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To start talking about Simon aka Psy-Pix, we would like to cote his words:
-I will not let myself, nor my art, down on the spectrum of political or elite thoughts. The layers I aim at are way above that and deal with consciousness and the highest off all goods LOVE! Truth is what I want to spread and is what people should feel or encounter when decoding my works.

Simon was born in 1985 in Zams and grew up in Ladis, a small but incredibly inspiring community in Austria.
From a very young age he showed a natural talent for art, attended the school of sculpture of Elbigenalp, and continued his academic education in Lech Valley, where he learned a variety of craft techniques, and expanded his skills in different areas.
His passion for History and art led him to travel in the East, from where he brought much inspiration to his work, and after numerous experiments with colors and light, he found his passion for fluorescent colors. From his exhibitions at the gallery of the Freigeischt foundation to the magnificent decorations of major events that are now being done all over the world, was a leap.
A friend asked him if he would be interested in decorating one of his musical events, and he accepted the challenge, scarcely knowing that years later he would be decorating the biggest psytrance events on the planet.

Can you tell us a little about how you got to where you are now?

Psy-Pix: I believe everything in life happens for a reason, I was always at the right time at the right place, even though sometimes you can’t see it right away. Along with my artistic career so far, I never lost confidence in the way I choose, I don’t take things for granted and I always try to improve myself, in order to be every day a better version of myself from yesterday.

God Particle

What is your chosen medium and what are your techniques?

Psy-Pix: My favorite medium is definitely acrylic color and brush. I used to paint a lot in fluorescent acrylic for the events I am booked on. But I Love to experiment with different techniques, I also paint with oil as well as with pastels, it depends on the mood, which medium I choose. For big festival concepts I use stencils and a spray gun. But unfortunately I recently lost my studio twice through gentrification and higher forces. At the moment I don’t have the space to create big concepts, so I focus myself on paintings.

Harmonizing Chaos

Was there a defining moment that you realized a creative life was the path for you?

Psy-Pix: I love to paint as far as I can remember, I guess I had this moment when I went to the Elbigenalp art school beginning in 2000. Everything started to fit in its place. I learned a lot of different techniques there, all the basics you need to know to express your creativity. Of course, I was a little lost after school, but I think everyone has to face this challenge in this time of life when you have to ask yourself in which direction you want to define your life.  I started to travel to broaden my horizons. My path became more and more clear on these trips. I developed my unique style and I still do. It doesn’t get easier but more intense.

Mirror of Time

You have decorated some of the biggest psytrance events on the planet, how did that happen?

Psy-Pix:  Having confidence in yourself, taking risks and one thing leads to another. I always was a living person, and this was just the perfect way to express myself. I love doing what I do, traveling the world, working together with likeminded people, and having a lot of fun and party. Making the world a more colorful place. Back in the days, when I started to decorate party’s, the scene was still very young. And decorating party’s hasn’t been much a business. But the scene evolved a lot over the years. The events became bigger and bigger, but it’s still very familiar. The psytrance scene is vivid, colorful, and inspiring on so many levels and on the dancefloor it always feels like home. I am also a passionate dancer :).

Playing in the garden

What festivals you were involved in decorating?

Psy-Pix: I am always amazed seeing a festival come to life. As a decoration artist you are one of the firsts on site and you can watch it grows. Sometimes you spend weeks in the area. Decorating Festivals is also always working on a team, to create a unique environment on a big scale. The Festivals I was involved so far…

Spherica Festival 2019 (AUT) ,Sonica Reloaded 2018 (SLO) Seeds of Freedom 2018 (PRT) Elements Festival 2018 (AUT) Kosmos Festival 2017 (FIN) Antaris Festival 2015-2017 (DEU), Respect Festival 2016 /2017 (BRS), Insomnia Festival 2015-2016 (PRT) Rising Spirit Festival 2015 (ISR), Psy-Fi Festival 2015 (NLD), One Love Festival 2015 (CHE) , Spiritbase Festival (HUN,AUT) Psychedelic Circus 2014 (DEU), Freqs of Nature 2012-2013 (DEU), Ozora Festival 2013 (HUN), Burning Mountain Festival 2012-2013 (CHE), Magic Union Festival 2013 (PRT), Renaissance Festival 2010 (ITA), Hadra Festival 2010 (FRA)

Plus numerous indoor events, where I exhibit my fluorescent paintings, because I do not hang them outdoors, the sunlight is unfortunately fatal for the fluorescent pigments.

Respect Festival Brasil

Would life be different if you didn’t act on your creativity? How?

Psy-Pix: In retrospect, life took care right from the beginning so I could act on my creativity. I have a loving family and friends, they know about the struggles of an artist’s life and they don’t hesitate to support me on my path. Art will always be my purpose in this life and to be honest I can’t imagine a life without it. I desire colors in all aspects of life.

Phylomedusa bicolor

How would you describe your work and where do you think it fits within the sphere of contemporary art?

Psy-Pix: If I have to label my art I would call it “Visionary Psychedelic Art ”.The origin of the word psychedelic is in ancient Greek and means as much as “revelation of the soul”. That’s what I do, revealing my soul and getting to know me every day a little better.

Schrödingers Owl


How does your creativity manifest?

Psy-Pix: The visions I paint are insights of a nonmundane reality. It’s just the point of view, having access to other realms or dimensions is definitely a key element. I just can try to reach the perfection of the visions in my artistic expression, but to be honest, facing the complexity of it, it’s really just trying. In the end it’s only capturing a sequence of a moment.

Quantum plant

Can you describe your process of receiving the inspiration for your artwork?

Psy-Pix: That’s difficult to explain, for me inspiration happens in the spiritual section, the main ingredients in this process are light and darkness, and the balance between those two. I love to paint in the light, where I have access to visions and colors. But light does not function without darkness. For me darkness can be compared to formatting a hard drive so that the computer can function properly again. And when the computer starts up again, it has installed a new program. In my case it is usually a new vision, new patterns, a new way of thinking. Maybe some would call it an expansion of consciousness.


What has been your most favorite project so far, and why?

Psy-Pix: Every new painting I create is my favorite project.  But if I have to name one, it’s Antaris Project in Germany. I did the color design for the dancefloor ceiling from 2015 to 2017. It was challenging fun to create such a huge dancefloor ceiling. The diameter of the dancefloor was around 50m, that’s around 2000 square meters. I worked more than 9 months on this project, but the bigger the better. I like to think big. One day I would love to paint a skyscraper or two😉

The Code

How has your work developed since you began and how do you see it evolving in the future?

Psy-Pix: I feel there’s still so much unexplored space. As long there is a vision, I will continue to express myself through color and collect as much experience and knowledge as possible in this life. Giving the best to improve my skills and technique, but it’s business as usual. Life has much to offer, and I appreciate it every day.

I am currently working on a collection for an exhibition. Due to the crises and the uncertainty of events, I am right in the middle of reinventing myself. But as you know, nothing is constant except change.

Three little birds

How can people follow your news?

You can follow me on my social media accounts.
or my homepage www.psypixart.com

Kind regards from Austria🙏