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Anna Tozzi, aka Atò, born in Rome, on 10-6-1965.


She graduated in Graphic Design and Advertising at Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design).

Two-year working experience for a design studio followed by a series of collaborations for the conception and design of logos and brand identities.

Following her passion for pictorial art, she has been working as a painter for years exploring and testing a painting technique that revolves around the expression of emotions through the color and the matter.

Mirroring the ever-changing spirit of the artist, Atò paintings begin showing their inner expressive content during their actual making: the mix of acrylic and PVA glue is poured on top of the canvas and spread with the brush or the spatula thus creating lines and boundaries.

The initial paintbrushes and color tones are nor the real ones, and the painting takes on its ultimate shape and colors only when it dries forming a more distinct “sign” as if to convey the imprint of the artist’s emotional state.



May 2002 – solo exhibit Armonia degli Opposti (The Harmony of the Opposites) Cultural Association Extra, Rome.

November 2003 – collective exhibit Fratto DonnaCalligaris Galleries, Rome.

January 2005 – solo exhibit Pesante e Leggero (Heavy and Light) Cultural Association Extra, Rome.

May 2013 – solo exhibit Fairy tales and Ghosts –, at the artist own house, Rome.

December 2014 – collective exhibit Ad ArtemVenanzo Crocetti Museum, Rome.

March 2015 – collective exhibit Donna in formaAcademy of Romania, Rome.

May 2015 – RomArt International Biennial Exhibit of Arts and Culture – Fiera di Roma, Rome

May 2015 – International Biennial Collective Exhibit of Arts of Castelli Romani – Ruspoli Palace, Nemi

October 2018 – Contemporary Arts Competition and Exhibition, City of Terni Award “G.L.G. Byron” – Diocesan Museum of Terni

June 2019 – “Arte a Palazzo” XXVI Collective Exhibit of Contemporary Arts – Farini Gallery Fantuzzi Palace, Bologna

September 2019 –collective exhibit “Galleria Farini in mostra con i Grandi Maestri (Galleria Farini on display with the Great Masters)” – Farini Gallery, Fantuzzi Palace, Bologna

October 2019 – Contemporary Arts Competition and Exhibition, City of Terni Award “G.L.G. Byron” – Diocesan Museum of Terni

February 2020 – Collective exhibit “Alla Ricerca del Sublime (Searching for the Sublime)” – Arttime Gallery, Udine

March 2020 – “Arte è Donna” (Art is Woman) Contemporary Arts Competition and Exhibition,  City of Terni Award “G.L.G. Byron” –Diocesan Museum of Terni


How long have you been an artist and how did you get started?

Anna: I have been painting for more than 20 years; at the beginning it was just an occasional hobby, but over the years painting has become an important part of my life and my way to communicate with people.

What role does the artist have in the community?

Anna: In my opinion, artists should encourage people to nurture their emotions, both positive and negative.

What artists influence you the most and why?

Anna: The artists I more easily relate to and who are closer to my idea of what an artist should be are those who with a simple sign, a color or a flare manage to convey concepts and emotions; I’m thinking about artists such as Mark Rothko, Alberto Burri, and Lucio Fontana.

How has your style changed over the years?

Anna: My style and my technique haven’t changed over the years; for sure my manual dexterity and my expressive skills have improved but my signature sign is always the same.

What is a little known fact you would like to share?

Anna: My technique revolves around the surprise effect: when I start working on a piece, the acrylic colors mixed with the PVA glue aren’t the real ones and they take on their final aspect only when they dry;  hence, I see them changing under my eyes and I cannot help but be surprised each time.

What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

Anna: I paint to feel better, I paint to pull out what has been layered and covered through the years, my joys and my pains. In one word, I paint emotions.

What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?

Anna: A work of art should express an emotion or an idea of the artist capable of catching and stimulating the attention of the beholder.

Do you do anything in particular to seal your art?

Anna: “If I managed to express myself with words I’m sure they wouldn’t have the same colors, that’s why I paint”.

Do you ever experience creative blocks?

Anna: Yes, I do. I often switch between periods of hyperactivity and creativity and depression and creative blocks and these creative ups and downs mirror the state of my soul: the inspiration arrives when there is turmoil inside me, whereas when my spirit is flat I cannot paint.

How do you come up with a profitable pricing structure for your acrylic pieces?

Anna: I don’t have benchmarks for pricing my art, because I have never exhibited my paintings in front of a large audience; now I’m ready to do that and if I can also make some money out of it this will be a further encouragement to go ahead with my art.
To find out more about Anna and her art check out her Facebook page and follow her Instagram account. Thank you.


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