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Since 2014 Andreas has been working as a freelance artist in the areas of painting, sculpture and upcycling. His works of art mainly consist of civil waste or residues. He only works with used or discarded things and completely converts them. In his eyes, the word “garbage” does not exist, it is a valuable raw material that can and must be used in many ways.

Andreas is a trained blacksmith and after a few years he becomes a designer, building sculptures was in his blood. In his early youth, drawing and painting were always his main occupation, He drew a lot and was mostly very introverted.

“The path to art came through the inner urge for a calling and the search for answers.
In 2009 I started looking for an established artist / art business to get an impression of this work.
What I got was everything I hoped to find.
It was love at first sight, immediate and raw with plenty of room for new thoughts.
I just wanted advice and experience and got an employment contract instead.
Five years later I went my own way.
I never regret this step, no matter how exhausting and nerve-wracking it is.
Living from art is a privilege, a curse and a longing at the same time.
The abstract made man complex and what he is today.
Since 2009, no day has been the same, not only because I am now the father of three girls, but because I live more intensely.
That was “my departure to rethink”.

You started as a trained blacksmith, so I’d love to hear more about what your path from that to art was like?

Andreas: I started my first vocational education after school as a media designer in digital and print because I was always good at painting.  It took only 1 year before I gave it up.

After that I started another education at a metal craft company and from there my skills started crowing continuously. I graduated as a metal worker and one year later I wanted to study architecture, so I decided to further my education and graduated from a technical school as well which would qualify me to study at a university.   Two years later my first daughter was born, so I worked a couple of years in different jobs in the metal industry to pay the bills without fun.

In 2009 I decided to change my life and get information about active artists.

I quit my job and emailed a German designer if he could help me.

He invited me to a conversation. After this conversation I had an employment contract and this changed everything. After this day no day was like the other, we build, lights, sculptures, furniture and special constructions for customers across Germany, it was amazing. I learned so much at this time.

In 2014 I founded my own company and started selling my works worldwide on auctions.

My interest in art has always been there, there was no key moment I would say or I remember.

Pictures, sculptures and other forms and materials were always fascinating for me.

Your art mainly consist of civil waste or residues, could you talk a bit about your work around sustainability in relation to art practice here?

Andreas: Well, the reason why I build my works from waste is simple. When I started to work more intensely with art I had no money to buy expensive materials, I had to work with what was available, sustainability came second. Working out an idea or a defined concept is easy in normal artistic activity, you have a basic material and work out the form. It is the challenge to form a job out of the currently available and immediate one, because it is subject to clear limits which always present me with new ideas and challenges.

Do you use a sketchbook?

Andreas: Sometimes.

You see your pieces from start to finish. Can you walk us through your artistic process, psychologically and physically?

Andreas: Anyone who has never tried a strawberry cannot know how it tastes, so you cannot describe it. This is the same with art. When I saw a little Piece of something my mind started the whole process until the end. I really can’t tell how this feels like or how I do it.. It comes over me, its like a river with different currents.

Who/what inspires you artistically? What artists do you admire?

Andreas: Everything inspires me and every artist, in every way.

What themes would you say your work deals with?

Andreas: That mostly depends on the current situation in connection with the material. My daughter found a small deer skull two years ago, which I reshaped. The deer was killed and I liked the idea of turning prey into a predator. The circumstances are strongly tied to different thoughts which can be very different, I do not stick to topics

Where do you “find” your ideas?

Andreas: …absolutely everywhere.

Tell me what your role looks like right now, what’s your main focus at the moment?

Andreas: Despite the Corona crisis, I work in my studio every day, new ideas are implemented and projects are planned. Four exhibitions are planned to take place this year.

In painting, what serves as a source of motivation for you?

 Andreas: If you paint on a white canvas, you create a whole new world. I like the fact that I can tell stories or give impressions to the viewer and its a kind of therapy for me.

What makes you happiest?

 Andreas: To see my children laughing and healthy …

How can people follow your news? 

 Andreas:  Much of my work can be seen on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and my homepage, but I prefer direct customer contact. Therefore I try to do as much as possible personally.

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