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Nisha Kapoor is an International award-winning artist with affiliation from UNESCO (a United Nations body)  

Her talents as an artist range across painting, filmmaking, writing, and many more creative spheres. Her hand-drawn short animation films won awards twice in International short film festivals. As a painter, she has exhibited and is represented by galleries and art platforms across the globe.

She started her visual arts career as an outcome of some life awakening experiences and in a short span gained recognition and invitation by world-famous art platforms such as International Association of Visuals Artists(https://www.iavaarts.org/ ), which also awarded her the UNESCO badge of affiliation for her art  (About UNESCO: https://en.unesco.org/  )

She was also handpicked by the world-famous platform for indie artists- rawartists.com. Her dedicated space on the platform is at https://rawartists.com/nishakapoor. She is also associated with the coveted emergingartistplatform.com – a platform for unique and handpicked arts from across the world, where her page is at emergingartistplatform.com/nishakapoor 

Nisha also recently exhibited her paintings in the MADS MILANO art gallery, in Milan & her profile can be found at https://www.madsmilano.com/product-page/nisha-kapoor. In the coming few months, she is exhibiting her paintings in various prestigious art galleries and fairs across New York, Milan (2 more shows) & Seattle to name a few.

She has a versatile style in art ranging from mystic, psychedelic, experimental, abstract, and is known to create “unique and never seen before” like art pieces. Her art has won her various art curation competitions and she is proud to be featured and interviewed by various art platforms. 

In her own words “I was drawn to painting as a result of various spiritual experiences I had and most of my artworks are the ones I dream of during these mystic experiences”. Her artwork can be found at Instagram.com/errtistic “

How would you describe what you do? And how did you discover that this is your purpose? What did you want to become when you were a child?

Nisha: I had never seen myself as a painter, but art chose me. In my life, I have been having a lot of spiritual experiences for over more than a decade in which, aside from many other behaviors, I used to get shifted to a state of trance and lucid dreams, also experienced myself physically lifting & transporting in a 5D world. Very specifically about 1.5 years ago, I clearly remember the day – I was immersed in a spa in a parlor and fell off in a state of a deep sleep, where I started having lucid 5D dreams again, with very beautiful, out of the world visions and images. Unlike before, this event was so compelling that when I came back home, I knew I had to now draw what I saw. My body physically could not resist drawing.

My works speak of my inner world. I read the Van Gogh’s quote much after my own experiences, which echo him – “I dream my painting and paint my dream”

As a child, I had always seen myself at the helm of creativity- an ace dancer, singer, fashion designer, filmmaker, and whatnot. Creativity has always been my core from the start and my spiritual journey has given me a fast track to express it. I must also state here that much before I got recognized for my paintings, I had won awards at international short film festivals, twice for 9 of my films, all hand-drawn on phone with basic frame by frame animation – which again spurs as a result of my otherworldly experiences.

Tell us about your artwork, medium, style, subject matter, etc.

Nisha: My style is varied and ranges from abstract to vibrant but I have been told the common factor in all my works is that it is very unique and never seen before. And all paintings give a mystic, psychedelic & deep dream effect.

One of the other more nuanced common factors in my artworks is also luminosity. Most of my paintings have a dark background and a light is thrown from behind. Again this is a reflection of my inner world, which may seem dark cause it’s so deep but is far more illuminated than the world outside. The darkness is a depth that radiates the whole world.

What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have a specific routine or process?

Nisha: I paint alongside my full day job. It’s like a “draw daily” life for me – a routine, like eating. If I don’t paint, I don’t feel my day is complete. When I take to draw, I mostly try to recreate my dreams or just take to the canvas (digital in my case) and let my hand and heart flow.

On my off workdays, I paint more frequently. My art consumes me so wholly that I have become a total stay in, and just keep painting, but I enjoy this way of life to the fullest.

Tell us a bit more about your UNESCO affiliation? How did that come about?

Nisha: I was approached by the International Association of Visual Artists, an invite-only nonprofit community, that represents the interests of art and artists (https://www.iavaarts.org/). The organization is affiliated with UNESCO and as one of the benefits, each member gets an IAVA card certified by UNESCO, which has several advantages such as have access and discounts an international levels, where you can visit Museums, Galleries, Art Fairs, Cultural Heritage that is within the framework of relations with the worldwide organization.

This affiliation is much more than just showcasing my work but also helping an artist be liaise with art bodies & the art fraternity & industry on a wider base.

How might someone feel differently about the world after looking at your artworks?

Nisha: I would like to leave the message to everyone that there are no rules for art. Respect an artist’s desire to express first rather than passing critique on the skill of the art. Art is not science. Having said that, since there are no rules – any form of art – abstract or realism is fine. If you are skilled at learning from a tutorial and the grandmasters of art, very well. If you want to just paint your dream, most welcome. If you want to paint just to sell, why not? Let’s celebrate art & the artist first and art as a discipline/science later.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Nisha: When I started painting, my works were more doodle type. Then they took a Picasso form. Later when I got noticed by peers & family, I decided to give it a more professional touch, while still retaining my authenticity. From doodles to line art to drawing figures skillfully, my art is now gallery-worthy, while still being experimental.

What artists influenced you the most and why?

Nisha: I have not studied any artist to date. I don’t know the history of artists much, except when people compare my art to some grandmasters’ styles. To this day, I just draw my heart out while not feeling a need to be inspired by anyone. Not cause I don’t want to, but because I can’t- I tried to learn to perfect my technique, but if I try to be someone else’s style, I don’t deliver well. So I let myself be me.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Nisha: From peers who said they want to buy my art, to unknown strangers going Woah over my paintings, I have had international platforms such as RAW Artists (http://rawartists.com/) and many more handpicking me for their events & platforms. I have been now represented by 3 coveted global art platforms & 4 galleries across Milan, Seattle, New York. While I cherish each of my representations, the most coveted has been the UNESCO affiliation. Also, when people tell me that my artistic journey has inspired them to paint, I feel very special & rewarded. Each day when people leave comments on my work or send me DMs that I am their muse, it is very flattering 🙂

What is the best way to reach people that are interested in your art?

Nisha: I can be best reached on Instagram @errtistic. For those not on Instagram, I have recently started my Facebook @Nishaartist, Twitter @Nishaartist1

My dedicated art pages on other art websites and galleries can be found on:





Are there any upcoming shows or workshops we should know about (or canceled due to the Covid-19 situation)?

Nisha: I have an ongoing exhibition in the Van Der Plas Gallery in New York City, titled “Colors, Shapes & Shadows”, from June 8- June 17. It is both a physical and virtual exhibition, online link http://vanderplasgallery.com/

An upcoming virtual exhibition by MADS Milano gallery, Milan, from June 19 – July 3, online link https://www.madsmilano.com/

Upcoming art fair from October 3-11 in Fiere di Parma, Italy, d) Upcoming gallery representation & exhibit in France- in July. e) I also have a virtual 3-hour art show along with other artists coming up in July most likely.

One of the art fairs organized by the RAW Artists platform in Seattle, in which I was to exhibit & another exhibition planned in Paris got shifted indefinitely due to COVID.

Do you see your art as serving a purpose beyond art?

Nisha: My art is an outside expression of my inner world- the world that says it’s all transcendental and it’s all one. It is more of a divine journey for me than just art.

It has also inspired others to not only take to art & other creative spheres- i.e. heed their calling, but also people inadvertently see a bold irreverence in my art which inspires them to first be them. Don’t be an original – be you. That when translated to art means -even if you don’t have an original style and learn from others, that’s ok – just be you and that is the message my art & artistic journey stands for.

Thank you!





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  1. I love Nisha’s work!! It is so unique and it is very inspiring to see someone who makes time between working full time and life to still create art so frequently and of such high quality.

  2. Amazing artist with a special and very interesting artistic work.
    It is my honor to meet you on Instagram Nisha 👏👏👏
    Yours sincerely
    Panagiotes Mourtos
    Athens Greece.

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