgia is still present despite everything this subculture is available in all Balcan post-Yugoslav regions. To have the power to predict and give a message for something in the future which is one of the functions in my art and I think is in art, in general, the same, you should observe more and more in the past and present.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Sasho:  My early beginnings were in the field of figurative drawing, engraving, woodcuts, and watercolors in particular. From 2015 I begin to paint more seriously and the latest paintings which I made are in the field of abstraction. I can’t say that I switch drawing for painting, only I want to experimenting and to develop my skills with different media.

What’s your favorite artwork?

Sasho:  I have everyday questions about my works about what is good what is not so good.e.t.c. There many ways of seeing one work…

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Sasho: I found the internet presentation very useful for promoting art. Its the easiest and cheapest way. The other way to reach people are galleries and art spaces, art fairs. e.t.c.

Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about (or canceled due to the Covid-19 situation)?

Sasho: At the moment I’m preparing for the next show in MC Gallery, New York this year in October.

What is next for you?

Sasho: I’m working for the next solo exhibition and I’m planning to open art space.

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