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Paulina Carretero is a Multidisciplinary artist with origins in interior design. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Basic art studies at South Tames College in London England and countless courses of different artistic techniques: watercolor, oil painting, intuitive dripping acrylic paint, graphic work, etching, aquatint, etc, and sculpture. Art history and furniture history.

She has participated in countless collective exhibitions in Guadalajara and Mexico City, as well as auctions for the benefit of different associations especially in the city of Guadalajara, such as the American School Foundation Auction and ONI Child Nutrition Organization. Currently, her work is permanent in:

  • Galleria El Sol mexicano in Ajijic, Jalisco.
  • La Quinta Hacienda Gallery in Playa del Carmen.
  • Art house Valle, in Valle de Bravo.
  • Galeria Cuatro Siete in the City of Oaxaca.
  • Gallery 201 in Laredo, Texas.

Carretero has matured her style by being constantly learning with different techniques to print art. Its eclectic production has been characterized by freedom in its strokes and freedom to use the techniques learned, by de-structuring them from classical and everyday use. Her passion for freedom, represented in some of her collections in feathers and wings, has moved and begun to be a recognized style. However, for Carretero, style is only an instrument, because what really matters is the concept and the evidence of it. “

How long have you been creating art?

Paulina: I think it is the other way around; Art has been creating me since I was born. The house where I grew up had a very different architecture and design; it was a  unique house. I come from a very large family, my parents build that house with each bedroom with a very different and definite color. (Pink room, Green room, Blue room, Yellow room) and it had two living rooms: the round living room and the square living room. So, I can say that color and form were a part of my daily life, in an unconventional and creative way, this inspired me to build a future around creativeness.


Was there a defining moment that you realized a creative life was the path for you?

Paulina: Yes, I originally studied Interior Design, so in a way, I have been in touch with art through design but there was a moment when I just wanted to paint, to dedicate my life to creation itself: I was with an artist friend, at her studio, we were both painting but I did it more as a hobby than a lifestyle. There was an instant, like a glimpse that I had, that pushed me to start thinking like a creative person and to start inquiring more about the creative process. So, I decided to take classes, and since then I have improved with plenty of dedication.

How do you define your personal style?

Paulina: I always consider myself of an eclectic style, but over the years I have found that I favor impressionism: Everything is about forms, lights, shadows, small and gross details that convert the whole painting into something pleasant to admire, that is what I would love to accomplish Although, I do have a strong influence of intuitive painting that just comes naturally to me. This happens even when I try to keep in mind the aesthetic and technical.

What inspires you?

Paulina: What inspires the human mind after all? Love, fraternity, existence, music, death, nature, philosophy, emotions, colors, forms, satisfaction and frustration, pleasure, power, dance, fear…. The shapes are the same, only the structure and the presentation (wrapping) changes. The artist’s job is to bring the reference to an image; this transfer is the one that takes me on the journey, so as not to condition the result to a mere illustration. How to make a pictorial work have its own universe? How to appropriate the source of inspiration? So that the consolidation of the image with the emotion that I want to achieve in the viewer comes naturally. THE MAGIC HAPPENS AS WE LEARN THIS  TRICK.

What is the message you are trying to give with your art?

Paulina: There are parallel forms to the language that describe and give us a different way of expressing the world. So what I try to do is disconnect myself from the conventional, conceptual structure and use different surfaces and different media to capture the story of each artwork without having to describe the story step by step. Thus, both; the observer and I explore under a different experience of the interpretation of reality and the sensations in which we can all immerse ourselves. This can lead to a very large exploration of connection with emotions and sensations where words cannot reach.

How does creating art make you feel?

Paulina: My study is my sanctuary. My last trench of protection. My spiritual, emotional, intellectual sanctuary. In here, I know that I can isolate myself from the world and that I can generate introspective processes to connect with knowledge, inspiration, creativity, images. Sometimes, in a state of meditation, I let myself navigate from images and let intuition flow. Sometimes I find myself creating in a more planned and structured way. Thus, paradoxically, I am in control of magic. Knowing that the artist can generate worlds. Each artwork is a story and the story is told from the state of mind of the creator. You should know that the artist leaves his own essence reflected in each of his works, through each brushstroke. The act of entering my studio, and getting impregnated with the smell of solvents, oil, paint, wood, coffee mixed with the fresh rain. See the white canvas mounted on the easel, eager to be touched by the brush and bathed in color while the mind reviews images, ideas, mixture of something seen with something invented, something not yet created. Accompanied by my eternal muse, music. And Carlota the pit bull who knows that when I put on my apron full of spots: we will be there for many hours. THAT’S JUST WHAT I WANTED FOR THIS LIFE. The rest are details.

How have your style changes over the years?

Paulina: I’m always improving my knowledge, taking classes, and master courses that are of my interest. Saturdays, for me, are full of classes here in Guadalajara, Mexico. In the mornings at 10 am you will find me in the engraving workshop and at 3.00 pm at the oil painting art workshop. So, everything one does to be better ends up improving and enriching art. Evolution is inevitable.

Do you do anything in particular to seal your art?

Paulina: The main part is, to begin with, blessings. Bless my hands for helping me prime my thoughts and bring them to life. Bless my eyes, my mind, the moment, the music, the smell, all the muses. And as I see the white canvas, and then see the whole work finished: I bless it too and everything that has to be with it. Even the future place where it will be living, the way it will be hung the eyes that will be admiring it from here and on. It is a stern responsibility for an artist to commit with the artwork because it will be seen and it better to be harmonious because, in the name of ART, it deserves it. And it is in part a representation of one’s (artist) essence.

What’s been your greatest artistic success so far?

Paulina: I always think that the work I finish and a sign is my greatest and my biggest success. Because of this, I am looking forward to continue creating and yearning for my next piece to be even better than the last one.

What’s coming up for you? What are you working on?

Paulina: As I walk through the path of creating-inspiring / inspiring-creating, and allowing me to get involved with it. I start with the main idea, and there are butterflies dancing around this idea and bringing new ideas like an enchanted dust that enriches the whole perspective. I am working on a new collection based on magic. It will be a 37 piece collection that can be perfectly sold separately. The 37 pieces will be mostly of oil painting and engraving. I’m having the time of my life planning it, working on it and making it happen.


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  1. Amazing, she is just amazing, my lovely girlfriend as the sister I never had. Her work is unique and perfect!!!

    My word for Paulina…amazing, lovely, unforgettable, for ever.

    Thanks God I meet her when was under process to became a full artist.

    I bet she will live forever on her art!!

  2. Paulina, Eres una Creación del Universo, y el Universo está plasmado en ti. Eres lo más grande!
    Espero que tu Arte llegue alrededor del mundo y a los corazones que más lo necesiten. Te deseo que disfrutes la pasión y el enamoramiento a tus dones de Artista. Por siempre y para siempre! Felicidades!

  3. Felicidades Paulina, me siento muy honrado de conocerte. Eres una gran Artista. Me encantan las Plumas.

  4. I’m so proud of your process! So much joy brings into my life knowing you are my friend!!!!
    You are truly an artistic light for many to follow!

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